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  • William_Agnew1982

    Hello, I do not get on Farmville that much because of the issues that there are several farms in game.I have talked to several people and that is why they quit playing the game entirely.Im asking please don't take away the game just scale it back to the first two in the same game. Maybe you can get players too come back. Also there is so much items trees, buildings, and such. Scale that back too. I wish I had knew sooner one of my classes in Art School I had to make up a alpha on a small scale version of a video game.Maybe I could have written up a paper on this stuff for you designers, and such. o well. i hope you consider this thank you.

    October 4
  • The_Lovely_Ann_5

    FarmVille Game ID: 1357723444 I have the same issue that player Latha Nair previously posted on here. "Hi, I am a VIP membership holder, and it says my membership is active. My next payment is not due till September 28. Today, my bushel capacity has been reduced. Would you know why?"
    I was unable to find any way to submit a help ticket, as I have in the past; hence my posting to you directly. I hope you can find a way to have the-powers-that-be resolve the issue.
    Thanks for your time
    The Lovely Ann

    September 25
  • Latha Nair

    My farmville game id is 1594394055.

    Hi, I am a VIP membership holder, and it says my membership is active. My next payment is not due till October 1st. Today, my bushel capacity has been reduced by 600. Would you know why? I know the game is on its last leg and that it will no longer be active after December. Is that the reason? Should I just cancel my VIP membership?

    Please let me know.
    Thank you in advance.
    Latha Nair

    September 25