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Time for a change...

hornplayerhornplayer Mazter GuardianRegistered User Posts: 220 Cupcake Princess

So I see yet another new farm is coming. Dear Zynga - it's time to make some changes. A lot of us are tired of the same old recipe-making, animal-building stuff. A lot of us are tired of the same old layout of the farm plots. Same old trees, same old animals, same old, same old. Can't your programmers come up with some new ideas? Please?? The game is getting kind of boring...... yawn.


  • PeelaPeela The One Who Knows It All Registered User Posts: 2,660 Lord of the Forums

    I think as a business .... zynga .... uses what it has to continue ... perhaps they will do some new things ... eg ... the farm run ... all the different types of game on new farms to earn prizes ... they are all different in some way from the previous farms one ... the land areas have changed ... originally they were just and open box ... now they have given us water plots ... different land plots ... sadly some are FV$ which are expensive to buy ... but the opportunity is available ....

    I actually enjoy beating the new farm ... but once done I only play it for any new things that come into play and harvest trees & animals ...

  • elaine jebsonelaine jebson Mazter Guardian Registered User Posts: 946 On Fire

    i totally agree with hornplayer, the only time i ever go to the new farms is when we are forced to at the beginning, i with we could just delete them

  • Sandy7226Sandy7226 Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 8,716 Lord of the Forums

    I love new farms, the more often the better, any other farm features, quests, etc I really do not care about, but I really enjoy the new farms and would love to see them more frequently.

    I would be happy to see something different instead of recipe-making and animal-building.

  • JillianHJillianH Saint Spontaneous Registered User Posts: 550 Goldsmith

    I know. EVERY "new" farm is a cookie cutter of all the other "new" boxy farms. We also get the same instructions over and over again. YAWN. EVERY unwither ring building has the same exact prizes every time, they just tweek it a bit. Also the endless clicking on "awesome" Ugh! Please make something new!

  • sparky00sparky00 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 58 This Space is Available

    I agree. We have done this same farm, but with different cartoons, over 40 times already. The new thing about limiting how many of one thing can be collected is the breaking point for me. They did that a few years ago, apparently realized how dumb that was and got rid of it again, but now for some unknown reason have brought it back. I have very few friends and they can't click to help me with stuff for some unknown reason. I also couldn't get into yet another Halloween farm, we have done that 5 or so times already, and now yet another "Christmas" farm. The new thing with the stuff we collect would be good if it wasn't a limited time only thing or a race that you need to spend FC to have a chance to win. I did it a couple times in the past, but with it always causing a "whoa farmer" error I just don't bother any more. I do wonder how many people have given up on doing those kinds of things. I'm not going to spend FC to do it, I'm too bored with the disposable farms that have everything locked to them (even with a shipping license) so I'm not buying FC any more. They really have been shooting themselves in the foot all along, but it really is probably at a breaking point now considering how few people are actually still playing this game.

  • JillianHJillianH Saint Spontaneous Registered User Posts: 550 Goldsmith

    I do not want to waste too much on a farm, as it will be obsolete in six weeks anyway.

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