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  • The support tab brings me to the Zynga forums list, Technical Help has answers for some questions and no place to actually connect to Zynga Customer Service. Hunting through forum items, I tried one of the links in a different forum post. Found a bu…
  • I must be half blind, because all I see at the top right of my farm is the FarmVille requests envelope and the farm title bar with sign post and travel buttons. The support button I see is at the top center of the farm window. Why is it so difficult…
  • Issue/bug continues into third week. What are the game masters doing to help? Zynga, please acknowledge there is a problem. FV friends, make some noise-squeaky wheels get attention.
  • Unclaimed Feeds not working, no matter what person or item is clicked. "Page Not Found" opens every time now. This was happening with a handful of people for quite some time, I thought they had a way to block Unclaimed Feeds and make players go to t…
  • I cannot advance my Emberhill Lab because none of the Inbox gifts will post. I have accepted hundreds of Special Delivery Boxes, dozens of Grass Roofs, and lots of other stuff. Zynga- an apology gift of 300 Special Delivery Boxes would be appreciate…
  • The Australia farm crops will not plant when click on from inside the Aussie Winery. When you click the combine to select plants, 23 crop options show (2 early access crops locked). If you search "Australia," 12 crops are featured. Some crops labele…
  • THIS IS A MAJOR ISSUE! ZYNGA PEOPLE, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION! The bushel count for harvests on non-super crops has decreased dramatically. This is particularly true for items which are required in multiple recipes. I just harvested 848 squares of t…