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Why is taking so long to do part 2 of gave me five quest

Rebecca2Rebecca2 Gabby EnthusiastRegistered User Posts: 193 Fisher
edited May 2014 in FarmVille Discussion
Well- I wasn't paying attention and kept forgetting to do the prep work for part 2 and it did take me until Sunday to get through part 2. If you drift just slightly those 12 hour windows land just after you go to bed or just after you get to work :) The best thing was to have all 6 brittles done before Thursday started.... now call me crazy, but I just finished it and said yes to a redo...and of course I did NOT have the 6 brittles ready up front because I wasn't going to do a redo! But I only really want another tree.... so.. we will see how far I get.


  • Rebecca2Rebecca2 Gabby Enthusiast Registered User Posts: 193 Fisher
    edited May 2014
    i am sure there is something wrong with my timer i been asleep for 10 hours and i prepared the last brittle before i went to bed i had something to eat then i remembered the brittle and had two reactions was releaved i was in time but at the same time disapointed to find not ready yet with 2 hours and 42 minutes left still. So i expected it to be ready and waiting not sill cooking. So think the timers not working properly that why it taken longer than it should. this has happened before with my crops i know what time they where planted and when i got back they still had 3 hours to go. So i know there is something wrong with the timer which needs fixing PLEASE FIX ASP
  • SM RosseuSM Rosseu Lord of the Forums Suspended User Posts: 225
    edited May 2014
    Hello there, farmers! I appreciate your time letting us know about this. I'll send it over to the team. Thanks for your continued support and have a wonderful day!
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