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JillianHJillianH Saint SpontaneousRegistered User Posts: 550 Enthusiastic Expert

Why, when most crops require 600 plots, do you require 800 with puny Fantasia??? On an 18 hour crop!


  • Farmer ClydeFarmer Clyde Grand Poohbah Registered User Posts: 914 On Fire

    Because not a whole lot of conscious thought goes into how certain required items will affect a player.

    The "GOAL" is to tie you to FarmVille and nothing else.

    Advise: If it is going to impact the time you play this activity, then don't do the task.

  • PeelaPeela The One Who Knows It All Registered User Posts: 2,562 Lord of the Forums
    edited June 2017

    I find that the first star usually requires 800 nowadays .... once you have that star the next is usually 600 ... I remember when you only had to plant 300 for each star .... that made perfect sense ... considering the number of crops we need to master to attain the license .... zynga has gone off the rails with this rubbish 800 & 600 ... making it nigh on impossible to master them in a reasonable amount of time ... grrrrr

  • mamacbmamacb Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 129 The Pesky Helper

    It is a time consuming task to sit around to complete a 24 to 100 plot to do a task.. I don't have the fv cash to buy the necessary utensil to work with. Some farmville neighbors only collect but don't return the help you need. I have so many neighbors I send to but receive about 8-10 request back.. I can count how many replies to my request.. Some task expires before I get a bare minimum of help.
    Is there a way to delete the ones who just take and don't send back?
    This morning, my farm keeps freezing on me. Farmville enhancement i\s not enhanced at all. Grey screen knocks me down every 15 minutes.
    Please fixthis problem...

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