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why do you have to keep adding new farms

stevesteve Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star

i ask this question, as i have about 15 farms that are no use to anyone,, why not give a free shipping lisance to every player for every farm and we can start deleting the old farm so the game can run quicker, sorry the down side is you would need to increase storage , to put the items we piad for with FC, i have been playing farmville for nearly 7 years, its get to the as vampier wars did nothing for more then 2 day we will start on tuesday with the new uest, and crops, so it will not play once more, please stop adding stuff no one wents


  • Sandy7226Sandy7226 Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 8,716 Lord of the Forums

    There are a lot of players that love getting new farms.

  • vickiewearsvickiewears Fisherman Registered User Posts: 122 The Pesky Helper

    things that you don't want are wanted by others. new farms will keep coming to keep the game alive but it is our choice as to the parts we play.

  • JoDeereJoDeere Dramachine Registered User Posts: 74 Black Sheep of ze Internet

    My "unused" farms are permanently planted with the most needed quest crops. Works out waiting for crops to grow.

  • darqladydarqlady The Boss Registered User Posts: 1,321 Cream Corn Champion

    I love new farms. I also have old farms permanently planted with either decoration crops or with Bob's Berry crops and like JoDeere- frequently used crafting crops. I keep HH and Atlantis open for the leadership planting ( 3 passes each does that) and I have a few open for sudden needs for things like the buildables or the current flowers...But I am a decorator, so I like to decorate with the various crops and decorations and since most farms now end up with nowither rings, they are always in bloom!

    As many have said- if you don't like a new farm, don't go there.

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