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Teacup Flowers

FarmerConnie53FarmerConnie53 Delightful DucklingPosts: 23Registered User Building Expert

I bought the area in Zen Valley that said if I got this one, I could plant the teacup flowers. They were so pretty, and I wanted to plant them, so I forked over the money needed to have that parcel of land and planted my teacups! Now, however, I have found that I can't plant ANYTHING else on this field of land BUT the teacup flowers! Is this a glitch, or is it for real? If this is all I am allowed to plant, this should have been made known to us and I NEVER would have purchased it in the first place! I'm very upset about this. My only hope is that when I finally master the teacup flowers, I will be allowed to plant other crops! Anyone know anything about this, or am I the only dummy that fell for it?!


  • darqladydarqlady The Boss Posts: 1,299Registered User Genius Genie

    I haven't bought there so I can't be sure, but are you trying to plant other zen crops there or were you trying regular crops ( either normal non sakura or sakura). Try another Zen crop after your next harvest and let us know. I suspect you tried a non Zen crop before.

  • FarmerConnie53FarmerConnie53 Delightful Duckling Posts: 23Registered User Building Expert

    I was just trying Zen crops, just to get more bushels to use to make things with! It will not work, or at least it hasn't for me! I have not even tried any other sort of crop but the Zen selection.

  • illdocilldoc The Chosen One Posts: 1,152Registered User Assassin

    I think Teacup Flowers (as well as the other "unlocks thru expansion purchase" crops) actually aren't Zen. I believe they are actually land crops (check what it says in the market) and therefore could be planted on any land plots.

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