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Coco Wonderland

Connie CannonConnie Cannon Party StarterRegistered User Posts: 1,037 Pet Queen

I just got the new farm. So cute! I shared and asked for the hidden treasures, then started on my coco mansion, I clicked on the first part for 3 , then tried to share that part and got the pop up for Security Check (which don't work) are you a robot. This doesn't work, then it won't let us share anything else. This makes me so mad as I have turned this in many times. I have even turned this in to FB and it is still not fixed. I tried the clicking on the parts very slowly and this did not work. Now we have parts to this given to us with the early access that we can't share or ask for anything on. Makes me so mad. Please get this one fixed. Also does this on Gingerbread Castle on the other farm. But on a new farm really makes me mad.


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