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  • same situation here. You must enter the building to make it storable, but each time I try to click on the building- there's nothing going on :/
  • I was in the testing group for 'get more gifts from non facebook neighbours' and quite liked the idea. of course the gifts were only to be claimed from the Zynga Centre. and there was no way of visiting their profile or see their surname. I guess that in this case you won't be able to view their feed or post in it, and…
  • I have the wildlife building on English Countryside, and now I'm supposed to be on my home farm, but the loading bar still won't proceed... I frequently went OOS and had some loading issues when I placed the mystery animal on my farm, so guess it's not only the building issue :/
  • actually it worked, though posts appeared with a little delay, but unfortunately a couple of days ago something happened and the pop up posting windows appear again. with all that quest items, orchards, bushels etc. it's getting too long to wait for the pop up to appear (and most often the windows don't appear but you…
  • hmm today my farm doesn't load... it's stuck at some 90% and won't proceed. I'm also upset with the recent way of replying to support tickets: 2 days gone and still no reply. is the company going to ignore all the issues or what?
  • the new changes made on FB are just ridiculous... why should I care which posts my neighbours liked in their neighbour's feed? not to mention that most of the posts don't appear in our feeds, which means less help from friends.. but I'm afraid Zynga won't be able to help since it's FB 'product' not Zynga-related :((…
  • the tab isn't working on Fv.com as the posting window is too long. but yeah it works well for facebook
  • probably your neighbour is buying the belted cows or other animals with high number of XP
  • I'm having the same problem as you Jaisun... besides I had problems accessing my farm due to yesterday's update :/ and now the quest is gone :/
  • great... after the latest update (May 25th) my farm isn't loading again :/
  • completely agree!!
  • I contacted the support. but the response I got just frustrated me even more. the problem hasn't been fixed and they don't know when it will happen. furthermore, there's still no official statement and this time i have to write this: THIS IS UNFAIR!! HOW CAN YOU EXPECT PPL TO PLAY YOUR APPLICATIONS WHEN SO MANY ERRORS…
  • this cannot be a Firefox/Chrome/flash player only issue.. if it was then all of the players wouldn't be able to get on their farms, and other zynga applications wouldn't work [I tried TI which before wasn't working and it works]. it seems that only some of us have this issue, while the rest may enjoy the game. and I see no…
  • strange... I received mine when reached level 20 o_0
  • some 12 (or more) hours ago my farm was uploading without a problem, but now it stops under the 'dog signature' and won't proceed :/ already tried the recommended ways and different browsers but the loading bar just isn't moving... I do hope that the Zynga team will finally notice that some of the users cannot access their…
  • these posting issues have been reported to FB many times and nothing changed.. they investigate the problem but still cannot find the solution. i know too much about these issues since I also face them from time to time. sometimes I wish Zynga left FB and the posting issues will be finished
  • it's the issue we're all facing... either we keep receiving shovels or building materials when we don't need them. and it doesn't matter that we got some seedlings planted or baby animals placed on farms
  • wish it was true, but I guess nothing will happen and all the trees remain available for FC only
  • could open it only once and noticed that some of the items are missing (clicking on each separate section won't do).cannot open the gift box now.I use updated Firefox one of my friends noticed the new function which matched her with 'gifting buddies' i.e. she was sent some special delivery boxes from non-facebook friends;…
  • it's a pity that harvesting the spring garden was stopped so soon :( what about those players who are still collecting?
  • for heavens! people don't you have other things to worry about? if you don't want a given animal on your farm you may sell it. what's the fuss? and I entirely agree with the statement that "animals like kangaroos and elephants are quite common".
  • I have the same issue from time to time, but when you refresh or harvest the building (yes you can do it but need to mouse over to 'catch' the building) it will be normal again
  • it's May 6th 5:57 a.m. and I;m also having this issue... probably it's got something to do with the change of ingredients in crafting buildings... as i just noticed that some of my friends ask for the new pin carnation bushels. but how about those of us who cannot get into their farms? there's no official message stating…
  • this recipe causes the game's freezing and nothing more :/ guess I give up today... yesterday I managed to make a few of them (with constant use of F5), but today I cannot make even one :(
  • mine also doesn't work :/ and it's a kind of frustrating: when you want to sell these kind of things, you receive nothing... even though it took so many of your deliveryboxes (and some players used their FC to buy the materials) and materials, not to mention your time..
  • good idea! perhaps there should be the option for crafting nursery bottles..
  • @Contajen - now it's happening to most of the TI players, so you cannot even send back the gifts you received. as for FV - it's still not working properly, we keep losing gifts we haven't accepted, and sometimes we cannot even send back the ones we accepted as the pop up doesn't appear. i'd love the idea of using the…
  • it's not working properly. maybe for those who spend more time on FB and play, but for those who play once per day it's an horror. while you open your bookmarks in the game there only "the new gifts" and requests appear. but how about those sent some 10 hours ago? they just disappear. though it was a good idea to make, as…
  • why do you always release some interesting items and animals available only for FC? that's unfair... not everyone can afford themselves to spend their hard earned real money for something that supposed to be a fun.. just think about it. if you want the game to be still popular just change it!
  • and now it's getting even worse as today I could only accept 5 out of 100.... great...