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Crafting Slow and Hangs; constant farm reload

ibecinibecin Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 37 Building Expert

I keep having to reload farms because Crafting is impossible.
its either so slow that it takes me almost 30 minutes, no lie, to craft 6 recipes.
or I have to reload farms over and over because they just hang. at random points; mid crafting, after opening up to being crafting, or after it says its ready to begin crafting..nothing happens. just hangs. not frozen, not whoa farmer, just there. for minutes until im forced to reload the farm.

i used to finish all my farming in 2 hours or less. now, its almost 3 hours or more because the crafting is impossible to work around. i used to be able to craft in 5 different farms before I had to reload my farm after switching to a new farm. now, it can be one farm gets done, travel to a new farm and i have to reload because of this new issue of them just hanging and doing nothing.

this issue has been reported since November 2019; known issue. yet rather than it getting better, its only getting worse. Do something!! this is the last thing i enjoyed doing in FV and now, its becoming impossible to enjoy when its so slow.


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