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  • THANK YOU VERY MUCH :) if only they spelt the right name as confusing us i wright that down now
  • i am sure there is something wrong with my timer i been asleep for 10 hours and i prepared the last brittle before i went to bed i had something to eat then i remembered the brittle and had two reactions was releaved i was in time but at the same time disapointed to find not ready yet with 2 hours and 42 minutes left…
  • same problem i was able to open just before now it won't open i click on it and nothing happens so whats going on
  • only trying to get a fully graded sweet shop to beat sweat acas to get the storage license thats why still got to get to lvl 25 only at lvl 19 so far and to fulfill orders is helping me get there i almost got the craftshop and i be working on getting 3 stars on the crops needed. that why i need to get those orders done…
  • it seems to be fixed now not getting it now so lets hope its permanent fingers crossed
  • The screen jumps up and down even when there is no adds i am trying to do something and i harvest the wrong crops or if i am in the crafting i was trying to harvest a crafting item in the dairy my farm what little was only 5fc suddenly down to 0fc so after that since i had no fc because of the jumpy screen i had nothing to…
  • https://scontent-a-lhr.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc3/t31.0-8/p720x720/10272500_726804054037668_7077024161013575808_o.jpg yes this is what happens
  • unable to play because of this happening https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=726804054037668&l=b72c56e210 click on the link it well show what i mean not sure how to get it on here take to my picture with thi
  • that the adds and one of them is disgusting playing below his fat stomach should be removed kids could see that inappropriate and disgusting there are some words i would describe what it looks like what he is doing but is not allowed to say, this add should be censored as its digusting
  • Same here all get is 'wait a minute; it be worth the wait' i sat there since i saw it on the bottom right corner of the screen word 'FREE' so i click on it and i too is disappointed that all i am getting a page that just goes on loading and not getting any where. If companies are trying to advertised their products then…
  • I AGREE it is impossible to be waiting for certain items. take nails for example got to wait around 10 minutes for e3ach nail to harvest and when a recipe requires 5 of them that is about 50 minutes of out time to hang around i had to have at least 5 hours to spare to wait for nails as the recipes needed loads and lado of…
  • i was saving up like mad to get it awhile ago discovered it was free which means at the time i missed out of the storage shipping licenses. now got to pay fc now which i not got. i been meaning to tell about this months ago but never got round to it so is there any chance to get the shipping license with coins i still well…
  • i found some crops missing but i found them in the end
  • It seems that after reloading it i got a full list of orders now, so rreloading it worked and i had 7 orders ready then as i filled the orders went too 4 as all wanted the same things. So looks like when one travels there got to then refresh to get them orders list,
  • i was surprise yesterday when i got a lets go pop up and then it took me to another new farm saw it was a farm specificity fill orders to earn gifts. However there is something missing the orders list as it says on the panel where usal naighbours are is blank so i assume that is where the orders are suppose to be is that…
  • i see thank you for the info, so another messed up attempt by Zynga why does it not surprise me
  • missed out on asking for super fertilizer In future let me know of these special gifts after all always make pop ups on things i don't want. why not this I ALWAYS POST WHEN I GET THE POSTING ITEM PLEASE TOO ON THE SPECIAL ITEMS ASP.
  • By the way my friend who had some over posted me what i needed she had 8 sun fade and she posted them for me and i managed to get hold of them also she posted the turni carrot i needed 4 and she had 4 i only manged to get 3 which still left me short of 1, However lucky enough i got some on the way from my bushel swap be…
  • still only giving me 3 bushel been doing it for 3 days now and i only maneaged to make 7 and still need to make 3 more and i got no bushels from my crops i manage to find some on the feeds which mostly say sorry all the bushels have gone so been mostly to swap them as i have now harvest 3 lots of crops every 12 hours and…
  • found away to put it on to the first page so here it is
  • I'M having the same issue i was please to see that can play a earn video Smurfs2 tab on the right of the screen as i never get adds to earn fc as every one else does, BUT just my luck i get one that does not work so therefore i am unable to watch it as it not loading all the way. Just my luck to get the video that does not…
  • That good idae i did the same with the wands at the time to grow the rainbow animal was 400 then they put it up to 500 leaving me short of 50. i left the others waiting in case they do it again i be ready for them.
  • was unable to do the sparkle lights as my farm did not produce the bushels needed at all only managed to get 5 out of the 50 yet strangly enough was first got the xp book did not really want that as i already level 291 and don't get FC PAST 250 prefered for coming first the insta grow or turbos charges.
  • I agree with you all getting bushels to make the holiday lights is a no brainer even when use the arganic ferterliser does not work and when well it be replaced as the pop up says it be soon. How long is a peace of string? For each weekly leader board event i only managed to make at the max 5 as there is no bushels at all…
  • :o woops it was the wrong paddock i made so had to buy the right one but since i had no room to put it i had to sell the wrong one to put the right one. Now i got it phew
  • i have completed the hollybright paddock but it not been crideted i done all the other 2 completed i even harvested it and still at 0/1 The quest was complete the hollybright paddock and it not been added that it completed needs a fix ah this is a diffrent issue i have to find it shure others must have this issue
  • It is so true I agree with every one big ripe off. having said that they do contribute to some worthwhile courses
  • i just clicked on a matchbook that had just been posted a few seconds ago and and it was no info on it the it did not work at all please fix you only gaven us 7 days and down to 17 hours left you do something then it goes wrong and i only been able to make 4 in the last 7 days because the post never work and no one can get…
  • seemed to be working this mourning must of fix it however those that were posted several hours earlier all blank pages i posted the screen shot of it but looks like it been removed somehow. wanted to show what was happening that i was getting no help several hours ago. now the posts are working it seems. I hope iit stays…