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Selling mystery Babies

tinaM8002tinaM8002 Forum TravellerRegistered User Posts: 21
edited July 2014 in Community Created Guides
If you've been feeding the mystery baby, you'll lose the animal feed that was used.

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  • Farmer ClydeFarmer Clyde Grand Poohbah Registered User Posts: 914 On Fire
    edited July 2014
    tinaM8002 wrote: »
    Why is it when u sell mystery babies they worn u that if you do you'll lose all your progress. Nothing ever happens. Just curious
    Plus, this warning only occurs if the Mystery Baby has been placed on a farm. Having a double baby statue, I rarely place mystery babies on my farms and simply sell them directly out of my Gift Box. No warnings at all and some, even sell for coins such as the Mystery Babies produced by the Blue Whales on HP.
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