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Please add FC purchase warning message!

TrashTerrierTrashTerrier Colossal Titan SlayerRegistered User Posts: 308
edited November 2015 in Bug Reporting
Players have been begging for this since the game started and it hasn't happened. At this point I doubt it ever will. Accidental purchases must be a major source of income.


  • Kelsi BlockerKelsi Blocker Community Manager Community Manager Posts: 9 Loose Cannon
    edited November 2015
    Apologies for the inconvenience caused to all our players. We know about this issue and in the works to resolve this with most practical way. Adding another level of popup for each purchase confirmation will also be a bad user experience.

    Said that, we are in works to fix this at multiple levels and soon we will release out fixes. We are also planning to add recent purchase history to help players find where did their valuable FC was spend.

    Hope this helps as of now.
  • musicalchefmusicalchef Mazter Guardian Registered User Posts: 410
    edited November 2015
    Another level of popup for FC purchase confirmation would NOT be a bad user experience. Most of us don't spend FC every day. I don't think we'd need one for coins, since most of us have a lot of them and losing some wouldn't be a big deal.

    Just lost 2FC on a frickin' apple crate :( At least don't put FC buttons right under "make" buttons so that we hit them so easily.

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