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  • In the beginning, FarmVille was so much fun. Now it is so obvious that money must be spent more and more all the time simply to be able to finish a task. Right now, the tulip garden is an example. The rare tulip is not available unless I pay for it. Even some of the crops have become "cash cows"I It is impossible to finish…
  • It has become increasingly impossible for me to work on the quests...or the constant daily specials that require more than ONE a day..And the Animals pen and vacation home..because my friends have given up! There is no one to BEG from anymore! Dont you understand that those of us who have to work for a living do not have…
  • I have to agree. With a large amount of my neighbors fed up with the amount of begging, they have chosen not to participate in any of the quests or the other begging for things activities. This is making it increasingly more difficult on those of us who still love Farmville and wish to play. Please give us a break.
  • All of those things and not a single thing for the New Year! It is almost as if too many people are creating too many things for Farmville..trying to out do each other and we lose. I the beginning of the season there were things that we could by with our coins that disappeared after a few days. Fencing..The decorated…
  • You are so right..Farmville has lost its charm.
  • Personally, I am so very tired of begging for EVERYTHING and getting NOTHING! FV isn't fun any more. 75 picaxes? really? Getting nothing for the New Year? No dropping ball? Nothing! The christmas Holidays are my favorite FV time, but not this year.
  • I have the same problem. I have noticed another problem lately as well. When I go into my farm I notice that the sheep pen has enlarged, moved and covered the horse stable. What is causing this to happen? The only way to fix it is to go completely out of the game and come back in. May have to do this a few times. :(
  • I am finished spending also. I do understand and realize that someone has got to pay for all the internet space that it takes to run this game, but I would APPRECIATE being thrown a bone once in awhile. Over the last year or so it has become so that if we want something nice, it will cost us. I am level 93 and even after…
  • Not to mention that everytime I go into my farm for the first time and enlarge my screen, I am THEN forced to exit out right away to see who sent gifts or neighbor requests. Then go back in , enlarge screen again....then the pop ups begin...again..and again.. I am also no fond of using Farmville to advertise for companies,…
  • Your silo is full...Your silo is full..YOUR SILO IS FULL!! Here is your collectible...your neighbors have requested goods..Your silo is full..Want to share bottles?..Your sheep is fully grown...your silo is full! PLEASE STOP THE POP UPS!!
  • I got so tired of the constant Pop-ups with the silos on BOTH farms, I deleted them! But they keep coming back! "Do you want to place a silo?" NO! I have already deleted 6. Why bother me about it? PLEASE..those constant pop-ups interrupting the game have got to go!
  • 3750 harvests for SWEET BEETS mastery??? I have planted nothing BUT beets for a solid week and STILL am 1000 harvests away from the mastery. What is the purpose of making that so high? Those pop-ups!
  • This morning while harvesting the share "pop-ip" appeared 8 times with no chance of x-ing out!! ARGH!!!!!! How annoying is this???!!! Stop what I am doing, screen goes small...hit share..back to game..make screen large..8 times!! PLEASE fix this! :(