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80% off HL expansions, should I buy a few? (also missing FC)

pianoplayer88keypianoplayer88key The Chosen OneRegistered User Posts: 1,403 The Boss
edited January 2014 in FarmVille Discussion
Howdy Piano:

1) Considering they have reduced the Free Farm Cash Videos to 2 ads per day, I am low on FV Cash. I have been patient through the 40, 50, 60 and now 80% sales for Holiday Lights. If you wait till next Monday it will be 90% off. So you would pay half of what you will end up paying now. I would definitely be buying the 90% off expansions as coin expansions have lately been non-forthcoming.

2) Have you tried using Google Chrome to play FV? Mozilla served me like a charm for years, but it seems Windows 7 and Chrome are a perfect match for playing Farmville. And I'll be honest, Chrome is also using around 530K of memory, so it's not much of a difference from what you have going on. You could try tweaking your various Flash Player settings from this
control panel

Also, are all of those open browser tabs and application windows? It seems they are and that is a big drain on resources. Each tab is an instance in itself and takes up quiet a bit of processing power. So have fewer open tabs and applications. Pretty much when Farmville is open, you cannot have any other "major" applications running on the side -- unless you have a setup optimized for gaming (6+ GB of RAM, etc).

3) Try to reset Firefox. Firefox >> Help menu >> Troubleshooting Information >> Reset
This will clear the gunk and other Add-ons/plugins you have acquired over the years, while preserving your bookmarks. Please understand this process completely BEFORE blindly hitting Reset (don't blame me if something breaks), although I can assure you that your browser will run impeccably once this is done. Additionally, I am assuming you have the latest version of Mozilla and Flash Player and Windows Update has also done its thing recently.

4) ... and for the love of God, uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials. It's a decent product as it has a limited footprint and won't bother your for the most part, but it also does NOT catch all of the Malware/viruses. Go for ZoneAlarm (free edition -- Firewall/AV combo) or something like Avast. Never rely on Microsoft for security solutions ;)

Edit: Holy Mackerel, are you running Windows XP or is that just a theme??? XP was a sweetheart while it lasted and yes it still rocks, but ONLY if you do not connect to the Internet. Otherwise you are asking for serious trouble! Time to upgrade... like NOW! Don't get me wrong, but you need Windows 7 (skip Vista and avoid 8.1 like the plague).


  • pianoplayer88keypianoplayer88key The Chosen One Registered User Posts: 1,403 The Boss
    edited January 2014
    1 -- Thanks for the tip on the 90% expansions, PZ. I'll wait till next Monday. (Now, on the other hand, if they DON'T offer them...)
    Also I haven't been getting the Free FC Video ads, but a couple weeks ago I stumbled on a forum post saying they were BELOW the game window. (I almost NEVER scroll down there.) I did see one earlier this month, but that's all I've had in quite a while.

    2 -- I used to use Chrome a few years ago on my own computer, but haven't touched it in quite a while. (I remember I even had an extension that modified the FB FV feed so all the clickable links were in the same area of the screen, or something like that. That was on my would-be-6-year-old computer, though, which bit the dust about a year or so ago.)

    2.5 -- Yes, they are - I'm, I guess you could say, a hardcore multitasker. And, this is my dad's 5+-year-old Dell D830 laptop with only 2 GB of RAM, although we did recently put in a 500 GB hard drive (up from the original 160 GB).

    3 -- I probably won't be doing this yet, as I'd want to be SURE I don't lose any history, settings, etc. (Chances are the next time I "reset" FF will be when a new OS is installed on a new computer.

    4 -- MSE was my dad's preference. Right now I'm not really up to speed on what the good programs are, although I often hear one that Leo Laporte advertises (forgot the name of it right now though). I don't know if we've used ZA, but I think we used Avast a while back and quit using it for some reason. (I don't remember if it was no longer free, or what happened.)

    5 -- Yes, my dad's D830 is running XP. When he bought it, it would have shipped with Vista - in fact I think he may have a disc? - but he ordered XP installed on it. And yes, we're aware that XP support is ending in a couple months. So far I'm not sure what his plan is. I'm hoping he'll get a newer computer with Windows 7. I may be prepared to install Ubuntu come April 8, though.

    Otherwise, I guess I'd have to play FV Express on my Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G? (But then I couldn't play any farm newer than Jade, and can't harvest animal pens, etc - just plant/harvest crops and post quest item requests, IIRC.) I do have a Flash plugin for Firefox on my phone (yes I know it's no longer being updated, but it is useful for some things - for example using the desktop version of youtube when the mobile version says video not available on mobile) with it set to tap to play (not automatic play), but I couldn't get FV to run even though I had little else running when I tried it.
    For me, building a new computer is kind-of way out of the budget, otherwise I'd do that. (I'd prefer building one that will last several (like 5-8 or so) years before needing major upgrades, beyond adding more RAM or replacing the CPU after a few years, or adding more hard drives as I fill the incumbents.)
    I've been kind-of looking into building a box to house and network about 6 or 7 (if not more - kinda lost count) hard drives (ranging from 750 GB to 2 TB each - would have gotten a 3 TB but neither my dad's laptop nor my few-year-old external enclosure would recognize it) I have sitting in a box across the room, but right now that's at a standstill.
  • pianoplayer88keypianoplayer88key The Chosen One Registered User Posts: 1,403 The Boss
    edited January 2014
    And, it looks like Holiday Lights is still 80% off this week, instead of the 90% we were hoping for. I skipped the 90% Mystical Groves expansions hoping for 90% HL expansions, cause then I could buy another $50 in FC (310 - have 99 now) and expand all the way to 50x50. As it stands now, at 80% off, I can only go to 28x28 with my current FC stash, or 40x40 by adding another 310 FC. Going to 50x50 at 80% off would require me adding $100 in FC (650 FC), which is something I can't afford right now - $50 is the absolute maximum I can spend, then I probably won't be buying any more until summer. (Although, if certain other expansions, statues, vehicles, etc. are 90% or more off, combined with a 50% or better FC sale, I might be tempted.)

    Any chance we may still have a 90% Holiday Lights sale? Or should I go ahead and spend my current FC stash to get to 28x28? I'm working on getting the unwither ring, and crafting Sparkle Lights Crates to open the presents with - right now I'm on the 7th present, I think. I'm only getting one light every 3 or 4 fields of the crops (Frosted Poinsettia, Sugar N Sprites, or Glass Candy Cane - the crops needed for the SLCs), so it's much more lucrative to craft.
    Right now I have 99 FC at level 210, which would get me to 28x28 with 9 FC to spare. If I use my horses on LHC to level up to around 240 or so, I can get 30x30. I only have about a hundred or so horses to stuff with, so it may take longer than a week to get up there, and yes I'm aware of 1-FC-per-level stopping at 250. I bet PZ wishes it went all the way to 1 million - what might you be able to buy with that FC? ;)

    Also, for anyone who plays FV2 ... any tips for power-leveling and generating coins that are as efficient as the stable method in FV1, and won't run me out of "energy" even if I play a couple hours a day? (I'm not that active right now, but there are occasional days when I have some free time.)
  • MIB4MIB4 Pet Queen Registered User Posts: 959
    edited January 2014
    Any chance we may still have a 90% Holiday Lights sale? Or should I go ahead and spend my current FC stash to get to 28x28?

    No one can answer that question with absolute certainty. All we can do is make best guesses based upon past behaviour, as PZ did with regards to expecting a 90% HL sale this week. No criticism of PZ there as I thought they were right with their prediction too as that has been the zynga method in the past.

    Whether it is a temporary blip or they are withholding a 90% sale for a week, month, year or forever none of us know.

    Personally I would still go with PZ 's general advice and hold off for a 90% sale (or even coin expansions...ok not so likely that one !) as right now you are a long long way away from getting the unwither ring anyway and that seems to be the prime reason for considering expanding HL (and it makes sense to look to expand that farm over time as you will have the ring sooner or later) so if it takes a month for a 90% sale then no real harm done (and considering your stated available amounts to spend on farmcash it is probably a good idea to maximise it as best you can).

    So for what little (ie nothing) my advice is worth I would say hang tight and hopefully there will be a 90% HL sale in the next couple of weeks and as PZ said you will then get to pay half the price you would be paying now.

    Good luck whatever decision you make (and agreed crafting is the far quicker way of getting the sparkle lights).
  • PaganiZondaPaganiZonda The Boss Registered User Posts: 1,194 Assassin
    edited January 2014
    We really should have received the 90% off expansions this week. But cry-baby Zynga wants to play hardball with us. That is fine, because guess what, someone like me who would have definitely purchased all the expansions upto 50x50 will probably just skip this farm now!

    The Super Fertilizer Zynga gave us (I collected 366 of them) allowed me to finish mastery of all the crops in less than two days on my tiny farm. So I have no need of expanding. The joke is on Zynga!

    Yes, I do have my only unwither ring on this farm, but I also have 170+ unwithers in my giftbox. Again, not much attraction on that front. And it's not like Jade Falls where a complete expansion opens up a beautiful background.

    So I'll save my FV cash for El Dorado, and I recommend that you wait 6 more days for the 90% expansions. They will come (unless someone from Zynga is reading this post and takes out a personal vendetta against us). But I'd like to assume, I am not that important :)

    PS: Crafting and using turbos to harvest the farm really helps with the Sparkle lights output.
  • marlene5889marlene5889 Guru of Mayhem Registered User Posts: 844 Forum Meister
    edited January 2014
    I saw the 80% off and like PZ will wait for the 90%. I have the FC but why spend it expanding a farm that I rarely visited. I only have to reach Level 5 in my cafe or whatever thing it is to I beat that farm. Incidentally I note that the Beat farm icon is missing from that farm. My observation is that they offer lower amounts off and the step up to the next level. MG was on 70% then 80% and that it was just on 90%. I normally expand when they are at such a good percentage, thought against it as I do not farm on the farms between Atlantis and MG except when there is a Leaaderboard unlocked crop. This would mean 80% this week and 90% next offer, but I also observed that in-between these 2 large discounted percentage they may offer 1 lower one on another farm. Therefore Pianoplayer88key please may I suggest that you exercise some patience as your cash flow may appreciate you holding on to it a bit longer.

    I was very fortunate to be the recipient of a good number of Super Fertilisers and am currently sitting on a healthy total of 645. Luckily I was able to craft like mad when they were available as Organic Fertilisers and although I have used many was able to stock up of the free issue of these last few days. I am also sitting on a healthy total of 325 Unwithers many acquired where there was a short crafting period and the rest from Leaderboard quests. I've never purchased an Unwither Ring but am fortunate to have one from completing my HL Tree. However my Unwithers are dwindling very fast so I need a sale so that I can get one both my HF & EC farms. I will not pay that exorbitant price for one.

    If you are after Sparkle Lights and have the time to harvest you can plant any crop on HL, but please remember that we have always been advised that the max amount you will be able to get per day is 50 Sparkle Lights. Little suggestion - craft like mad on all farms that you can but do not collect until you hit your 50 Lights daily limit from your crops just in case Z tallies up your crafts into your harvesting totals. Sparkle Lights from plots is a Z control but crafting is yours.
  • marlene5889marlene5889 Guru of Mayhem Registered User Posts: 844 Forum Meister
    edited January 2014
    Post removed - this is the wrong thread.
  • FarmerCuddlesFarmerCuddles Guru of Mayhem Registered User Posts: 820 Forum Meister
    edited January 2014
    We got coin expansions for Celestial Pastures a few months ago (followed by a 30 day quest). We got coin expansions for Sweet Acres right before El Dorado came out (or around the time). My best guess is we will get coin expansions for Mystical Groves next (maybe about the time the next farm comes out), then Holiday Lights after that.

    So my guess is we will get coin expansions for HL in 3 or 4 months. I'm planning to wait for them - and should have the last few crops finished by then (8 to go).
  • Richard ReidRichard Reid Assassin Registered User Posts: 921
    edited January 2014
    Lately the pattern has been new farm week 5 = 90% off expansions on the previous farm. (And I seem to remember two weeks of 80% off as well.)
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