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  • Thank you so much for the FIX! I am ONE happy FARMER again! <3
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FIX! You are AWESOME! *One happy farmer :wink:
  • I already have done it all Farmiss, and have decided not to stress it out. Just feel bad about taking and not giving. Also, sometimes I think it's a ruse to get us to buy FV cash. I keep a log and let me tell you...well you know. You have a nice…
  • It's not fun playing if you cannot share or request. I have only one item needed to finish a task and I cannot request it, so I lose out unless I use FV cash which I cannot afford this month. FRUSTRATING to say the least.
  • Dominus Mars, I have cleared my cache and optimized it. Still, I get the above shown message. How much longer will it take to fix as I am running out of time to finish tasks and this month, my budget does not allow for purchasing fv cash. :neutra…
  • Yes, that is the pop up I get Farmiss. I am so Leary of purchasing farmville cash, when my game is not working right in all respects. Thanks everyone for the support. I thought perhaps it was due to some other reason as I couldn't find any answer…
  • I don't think it will be on time to finish my tasks or assist others with theirs. The strange thing is, I can accept and send requests in my envelope, but when I PLAY, I cannot request or share? I hope it's soon. Thank you
  • Is Zynga working on it?
  • That is exactly what I am getting everytime I want to share feed, animal, etc. A large blank page, no circle turning, just blank and the only thing available is the x in the upper right hand corner. I can receive, I can collect from others in the …