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FV Ending

dbstewdbstew Delightful DucklingRegistered User Posts: 20 Building Expert

I don't get this they are ending FV at the end of the year but not FV 2......they got FV 2 on Adobe Air([email protected] Launcher+ runs on Adobe Air) not flash so WHY can't they do that with FV?.....all this time they should have been trying to find a way to keep FV going but instead kept adding more farms and making harder to play....go back to the original farm put it on Adobe Air and leave it be....and I will not be playing FV3 I don't like phone games so all this issue with the VIP status can't play anyhow at this makes me so mad!!!!


  • Willy1957Willy1957 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 0 New to the Forums

    I just read that because Adobe is being selfish, 31 million of us loyal Farmville players won't be able to play anymore! Farmville alone is responsible for me staying alive! I have had bouts of depression and playing Farmville literally has kept me going! Is there any way that Zynga Games can find another platform besides Adobe Flash to keep us in the loop? I would personally be willing to pay a monthly fee to be able to keep playing this wonderful game! Please look into this scenario if you would. Thanks, Willy Harris, Eureka, California.

  • royalpainsroyalpains Forum Traveller Registered User Posts: 217 Cupcake Princess

    They tried. The game is so big with so many farms I don't think it's possible. FV2 has only one farm so it is easier to find another way.

  • nickelpeednickelpeed Unstained Chieftain Registered User Posts: 166 Investigator

    That was my question, too. I asked that to Zynga and they just went in to the Flash speil. Farmville 2 once operated on Flash, bu they fixed it with the Farmville 2 launcher. Why can't they do that with Farmville. My gosh, so many have played for 11 years. They've invested a lot of time and money in to this game because they love the game. I so enjoy playing Farmville. I have thousands of animals, buildings, and ornaments. I've spent a lot of money on FC. I am so disappointed. I lose all of that. I have FC built up, and even though they say spend it, what difference does it make? I lose if I spend it and I lose it if I don't. They can save this game. I just think they've lost interest in keeping it going. It has given them MILLIONS. We have made them rich. I just do not get it. :'(

  • nickelpeednickelpeed Unstained Chieftain Registered User Posts: 166 Investigator

    **It's still unfair that they can't develop a launcher like they did with FV2. There are so many faithful fans.
    We've invested so much time and money on this game. We made Zynga millions. I am very sad. I still have FC. If I spend it, I lose. If I leave it, I lose. It doesn't matter. I could care less if they took away the last 5 farms. I just want to play. I don't want to lose everything I've invested in for the past 11 years. They've given us so many farms, it prevents them from saving it. Just get rid of some of the farms. Take a poll and go from there. :'( **

  • Darl53Darl53 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star

    Hi, why can't you come up with a new way or place for farmville? Can you make so i can be played on iphone? It very disappointing not to be able to play the game and it's not fair that people has invest money into the games.You'll did the same thing with pet ville and others.

  • Darl53Darl53 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star
  • Sparky0Sparky0 On Fire Registered User Posts: 766 Aged to Perfection

    They could have but when hasn't Zynga held on to a bad idea tighter than a python and its lunch? They made this decision in 2017 or things would have been done sooner, daily collectable stuff wouldn't have been in constant reruns since then, and stuff would have gotten fixed. My favorite right now though is the dialogue for one of these quests. Apparently one of the girls is the other's little sister as well as cousin. That would explain a lot about Farmville, although I'm not sure how that would be accomplished.

  • AgentOrange55AgentOrange55 Mazter Guardian Registered User Posts: 488 Colossal Titan Slayer

    @Willy1957 said:
    I just read that because Adobe is being selfish,

    It's not Adobe's fault. What happened was all the major browsers, Chrome, Opera, IE, Safari told Adobe they were dropping all support of Flash on their browsers. When Adobe realized there would be no market for flash, they agreed to stop Flash, and then the browsers and Adobe all set the final date of December 31, 2020. But Adobe was totally coerced by the browsers.

  • Piratedawn1Piratedawn1 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

    I think you guys owe us money for all the time and money we've spent on this game, if you guys are going to shut it down.. It's not fair to us!!! I know you guys don't care about the players.. All you care about is the money.. TYPICAL.. If I wanted to play the other games I would be playing the other games.. This is the worst time to do this to your Farmville players.. Thanks for not listening to us!!!! Sorry, Not Sorry.

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