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  • I been posting for the matchbooks and it appears when my friend's click on it according to info all she got was no info blank and just an ok tab I wanted 3 as i had 3/6 matchbooks and i posted twice and still not progress from 3/6 I came back to my farm each time and still remains at 3/6. My friends click on the posts and…
  • I been asking for help for the matchbox but and it been capped at zoro posted twice and not getting now as as soon as one of my frends click it showed no info so not been able to make any i have made one after i found some on the feeds but none of my posts are working :(
  • OK I got all 5 rsponses and some where still good yeah :)
  • is this right one i have same type of problem this what happened, I too can't ask for parts as when i opened the list of friends to ask got the list ok just won't send as each time i click on send it goes though the usual routine but then it shows still on 0/250 sent and not 24/250, i was trying to get viracle parts to…
  • Same here then it goes to the first station replacing the other then the Whoa farmer errors. so every time i done one got to refresh to do the other so please fix as when the third slot unlocks we have to refresh 2 more times. :(
  • When i got a pop up to play FV2 to earn turbos, insta grow great but unfortunetly for me I can't play FV2 TO GET THE AWARDS as when i play it just crashes or freezes so not been able to play it thats why i stopped playing for awhile because of that reason. I thought it might have been alright to play, but it was at first…
  • same here i can't clam it is gray and waiting to be claimed and i need loads 3 hours was up and not let me have it as it all the colour gray :(
  • i posted it was on my timeline no one click like or anything i always get a notification who has got what but not on this one had none
  • I still not had my 16fc returned still waiting for it why are you not giving me back my 16fc and not given me back nthe email option what have i done wrong tell me
  • may be why they took away the email option so many players are losing FC even amounts that can't be spent accidently like 40fc mine was 16 fc, never use it i wanted to buy the cash cow for 60fc and i noticed that i did not have the 61fc gone down to 45fc so was unable to buy it and never well now as i am level 275. i use…
  • :mad: Same thing happened to me i was just going to buy the cash cow with the 61FC on Friday 6TH when i discovered 16 FC was missing from my account as it was down to 45FC and i can't get any more as once reach level 250 which means they expect you to buy it. If FC keeps going missing it a waste of money i been trying to…
  • If this is the right one i hope as my 'The next iron farmer' quest has just gone missing. i just completed part 3 and then no tab at the left side of the screen. or was there only 3 parts no info just vanish nowhere to be found. i know there is more to do as i did some research on my ipad and there are 9 parts and i only…
  • :mad: I agree i don't have time for these enhancements 5 times tonight just has i am getting my crops done i get a pop up your game has been enhance please refresh NOOOOOOO NOT AGAIN STOP TAKING ME OFF THE GAME NEED TO FINISH I DON'T LIKE TO BURN THE CANDLE AT BOTH ENDS AS YOU ARE FORCING ME TOO :mad: i get sooo mad WHY…
  • My game after i got the your game has been enhance and it refresh it self but just stayed on the picture not loading. i have cleared cookies, browsing history etc and still not load the i rebooted my computer hoping that would fix it now its up too you. I done everything possible, so it must be on your side in the game.
  • sometime it works and other times its gray Ive use Firefox, Google Chrome and Rock melt. On mine it only sharing of sending gifts thats not working. asking for help list works fine for me. I like to send gifts so they send the same gift back is useful.
  • i only just got the trees on the mulch pop up so still need it now as bbefore i did not know why kept getting it as i already had the flower animals. now i know why the trees up to 4th place on most of them was able to to get 6th and 5th place as soon as i got the trees 4 days ago. Maybe thats why still get the mulch pop…
  • All done now got loads and loads of left over shovels and more and more keep adding LOL
  • agree i don't see that happening either
  • 19 hours left but not been able to post for help i keep clicking on it and nothing happens been trying since i got the notifecation last few days now running out of time
  • I made 2 large cand of fuel and when o came to ues thrm from my gift box they where missing :(
  • I mastered all the crops for beating ML I checked to see what crops i not mastered as the padlock still on it and all is mastered i checked and double checked no all done so why is there no tick to say i done it on the crops list? :confused: ah its recognized it was done so after refreshing the question is this i would…
  • i am on the last part but i can't get to it i done the gem part but keep getting the pop up that says need to complete the gem garden before this. Every time i click on the steps up to the last part my ave goes up them i hover my curser to the first part of the grass says 450 or so then i click on it all say is need to do…
  • i too having trouble traveling from the hanging gardens can't travel so to get back to a normal farm i got to use my ISO and that defaults it back to home farm. or i got to close my game and that gets it back to one of my normal farms when I start up again needs a parerment fix
  • Same problem every time i look only 1 ticket and I am sure I added at least 11 ticket from my gift inventory unless my friends not receiving my requests at all. I IMAGINED that I added the 11 raffle tickets, I don't think so and i got the same info as the other posts starting from Wed instead of Mon. Something strange is…
  • same here and sometimes it stays gray freeze forever it took me from 9 to quarter to 10 to get 6 items. later i tried to make some and on my third one it stayed on the gray screen I sat ther waiting 10 minutes for it to lose the gray and back to normal screen and i hate having to refresh as I can't get back to my game as…
  • same here i been trying to get on my game and it keeps going to error page not found, finely got on it after trying for 20 minutes wanted to let you know
  • Remember way back when the first time they gave us working dogs that feed for 14 days if you did not feed it in time before time run out, get the jest I hope. the question is this one of my dogs is hiding somewhere and I can't remember the breed of it so could any one help me and type out the breeds of all the dogs please…
  • Thats true its a kind of promotion giving away free gifts for the games you do play to intake you to play for them. Once the promotion has ended the free gifts stop. So got to level up fast before the end of the promotion. Every ones tempted specifically if the free gifts are good ones makes ones play.