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  • I have the same issue. I contacted support and they said they gave me 8 of each regal warehouse part, but only the tusker topiary is there. There is an issue with the marble and glass.
  • I had this problem as well and found out when I looked in my garage that the original land tractor I bought (non-Alpine) is no longer there! Only the water tractor is there. Since I know I bought and used a regular pink tractor when AJ first opened, I can only assume that when I bought the water tractor later on, it…
  • I also do not have it and I did report it last week, but still no EV.
  • Ah, I got that when harvesting my arctic fox and wondered about the pen. I didn't realize WW was a whole new farm.
  • I had no problem with the castle, but I did get the popup and the black wolf is in my GB.
  • Yep, that's what I do, otherwise I may forget about a short time crop on another farm and find withered crops when I finally do get over there. And anyway, when it is on my home farm, I rarely find anyone has visited even with almost 200 neighbors.
  • Now the question is, why did I not notice that change options link? LOL I swear it's more confusing to keep track of crops when one farm is paused than when both are running. I haven't had a problem with growing crops on FarmVille and FrontierVille at the same time so I never understood why they had the pause feature.
  • Hmmm. I *just* left my EC and it just asked if I wanted to go to my home farm and not to worry because my EC would be paused while I was gone.
  • I just realized that because of this pause, my sugar cane will now not ripen until after I've gone to bed and because I don't go to my farm first thing in the morning when I wake up, they will be withered when I play again. Unless I switch to EC in which case whatever it was I planted there will be withered by morning.…
  • I don't like the pausing of the crops either. And the weird thing is, I got an e-mail saying my crops were ready to be harvested 5 hours ago when my chickpeas should have been ready, but because I closed the game from EC (since I didn't know about the pause at that time) they were not fully grown when I just went back. I…
  • Yep, extra chickens too. Does this have to do with the animals that some people were missing? I never lost any so I'm not sure why I now have all these extra ones.
  • I have nearly 40 cows in 2 of my cow barns that should only have 20. I never expanded them since I figured 4 barns of 20 was enough. I went to take out a brown cow and replace it with a pink one and I couldn't put it in because it said 20/20 cows inside. When I look inside, they are showing 36 or 38 cows and 1 bull each. I…
  • Mine didn't tell me whose wall it went to and my profile doesn't say I posted it to anyone's wall.
  • As I posted on the previous page, try logging out of Facebook and log back in. It worked for me. I am only losing 10% of my gifts instead of all of them.
  • I have also been unable to accept the stable materials, but after I logged out of FB and logged back in a short time ago, I was able to accept 90% of them so you might want to try that. Something similar happened in a different game a while back where I could play the game on my own, but I could not visit my neighbors at…
  • Ha! I guess they would not be happy with the chopping block and axe in my turkey pen.
  • I have 4 unknown non-neighbors and one neighbor. I guess it wouldn't matter so much if they are just in my neighbor list, but I did have one post a sign on my farm and I have no idea who it is. Obviously it's someone who is still active on FV because they told me I need to sell some animals because I have too many and they…