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danequindanequin On FireRegistered User Posts: 721
edited March 2015 in FarmVille Discussion
danequin wrote: »
Are you ever going to fix the gifting issue, or is it screwed up FOReveR and we won't be able to send and recieve gifts without making 100 mouse clicks and waiting a minute for each dialogue box to load..FIX THE GAME FIX THE GAME fix it

Knowing Zynga, they are not in a hurry to fix it since, for one, it's been going on for 2 weeks now, and two, they have a new farm (well, a new expansion of the last farm released farm) coming out tomorrow. Also, for YEARS Zynga has been doing the exact opposite of what we request: no more farms, fewer popups, etc.


  • AngeldumplinAngeldumplin Social Snowflake Registered User Posts: 314 Unstained Chieftain
    edited March 2015
    I second that. It's a pain in the **** to click every one of them to send back. I'm not even sure if they are even getting them.
  • darqladydarqlady The Boss Registered User Posts: 1,321 Cream Corn Champion
    edited March 2015
    I think they are- we have several accounts in the family and gifts keep going to the others and back... So if you get a send to click, it does seem to send.

    I agree it is a pain, but do you remember how it was 5 years ago!?!? Even with this new wrinkle caused by Facebook it is better than having to do your gift acceptance from a window in facebook.
  • rnbw flwrrnbw flwr Mazter Guardian Registered User Posts: 544 Enthusiastic Expert
    edited March 2015
    Why was this messed up? It was one of the things working fine. Please fix this and make it work as it was before.
  • lilbit42lilbit42 Not a Title, but a Star Registered User Posts: 4 New to the Forums
    edited March 2015
    When I'm on Sunflower Meadows, many times I can't open my gift box to get to the items I need, and when I click on the item that I need parts for, it won't open, so I can't ask for the items I need that way either
  • farmerdoofusfarmerdoofus Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 2,363 Lord of the Forums
    edited March 2015
    I am glad so many people are expressing their unhappiness with the "new" gifting.

    But guess what? It's not new!!! My game has behaved this way for at least a year, probably longer. When I complained back then, NOTHING was done. I still have it that way, and now you have all joined me in my misery.

    I am thinking it is going to stay this way, probably because FB is being such an idiot towards the games.
  • PaganiZondaPaganiZonda The Boss Registered User Posts: 1,194 Assassin
    edited March 2015
    Okay Facebook is being an idiot towards the games right? Not a problem. If I were Zynga, I would compensate for that by revising the requirements for gifted parts or by coming up with a new mechanism for gifting. It's pretty simple IF people want to be part of the solution rather than the problem. You also need to realize Facebook is probably throwing a tantrum because Zynga games literally spam the entire infrastructure with gift requests and futile repetitive posts. It's just killing the feeds if you look at it from a non-gamer perspective.

    Anyhow, all Zynga has to do is give us a Gifting Enclave building (think goods craftshop). You select the gift(s) you want and your neighbors see the requests in their Gifting Enclaves and click on them. Just like buying goods, the gifts are incremented on the backend... no need to send requests and ****. But Zynga will NOT do that. Subtlety isn't one of their virtues.
  • PaganiZondaPaganiZonda The Boss Registered User Posts: 1,194 Assassin
    edited March 2015
    Here we are again... I cannot send Ask Requests and gifts seem broken as well. The ones I accepted/send out are still there upon reload. It's acting funny overall. Why can't the most basic element of the game work?? Social game my foot! If you don't like my gripes, just auto-complete my House of Royals and I'll shut up :)
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