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Stop adding community neighbors who don't play

SpiritBloomsSpiritBlooms On FireRegistered User Posts: 711
edited November 2015 in Feedback and Suggestions
Usually I can only gift when I drop a neighbor, but they are still a facebook friend.

As for the inactive neighbors? I think this game is more interested in getting new and or old players to come back then making the current ones happy. Half the time I look for the neighbors that help me the most I can not get to their farms. Like you I can only get to the ones that have not been played in years with withered crops and old things on them.


  • Nancy Happy WendtNancy Happy Wendt Loose Cannon Registered User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star
    edited November 2015
    I agree completely!!! I have not only removed them from my community tab from what I understand to make it possible to stop them from asking for gift 5 times or more a day I have blocked them from my facebook page ...... I agree with Jillian. I can only help out the ones that are a facebook friend, I see others that will get 50 helpers within 5 min's on 10 things they ask for .... its just crazy its a game to help each other not to have to go though the feed and not help someone you don't know .... We are neighbors for a reason, to help each other and you can't help anyone that is not my facebook friend!!!! I feel your frustrations :)
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