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Clam bushels??

SandiC2881SandiC2881 Loose CannonRegistered User Posts: 21 Building Expert

Help! I have a quest that calls for planting clam bushels. I thought clams were part of my Lighthouse farm, but it won't allow me to plant any there. What farm is responsible for clam bushels? Thank you!


  • Sandy7226Sandy7226 Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 8,428 Lord of the Forums

    Clams can not be planted, you can get Clam bushels two ways, one is to harvest the main build-able (lighthouse) on the Lighthouse Cove farm or you can use bushel swap. When you harvest the main build-able you have a chance of 5 bushels, either Clams, Lobsters or Seafood every day. If you use bushel swap you can get 3 bushels every 3 hours, so that is probably the better choice.

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