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Had to delet orders in sweetshop because of quests

Rebecca2Rebecca2 Gabby EnthusiastRegistered User Posts: 193 Fisher
edited April 2014 in FarmVille Discussion
Getting the same rewards over & over again while not getting the parts needed to expand are why I quit the sweet shop & only use it when there is a quest I am interested in doing. It's too bad for people like yourself who continue to use the sweet shop Z does not make crafting recipes to expand each side. :)


  • Rebecca2Rebecca2 Gabby Enthusiast Registered User Posts: 193 Fisher
    edited April 2014
    only trying to get a fully graded sweet shop to beat sweat acas to get the storage license thats why still got to get to lvl 25 only at lvl 19 so far and to fulfill orders is helping me get there i almost got the craftshop and i be working on getting 3 stars on the crops needed. that why i need to get those orders done then i part way there for the storages license then i have 10 farms so far i can transfer items

    Also only get 10 spaces in both that another reason why to fulfill orders i need item to to have more storage. i have 30 storage in my others so i don't bother much with them i just use them only for quests the only why i need to get orders done is solely only for earning items to expend and it takes so long. Once i have got at lest 30 space in both i not be bothered about doing orders after that

    You probably have more storage than me any way
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