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Turn off the turbo!

JillianHJillianH Saint SpontaneousRegistered User Posts: 550 Goldsmith
edited April 2015 in Feedback and Suggestions
JillianH wrote: »
Make it so we have to turn on the turbo and not the other way around. I have just loaded my farm for a third time because I have turbo available but I do not want to waste it on my puny Avalon farm. When I go to turn it off though if I get too close to the cops it has yellow highlights that won't turn off. This makes it hard to see what I am doing so I have to reload the game. Please Just make it so by default we are not using the turbo and it will be a lot easier to farm. Thank you.

Howdy JillianH,

I appreciate that you shared your thoughts about the Turbo Charges auto-turn on feature. Let me share to you this improvement or feature suggestion page so you can submit it to the team. Please click here! Have a farm-tastic day!


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