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Sakara - Mountain of Strength and Patience Levels

snakeeyes7snakeeyes7 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 173 Investigator

These two recipes are not registering in the

One say's level 16, and the other level 30, and I have both on 30 or over 30.


  • PeelaPeela The One Who Knows It All Registered User Posts: 2,566 Lord of the Forums

    just looking at the piccies ... to finish the relic ... it says you need to level up any 'Plateau of Patience' recipe in the zen garden house 30 times ..... the picture you have posted is of a recipe from Mountain of Strength which is the pink circle next to the recipe ...
    the Plateau of Patience recipes have a have the green circle next to them ....

    (Rivers of Balance is blue circle & Zen Valley is purple circle)

    therefore these are the recipes you need to do for this relic: Antique Lantern, Bamboo Vase, Bamboo Teapot, Vibrant Masks, Oriental Hand Fan, Conical Kasa, Washi Chopsticks, Letter Box, Dimsum Basket, Cherry Tree Screen, Noodle Spoon & Wooden Footwear.

    I messaged you a link to where you can find out all the info you will need - as you didnt reply Im assuming you didnt receive it ... but if you did then you can go there to find out many things you need to know to do with FV

  • snakeeyes7snakeeyes7 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 173 Investigator

    I have reached level 30 on at least 1 recipe per relic request, the Plateau of Patience and the Mountain of Strength are the only 2 that the claim button is not lighting up. As far as the expension, the FV's requested I do not have and none left are coin. One of the above mentioned say's level 16 and I'm at level 30, but no highlighted claim button.

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