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Apparently the ability to earn coupons ends when you finish your recipes

darqladydarqlady The BossRegistered User Posts: 1,321 Cream Corn Champion

It would have been nice to know ahead of time that as soon as you hit your 35 recipe points for the day that you locked out the coupon earning. I now have 1 coupon left to start tomorrow with and crops and things cooking to use on the tasks I can't get to. Annoying.


  • PeelaPeela The One Who Knows It All Registered User Posts: 2,660 Lord of the Forums

    I have to say I agree with you on this .... it takes a while to collect the coupons ... and then you have to spend so many to make the recipes ... but you should be able to continue making the coupons for the next day ... or be able to craft them at least ...

  • darqladydarqlady The Boss Registered User Posts: 1,321 Cream Corn Champion

    Had I known I wouldn't have collected the last recipe until 11pm or something. However, it is nice to know there are no extra opportunities to waste my time on leaderboards or something...I can get the 35 and be done...So- tomorrow we wait on redemption!

  • darqladydarqlady The Boss Registered User Posts: 1,321 Cream Corn Champion

    Well- the good news is the tasks you left are still there when you those crops and crafts are all set to collect... so I have coupons....

  • musicalcatmusicalcat Gabby Enthusiast Registered User Posts: 379 Social Snowflake
    edited July 2019

    Today it locked me out and said I was done when I only had 33 points. I held off on making the last pie because I wanted to continue gathering coupons, but when I came back to the farm, it said I was done for the day (and it showed 35 points, even though I never made that last pie). :-(

  • JillianHJillianH Saint Spontaneous Registered User Posts: 550 Goldsmith

    This is a lot easier than most of these things. You can build up a lot of coupons. Just remember to hold off on finishing the last recipe. I make the last one to get me over thirty five and then just work on earning coupons. I found out that even if the day is over I can still get credit for that recipe if it is finished.

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