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My gas disappeared

Freddie EngFreddie Eng Not a Title, but a StarRegistered User Posts: 53 This Space is Available

I had 800 to 900 gas it is gone. I want it back. Did anyone else lose their gas? All these bus lately are really getting frustrating. My friends list is still missing also. Please get these bugs fixed.


  • PeelaPeela The One Who Knows It All Registered User Posts: 2,660 Lord of the Forums

    were these in your giftbox or in the fuel storage area? .... if they were in your giftbox ... and you had more than the limits ... then they may have removed them to try to get you under your limits ... ( 1000 unique items in your giftbox - 9999 of each unique item) you could try contacting customer support to report the loss ... and they may return them to you ...but if your giftbox is over the limit they may not return them until you lower your numbers

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