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Hi Farmers! I'll be happy to assist you with your concerns but for your privacy, instead of posting on my wall, please send a private message instead. Thanks!


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  • I appreciate your interest in playing the game on mobile, @"sametfenty". You can access it through FarmVille Express where you can perform basic tasks on your Farm like harvesting/planting crops, sending/receiving gifts and adding Neighbors. For more information about it, you can check this link. Thank you.
  • Appreciate the update, @"scrapfleur". Glad that you have the quest icon now. Enjoy playing!
  • Besides travelling to another Farm just like what @"Sandy7226" suggested, you can also try refreshing your game, @"scrapfleur". To guide you in completing the Caveman Club Chapter 7 Quest, you can refer to this link. Thank you.
  • I appreciate your report about your loading concern, @"Cneukam". Please check your Inbox because I have sent you a private message. Thanks.
  • What specific error message are you referring to, @"NJLizS"? If it is a "Security Check" box with prompts of words or audio, you can refer to this link for more info on how to avoid it. You can also try the steps listed here. Thank you.
  • You can't store but you can delete the Cupid's Stable by using the "Recycle" Tool, @"BeverlyLewis". You won't receive any payment for deleting it but if you want it again, you can purchase it for only 10 Coins. Thank you.
  • Appreciate the report that you are unable to load FarmVille on Facebook (FB) Game Arcade, @"TERRY". It is an FB Feature that is still in Beta and there's really a possibility that you will experience issues using it. I suggest that you play using Google Chrome or Firefox first, for a better game experience. Thank you.
  • There are Water Vehicles on the Market as shown on the image below, @"punkin923". Just make sure to place them on water to be able to use them properly. Thank you.
  • Spells will boosts your crops and you need to craft it by using Magical Items, @"jean". You can collect them from Ani-Mall, Rockmore Rotunda and Rockmore Granary by sending Gatherers. Once you've collected the needed items (Enchanted Manure, Magic Roots, and Mystical Sap), you can now craft them to receive the Spell. For…
  • Are you still unable to load your game or travel to another Farm, @"Boemsie"? If yes, please send your Game ID to me through a private message so that I can submit your concern to the team. Just click the "Message" box on this link. Thank you.
  • Have you tried these, @"SJBurnaman"? If yes, please send your Game ID to me through a private message so that I can submit your concern to the team. Just go to my Forums Profile by clicking on my avatar or this link then the "Message" button on the upper right part of the page. Thank you for your dedication and patience.
  • Appreciate the report, Farmers. If you have already completed these and still unable to load or travel to another Farm, please send your Game IDs (number on the lower left part of the game) to me, or any of the Forum Moderators so that the team can check it out. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.
  • The Team is currently checking out issues related to crafting Glass Tulip Vase, @"kimkim68". For updates about the fix, you may refer to this article. Thank you.
  • Appreciate the report, Farmers. Just like what @"Peela" mentioned, the Team is already working on a fix for this and we appreciate your patience. You can check this article for updates about the issue. Thank you.
  • Good news @"JillianH" and @"warhammer10"! Thanks to your feedback, the team have reduced the Bushel requirements for crafting Fruit Treats needed for the Runaway Bouquet feature as shown on the image below. :)
  • Howdy @"Sally_e"! Cave Points is the "experience" you earn for doing Caveman Club Farm actions like planting, harvesting or tending animals. You can see your progress on the bar at the top of your game as shown on the image below. For more info about the new farm, you can check this Article. Thanks!
  • Good news! The Team already addressed this concern, Farmers. Just like what @"Peela" mentioned, you can now plant Queen's Magnifica on your Caveman Club Farm. Thanks!
  • You're right. Thanks! :smile:
  • Lily Pad Moats can be placed on any land of the Story of Sakura Farm except Zen Valley (upper part) and the area where Peninsula of Patience, Isle of Balance, Enclave of Humility and Islet of Strength (center part) is located as shown on the image below. Thanks!
  • Harvesting Animal Pens is one of the web game features that is not yet available on FarmVille Express, @"Johnny2970". It currently allows you to perform the listed tasks here and for other info, you may refer to this Support Site Page. Thanks for your interest and suggestion to improve the mobile web version of the game.
  • The Team is already working on a fix about this issue, Farmers. Rest assured that you'll get back to Farming soon. Thank you for your patience.
  • Just what @"Sandy7226" mentioned, a Tile is a Land Expansion. For the "Story of Sakura" Farm, there are 40 available Tiles and some of them are Special Tiles which you will get as rewards from Sakura's Relic Room. For more info, please refer to the articles below. Thanks. * What are Special Tiles and how can I earn them? *…
  • The Team is already looking into this concern, Farmers. Rest assured that you'll be able to load the game or travel to another Farm soon. For updates, you can refer to this Forum Thread or our Support Site. Thanks for your patience.
  • Have you recently updated to Google Chrome version 42, @"susie76"? If yes, I suggest that you follow the troubleshooting steps on this Article. If you haven't, refer to this link for steps that can fix Flash Player issues. Thank you.
  • Thanks for the help, @"Sandy7226". Rest assured that we'll let the Team know about this issue again.
  • @"Sandy7226" is right, @"Julie Orton". The FarmVille Team is already checking this out and as a workaround, you can deactivate your Ring first then reactivate it again. Just click on your Ring for the option to appear as shown on the image below. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Good news @"kathy", @"Karen Bouchard" and @"KaDe3815"! The FarmVille Team already released a fix to address this issue. Please try loading your games now. Thanks!
  • Good news, @"lalon001" and @"Sandy7226"! The Team already addressed this concern and you should now see the Sheep on your Giftbox. Thanks!
  • Hi @"ChrisserC"! Baby Blankets, Salt Licks and Brushes are materials to upgrade your Baby Playpen. If it's fully upgraded and you are not planning on building another one, you can Sell or Re-Gift the items on your Gift Box. Thanks!
  • Yes, @"AgentOrange55". You can access the Search Feature by clicking the "Magnifying Glass" Icon on upper right part of "Recent Discussions". You can also find it on the same location on any of the Forum Categories. For more exciting information about our new Forums, please check this post. Thanks!