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Getting Instagrows on Animal Mastery leaderboard = easier than I expected…

pianoplayer88keypianoplayer88key The Chosen OneRegistered User Posts: 1,403 The Boss
edited May 2014 in FarmVille Discussion
Yes, Piano... this week's Leaderboard was/is an absolute pleasure! With all these farms, planting the crop is not a big deal at all. No Farmers Square crafting meant clear sailing, and animal/tree mastery is also very doable if you play it right.

Just one tip... I avoid harvesting my animals pens or using Farmhands during the regular days (especially true for the newer farms). I simply wait till the next "Animal Mastery" task comes up on the Leaderboards (which it does pretty regularly). I also stack all my recently acquired Pegacorns, Unicorns, and Horses near my stable.

If harvesting the standard animal buildings does not earn me the 20+ increments required to get the Insta-Grows, I place these new horses into the stable (while I am stuffing for coins) to quickly achieve the mastery increments. You can do the same with cows if you have the Dairy Barn.

PS: As long as you are not paying Farmcash for your Turbos, feel free to use them in your Hanging Gardens too! That's what turbos are for... to indulge in sleazy sybaritic debauchery :)



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