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Quite Cross VIP

BissJustBissBissJustBiss Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 4 Not a Title, but a Star

Hello Farmville overlords.....

I've been holding onto this for a little while, thinking __surely_ it must be an error, people will complain in DROVES. Seems not...I have been playing Farmville from the very start, and I <3 it, It helps me through certain aspects of my life that I find difficult, it's relaxing, allows me to think stategically and helps to distract me, so thank you!

I pay to be a VIP because I thought it would bring me useful benefits: ie: Less need to request items that are very annoying/time consuming, like daily stamp items etc.

In recent day I have discovered that this has changed and I get hardly any starter stamps, and have to request more and more items from friends.

The most annoying change has been the dissapearance of farm animals (from harvested pens) to raise from animal feed. There's plenty of feed available to get from people posting feed, but no animals to USE it on! Why have you done this? I don't want to use the feed on my own animals cos I already have them. Getting them from others allowed us to get new animals. Please can you reinstate this, and allow people to post acquired animals (from harvesting pens) again, instead of them just ending up in your saved items?

Many MANY thanks!



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