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Farm Navigation

spacejamzspacejamz Captain ObviousRegistered User Posts: 47
edited April 2016 in Feedback and Suggestions
Good luck with trying to get your problem resolved. There's no point in voicing your opinions because no one monitors this forum.


  • elaine jebsonelaine jebson Mazter Guardian Registered User Posts: 946 On Fire
    edited March 2016
    i just wish we could delete the farms that we never visit
  • bluebell_rosebluebell_rose Gabby Enthusiast Registered User Posts: 212 Cupcake Princess
    edited April 2016
    they did it for farmville express. Only workaround I can think of is, change farms to get to which farm you want on your phone and then load up farmville on the desktop

    :) the farms I never visit heh. they're on the back burner until I can make the few I'm using big enough to have decent farming plots with coins.
  • Wowmom25Wowmom25 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star

    I have been stuck now for 5 days on my farm. I cannot move harvest or travel anywhere else. It is very annoying to not be able to complete quests and such. When is this going to be fixed?????

  • zipperzonezipperzone This Space Is Available Registered User Posts: 53 This Space is Available

    When I was unable to travel from farm to farm, I used my mobile app and left Lighthouse Cove in the dust! I have been able to travel from a couple different farms and back to home farm, but I just tried Lighthouse Cove and the problem persists there. So mobile app and back to home farm.

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