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Farm Screen moving up and down constantly!!!

Connie CannonConnie Cannon Party StarterRegistered User Posts: 1,037 Pet Queen
edited April 2014 in Bug Reporting
That's one reason I don't use Firefox - Chrome doesn't do it. It's a browser problem I think.


  • rosequiltsrosequilts Cupcake Princesses Registered User Posts: 57
    edited November 2013
    I use Chrome and my screen randomly goes down whenever something pops up to click on. That's why I sometimes X out instead of sharing something because it's so annoying. It only happens on Farmville, not any other game.
  • portia6694portia6694 Dramachine Registered User Posts: 34
    edited November 2013
    I'm using google chrome and it has been doing this for the past week.
  • willowofthewoodswillowofthewoods Dramachine Registered User Posts: 28
    edited November 2013
    saame on my farm i use mozilla
  • Rebecca2Rebecca2 Gabby Enthusiast Registered User Posts: 193 Fisher
    edited April 2014
    that the adds and one of them is disgusting playing below his fat stomach should be removed kids could see that inappropriate and disgusting there are some words i would describe what it looks like what he is doing but is not allowed to say, this add should be censored as its digusting
  • Rebecca2Rebecca2 Gabby Enthusiast Registered User Posts: 193 Fisher
    edited April 2014
    The screen jumps up and down even when there is no adds i am trying to do something and i harvest the wrong crops or if i am in the crafting i was trying to harvest a crafting item in the dairy my farm what little was only 5fc suddenly down to 0fc so after that since i had no fc because of the jumpy screen i had nothing to lose. So i kept thing to my self nothing to lose so does not matter whers i click. then my fc was wow -10fc so thought i owe them. but then when i refreshed my game was back to normal 0fc. But i since won 35fc so back to been courses again. so since i won 35fc i hate to lose it on the stupid screen jumping up and down you see my

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