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  • makkakola

    hello Peela why we cant play the quests ......why Zynga istn fixing this....they worked last week on my quests I could play 1 day and than every quests was gone again

    November 4
  • Faith22

    I also have waited for a long time for coin land expansions. My enchanted is also still 28/28. So I appreciate you letting me know how you feel also. And yes I check everyday for the expansion to appear. I play only the first 15 farms that were started years ago. Mainly cause I'm old (LOL) and time is limited. But I do look forward to the day for the coin expansion for the farms: Home, English, Lighthouse, Winter, Enchant, Mistletoe, Haunted, Jade, Hawaii, etc. I wish players would not be so mean to you for your information. After all your one of us. You have a good day and let's keep checking for a surprise expansion. Just an FYI this morning I had a pop up that said Oasis, Austrialia and I can't remember the other one was offered for coin expansion. And when I clicked on them they just showed FV cash. Bummer I was hopeful for a second. LOL

    October 29
  • Bala04

    No real help is forthcoming from Zynga even after complaining to them with screen shot JPG photo and in the format. Do't give this suggestion to CONTACT ZYNGA SUPPORT. If possible take up with Zynga about my conversations.

    October 13
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    Thanks for sticking with us for 10 years.
    October 3