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more untimed quests please

mktritonmktriton Captain ObviousFacebook Connect User Posts: 4
edited February 2014 in Feedback and Suggestions
mktriton wrote: »
as i'm 3/4 of the way done with all the untimed quests available, how about making a few more available please.

Hi mktriton!

Wow! You're almost done with the untimed Quests! I have noted your suggestion so we can bring this up to our team. Thank you and I know you can complete those. Well done! :)


  • Richard ReidRichard Reid Assassin Registered User Posts: 921
    edited February 2014
    For some time I have been unable to start new untimed quests. I click on 'start quest', I get the 'starting quest' popup, but when the popup goes away nothing else happens and when i reopen the quest manager the quest hasn't started.
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