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all crops should be able to be grown on all farms!

COLIDRISCOLIDRIS Forum DetectiveRegistered User Posts: 338 The One Who Knows it All
edited November 2015 in FarmVille Discussion


  • musicalchefmusicalchef Mazter Guardian Registered User Posts: 410
    edited June 2015
    COLIDRIS wrote: »
    trying to plant crops so i can make these potions and come to find out the kraken crop can only be grown on a specific farm, where as the other two crops could be grown on my home farm! why split the crops up like that? only allow me to plant 2 out of 3 on one farm? so mad! ok maybe if i need an item for a specific farm then i can understand only allowing it to be grown on that farm. but items for quests should be able to be grown on all farms!! this sucks!
    that is all! :mad::mad:

    I'd been hoarding over 100 each of super fertilizers and insta-grows, so I used some of those to get enough Kraken bushels (plus, there were a lot in the market). I'd been planning to save that for next week, when we have 81 more plots to work with, but decided to do it now with the free fuel. I have one more 50-potion animal and one more 60-potion animal to get, so I'll see what happens. If I don't get them with the bushels I have, I probably won't plant more crops. I have the animals I really wanted, anyways.
  • darqladydarqlady The Boss Registered User Posts: 1,321 Cream Corn Champion
    edited June 2015
    We have over two weeks left to get these. I have been swapping for kraken ( using the useless egyptian whatevers) or other extra bushels and then with planting kraken regularly on 1/4th of the farm. With the bushels I get from the market I am making as many potions as I want. Of course I am also making 1 and 3 potions with the bushels from the other new crops that I have to plant to master anyway- why waste those bushels. And of course the special crops I need for those also need mastery, so it is a win win.

    This is a game and it is supposed to have some level of challenge. Being able to plant all the crops on any farm would mean you would be able to plant all your farms with all 3 crops and seaboo would get rescued by everyone in a few days... this way you get to juggle or plan planting for seaboo, the weekly quest, general mastery and the leaderboard. What would help if the leaderboard crop would be one of the 3 we need for seaboo potions. I also have lots of supers and insta grows, but have been using them sparingly....

    I like having crops restricted to specific farms. I usually keep the usual suspects planted and use an unwither to resurrect them for a crafting...Having everything on every farm would take away the challenge. We have enough weird crops growing on every farm. I like knowing that I can't plant kraken on would be weird....the climate and soil conditions aren't right :)
  • COLIDRISCOLIDRIS Forum Detective Registered User Posts: 338 The One Who Knows it All
    edited October 2015
    booooo :mad:! but that last line was funny! :cool:
  • elaine jebsonelaine jebson Mazter Guardian Registered User Posts: 946 On Fire
    edited November 2015
    i also think we should be able to grow any thing on any farm, it would make life much easier, but then zynga dont like to make things easy for us
  • Sparky0Sparky0 On Fire Registered User Posts: 766 Aged to Perfection
    edited November 2015
    i also think we should be able to grow any thing on any farm, it would make life much easier, but then zynga dont like to make things easy for us

    According to the Dirt Farmer podcasts it's because we are too mentally feeble to handle being able to put stuff on other farms without overloading them and then complaining about it. Apparently the cause of it taking so long is because we are all using Windows XP or Vista on old machines. If they think so highly of us imagine what Zynga thinks.
  • nichocbnichocb Mazter Guardian Registered User Posts: 475 Colossal Titan Slayer
    edited November 2015
    My opinion on this is divided. If Zynga were going to do something like this, I would like them grouped by farm theme. For example, having the Winter Wonderland, Holiday Lights and Mistletoe Lane crops be available on all these farms, but not on any other where it doesn't fit the theme.
  • FarmerCuddlesFarmerCuddles Guru of Mayhem Registered User Posts: 820 Forum Meister
    edited November 2015
    My opinion - The reason crops are locked is to prevent us from planting the latest farm crops on other farms and quickly mastering them. It also slows down our rate of collecting bushels and makes the latest farm more of a "challenge". (Not that people don't use instagrow and super fertilizer)

    Personally, I wish they would unlock the crops after we complete Beat the Farm (like they did with the ones on EC). But they don't and I don't see that changing. (It's been that way since LC - Fall 2011?)

    Fortunately, most of the new crops we get for quests and special events are unlocked and can be planted on any farm. And fortunately, most of the crops are not locked to the home farm. (Mine is cluttered and I hate loading it.) Off the top of my head, the only crops I can think of that are locked to the home farm are the Greenhouse crops. But I think there's a few others.

    What's irritating is when they plan a special crafting event and use one of the locked crops instead of the hundreds of perfectly good unlocked ones. (Such as with the kraken mentioned for the June event). That's just poor planning on their part.
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