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I find that the format of the current farm releases is constraining. The little squares of real estate are harder to design because of the tight restrictive boundaries. The fences get in the way of placing farm plots and actually farming them because fences toggle on and off when the cursor gets near. The shape of the farm is awkward due to which tiles are unlocked in relationship to the locked ones. This condition often makes for angular bumped in portions and non-cohesive twists and turns with the rest of the farm. This format drives the direction of how the player can apply their creativity. The older style of an evenly expanding farm is more liquid. I enjoy the freedom of designing without wrangling with the static edges created by the apportioned tiles of real estate. Liquidity encourages the creative impulse which is why I play the game. Every single new farm release is designed with this less satisfying format. I find that I enjoy the older style farms way over and above the existing style. Therefore I frequently abandon newer releases before they are fully developed and expanded in deference to visiting my older farms; growing and designing those instead. My wish is that we would see a return of some free expanding style farms in lieu of them all being the tiled, fenced in style.🙏 Could the design studio perhaps combine the more liquid expansion style with the benefits the company has found in issuing apportioned expansions for FarmCash? Perhaps there is a way to satisfy both good business sense and the faction of players who long for more freedom in design choices.


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