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Farmville would be much more enjoyable with a few changes. I have a list of recommendations to help this along. Can these be implemented, please? Farmville Recommendations 1. After player reaches level 100, express and stealth options become available (check boxes to the left of the friends bar, (below and to the left of turbo and fuel). By checking Express, no pop-up boxes during harvesting pens, pastures, etc. No notification when you get mastery or collections (the box for those changes color when you have new mastery or collection complete). No notification of “you are in placement mode.” All items automatically go into your gift box. When you purchase something, you can place multiples of those items, one mouse click at a time without having to go back into market to “buy” each item separately. When you are in recycle mode, you do not have to confirm recycle on higher-ticket items. No notification that you have leveled-up (I uncheck the “share” button and say okay about 24 – 25 times per day.) No quest notification pop-ups. By checking Stealth, Your gift box automatically processes all gift requests and approves them, accepts all gifts directly to your gift box, etc. “Share with your friends” pop-ups no longer pop up. * Market organized more logically. New area for recently purchased items (belted cows are usually on page 70 under animals, farm; however, they are sometimes on page 19, sometimes other places. I have to find them several times a day.) If you see something you want to buy later, you should be able to save it somewhere in the market so you can find it easily later. As noted above, once you are at level 100, once you purchase an item, you can keep placing them on your farm with mouse clicks without having the Market pop back up and you have to re-buy each item separately. Sort options include: ability to sort by payment (coins vs Farmville dollars); alphabetically, last purchased. * Like Turbo and Fuel, there is a place to store Arborists, Farmhands, Instagrow Potions, and Unwithers outside of Gift Box.


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