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What do you like about FarmVille?

Farmer ClydeFarmer Clyde Grand PoohbahRegistered User Posts: 914 On Fire

Simple question.

Maybe I should dirty it up a bit?

Tell me and everybody else, what it is you like about FarmVille such as:

Why do you play?
How do you play?
What are your objectives?
What do you deem as successful game play?
What drives you to come back day after day after day?

I have no idea other than the fact that I have so damned much money invested in it that I just find it difficult to stay away. After all, who would walk away when you still have Farm Cash in hand?

Level 2+ Million with quintillions in coins.

My basic goals (anymore) is to obtain the Unwither Ring on each new farm as well as upgrade the craftshop to 8 stalls and the other crafting building up to 6 stalls.

Lately, once this stuff is accomplished, another farm rolls around!

Now it's your turn..........


  • JillianHJillianH Saint Spontaneous Registered User Posts: 550 Enthusiastic Expert

    I just like to harvest and plant the crops.

    Mostly I deal with crops and animal. I only craft until it is at the highest lever or to win the leaderboard.

    I try to win the leaderboard and beat the new farm. Although the later is pointless as every other month there is a new farm and a lot of things can not be on another farm.

    Farmville is still relaxing when it works.

  • Farmer ClydeFarmer Clyde Grand Poohbah Registered User Posts: 914 On Fire

    Thats it? Nobody else?

    Or are you folks trying to say you don't really know why you play?

  • elaine jebsonelaine jebson Mazter Guardian Registered User Posts: 946 On Fire

    youre right ,i really dont know why i play, what with all the faults, slowness of the game and shockwave crashing and not responding its not half as good as it used to be, i suppose its just habit

  • PeelaPeela The One Who Knows It All Registered User Posts: 2,557 Lord of the Forums

    I play only farmville .... no other games .... so I like the challenge of beating all the trials they give us ..... I endeavour to beat the farm as quickly as I can .... I feel an accomplishment when I get my trophy .... I visit my other farms to upgrade things ... like the craft shop .... so they are fully upgraded - whether I use them or not- I occasionally visit a farm to change it around ... or put tree/animals into pens ... just so its tidier ...
    but on the whole I like the challenge of beating the farm and achieving the trophy LOL

  • Farm_Farm_ Mazter Guardian Registered User Posts: 487 Colossal Titan Slayer

    Why do you play? Because I am bored.
    How do you play? I open it up and start harvesting stuff.
    What are your objectives? To see how much stuff I can hoard because I would not in real life.
    What do you deem as successful game play? It's never successful for me. I just do stuff.
    What drives you to come back day after day after day? Again because I am bored.

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