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  • Can someone post image of PP II? Thanks!
  • www.farmville.com .... logout from your current account if you are loged in, then go to "Connect with Facebook" .... If farmville devs make it this way : 1. Get users Facebook ID 2. Load data from FarmVille's Database with that Facebook ID 3. Use that FarmVille's data You'll be able to play without a problem. But i think…
  • You've got to tell us how did you got old account disabled. If it is something you did to disable it you can try to login to old account then ask for activation. If you don't know your pass you can ask for new one which will be sent to your email account which is on old account. If you got ban on facebook then we can't…
  • Yes, as long you have pot of gold you'll be able to redeem it ;)
  • Did you disable your account or Facebook disabled your account? If Facebook disabled it, you can't do a thing about it. But i believe that even after ban on facebook you can login to farmville via www.farmville.com. Try that. ;) Punkboy, it's easy... He had few account or did something which was against facebook rules...…
  • Macromedia Flash MX, Adobe Photoshop CS4, PhotoFiltre Studio X, Sothink SWF Decompiler ;) Lots of software involved here for 100 FC :D
  • Can someone tell me how to convert .swf file to .gif? I tried doing "Save movie as gif" but graphics is terrible and no action script or "movie in movie" show up. I would really appreciate it :)
  • Bring back Super Berries!!! :D :D :D :p P.S. Leave sunflowers alone! :p
  • Nice signature's guys! I made one myself... If i think about something better... I'll post :D
  • Hi Lexi, animated or not? I have few ideas about animation i think you would like, but if you want static image, it's not a problem :) Picture extension, .gif, .jpg? Is .swf allowed? :* :)
  • I would do something like this... Make data structure with 2304 or less integers. 2304 = 24*24*4 ;) And then i would send that structure to some algorithm which would change that integers to objects. But i guess that dev's have decided to put loops instead. Either way, one thing that proves that i am RIGHT is that when i…
    in Dial up Comment by LIVADA March 2010
  • Ok, i haven't seen source, and if i could , that would be awesome :) Where is temp folder in Windows 7? Yeah, .swf files are cached, BUT there is some loop for sure and then another loop for each object particular on someone's farm. So if your connection speed is slow, do those 2 loop's make difference? :confused: I am…
    in Dial up Comment by LIVADA March 2010
  • Woah, that's one crazy farm... :D
  • While loading? Kidding? Try putting 1000+ trees like i did and you'll see , animals are .swf movies, that takes even longer, trees are graphics i.e. smaller in most cases. Yeah, it all loads on server and it's a difference in few miliseconds... but even a milisecond is important :) Lunamione7, so loading is only problem…
    in Dial up Comment by LIVADA March 2010
  • Yeah but on loading everything affects... not just connection speed ... size of farm, objects on farm... I am just asking this cause i am really interested in computers and this is interesting topic... I have problems with loading with 1Mb, and he's got 16 times slower connection... Does that affect playing experience much…
    in Dial up Comment by LIVADA March 2010
  • FarmVille works on dial up? ( Ok i know it does, but how? :) ) This following questions are just for scientific purposes ;) How does it work? Does it freeze all the time or partialy? How many animals you've got? Trees? Buildings? Decoration? How much time is needed to be loaded at best? at worst? Do you get "Out of sync"…
    in Dial up Comment by LIVADA March 2010
  • Yes they can make it, problem is that they are too lazy! :D They just need to change "hit area" of object to real "hit area", not picture's "hit area". It's like 10 minutes of work if you are drinking coffee and reading papers. Click-click-click, make dem feel our pain :D
  • Yes, this is known thing. Developers added this option so that when you have slow connection you can turn of high graphics mode and go to low graphics mode yourself , at some point when application register that you are "too slow" to play with high graphics it automatically goes to low graphics. When i use 1Gb connection i…
  • **sigh** Was thinking "Here she goes again"... :( Already prepared some speech ... **** :( Anyway... Sign me in, never bought FV Cash, but i will for sure when i get my own $... Still taking $ from my parents... :( P.S. As we started with how old are we... 21 :)
  • Zynga have always listened to us, they just needed some time and space to do it. ♥ them :)
  • Green cow is not from this planet, aliens brought it to spy on us!!! :D P.S. Aliens are away now, will be back when FV goes out of Beta :)
  • As i am programmer i can say you one thing : In virtual world everything is possible. ;) :) I am sure that walkways, roads will be implemented in game but wait few months for it cause there is lots of LE things which will start to reappear when FV reaches it's 1 year and programmers will have lots of time to fix this bugs…
  • No worries :) Can't change nick , no option for it. :( Would change it to Meadow if i could, maybe mods would do it for me, that would be nice... I'll ask someone :)
  • Super berries.
  • Her? Who told you that i am female? :p Yes, I'm male ;) One more fact you never had to hear about :D My nick translated to english means Meadow... One more :D
  • No animal can replace them :) Look at that face : ♥ ♥ ♥
  • It goes nice with Eiffel ;) :)
  • Dear god it is in Mystery Gifts, ZYNGA RULES! BACK TO THE PLAYING!!!! :D :D :D
  • Thanks! No it's still game over for me, but i haven't seen this animal till now and i was like :eek: I had to ask ;) Ooooopppsss read it Mystery Box HAHHAHAHA BACK TO THE GAME, I WANT THOUSANDS OF THEM :) :) :)
  • Write one or two letter per week to Mark Zuckerberg and you might as well get what you want ;) :)