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Farmville Guide 2011 How to level fast and have fun playing

lcr1tterlcr1tter Learning the RopesRegistered User Posts: 34
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Now that you have your farmville account, lets take a closer look at what you can do in the game. When you log on for the very first time, you can chose a female or male avatar for the game. You can then decide what you want to look like. Most people create avatars that look a lot like them but you can also choose completely different hairstyle makeup or clothes if you like that. You can always change your avatar again by clicking on it and choosing something different.
First let's take a look around and see which buttons you have. In the upper left-hand corner of the screen, you can see an eye, a loudspeaker and a music symbol. Clicking on the eye will shift your farm in and out of focus. Using the mode with lower graphics quality and less focus might sometimes let you load your farm faster when your internet connection isn't too good but I generally recommend using the setting with better graphics quality, since that will show you the farm properly, making playing more fun in my opinion. The loudspeaker symbol will let you turn sound on and off. Here I personally use the “off” setting, since I keep lots of animals and the din from the bleating sheep and mooing cows would be too much for me, but just adjust the setting as you like it. The last symbol with the note will let you turn the music on and off, again I personally prefer the “off” setting, listening to my own music or none at all while I farm, but just see what you like best there.
Next to the video and audio settings you can find your farm coins and cash. Farm coins are very important in the game, since they will increase over time as you plant and harvest crops and will let you buy upgrades and more crops for your farm. FarmCash is harder to come by, you only get one FarmCash for every new level up to 100 and sometimes you might find special offers that will get you free farmcash or, even rarer, sometimes there is farmcash in a mystery egg or mystery gift. I have devoted an entire section of this guide to the topic of farmcash, check it out if you want to learn more right away. You will also find a sign under your coins that tells you how to add farm coins and cash by paying real money. I haven't done that yet but you might consider it if you like the game and have some cash to spare.
In the middle of the screen along the edge you can find your current experience points, XP for short, and your level in the yellow star next to the column. In order to progress in the game and be able to grow more different crops and buy some decorations but also animals you have to collect XP. You gain XP from plowing the ground and seeding your field but also from buying decorations for your farm and achieving ribbons, a very important part of the game and one that I will describe in a separate installment of this guide.
In the upper right-hand corner you can see that you are at your own farm and beside that you get a small speech bubble icon that will allow you to place a signpost with a message on your farm. Under the farm bar you have a small sign that says stats. If you click on it you can see a few facts about your account, such as your current level, the ribbons you have received, your masteries, co-op medals, the number of collections you've completed and how many buildings you have constructed.
At the bottom right-hand corner you will find a selection of tools to work on your farm. These are the controls you are going to use most, probably. The magnifying glass on the left lets you zoom in on your farm, the one next to it on the right with the minus symbol will zoom out, showing you an overview of your farm. For working on the farm you probably want to zoom out a bit. On the right next to the zoom you find a frame symbol. Clicking that will let you enlarge farmville to cover your whole screen. To leave this mode you can click on the symbol again or press the escape button on the upper left-hand corner of your keyboard.
The little camera on the right will let you take a picture of your farm. Before you do that, let's start farming though. Working on your farm without machines at first, you are probably going to use the multi tool cursor most. It will tell you how far your crops are grown and lets you automatically harvest them when they are ready, turning into a hoe. After that you can plow the fallow land with the multi tool as well, or choose the plow cursor next to the multi tool, if you want to plow only. Later you will get a menu there that will allow you to choose different machines for working on your farm. If your plowed plots aren't right next to each other, you can either delete them with the recycle tool, but you will lose the 15 coins it cost you to plow. Or you can use the move tool to pull the plots where you want them. After you have plowed your plots you want to plant something on them, so don't spend all your coins on plowing plots. You can either click on the plowed plot with the multi tool or choose the market button on the bottom of the control panel. Either will get you to the market, where you can choose which crops you want to buy to plant. At the start I recommend you plant strawberries that take four hours to become ripe for harvest. Remember to harvest your crops soon after they become ripe and never let your crops wither, which will lose you money and keep you behind in the game. In order to progress as fast as possible, you will want to make your farm as productive as you can. One way to do this is to plow all the available space on your farm and plant on it as often as you can. At the start of the game you don't have enough coins to do that right away, but you can pick up additional money by helping your neighbors and collecting bonuses from your neighbors' published achievements. As you spread out your fields gradually, they can cover an area of 12x12 plots and there will be an edge around your farm. I recommend you arrange your plots so that they are directly adjacent to your neighbors' farms on the left and at the front, because you will be able to upgrade your farm as you make more coins and this is where your farm will expand. That will leave an edge that is half a plot wide at the top and on the right. You can use this to place the animals you adopt from your neighbors and the trees they send you.
Now let's take a quick look at the rest of the control panel. Next to the market you can see a ribbon symbol and you can switch this to a star symbol for your masteries. Later there will also be a magnifying glass and butterfly for your collections. Clicking on the ribbon will take you to the achievements page, showing which things in the game will get you extra coins, XP and sometimes also little additional rewards such as decorations, animals and trees. The masteries are less important at first because the rewards for them are harder to get than some ribbons and the rewards are less good. The collections are a very important part of the game as well, you can find collectibles working on your farm from level 10 onwards and you can get them from neighbors too. There are sections of the guide concentrating on collections, masteries and ribbons, check out those to find out more.
Last but not least you can find the gift-box in the bottom right-hand corner of your control panel. The gift-box will already contain a welcome gift if you signed up for email or downloaded the farmville game bar and it is the place where gifts from friends and objects collected from the feed are stored. It is limited to 500 items right now, so you should use your gifts at some point. After the limit you can sometimes still collect more gifts but there is the risk of losing things because they can't fit in and you can't open mystery boxes or mystery eggs anymore until you have removed some gifts to get below 500. You can also ask your neighbors for specific gifts here (make a wish) or sell the whole contents of the gift-box (sell all).
One more thing about the little farmer planting and harvesting: you may have noticed that the farmer walks to fields to harvest them, goes to every plot you click on to plow or put seeds in. As your farm gets larger and the novelty of this wears off, it can become quite boring watching the farmer walk around since it will always take additional time to get the chores done. A way to speed up your farm considerably is to trap the avatar in at the point where it loads. You can use decorations like hay bales, trees or animals for this, or perfect bunches of flowers. There is even one thread on the decorating part of the forum that exclusively focuses on the farmer trap area. You might check it out later to see a few ideas there. Even if you yourself think it is nice if the farmer walks around, not all the neighbors who want to come visit and fertilize your farm will see it that way. Fertilizing is also a lot faster when the farmer is trapped, so it is polite to trap it when you sign off. You can still remove one of the obstacles so your farmer can move around the farm while you farm. It is more likely for your neighbors to fertilize your farm regularly if you trap your farmer, so I really recommend it.
You might already have noticed that there is another bar along the bottom of your screen that says “add neighbor” and that there are vacant lots around your farm on the screen. This is what the next part of the guide will focus on. If you don't have any neighbors yet, check it out right away because neighbors are a very important part of the game and will let you progress a lot faster. Also you will have someone to compare your fast progress to, so try to get them as soon as you have planted your first strawberries.a24c1f4aeb144f0fb9c3077ec33861e1


  • lcr1tterlcr1tter Learning the Ropes Registered User Posts: 34
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    There are several ways to find neighbors for farmville. Maybe you already have a facebook profile and have seen farmville messages from your friends, then you can just go to the neighbor's tab of the game and add friends who already play the game to be your neighbors. If none of your friends play farmville but you think they might like it too, you can also invite them to play with you from the neighbors' tab or choose the tab “invite friends” to send them a message that you would like them to come and play with you.
    If you don't have any friends on facebook yet, don't worry, farmville is a great game to meet new people. Other players will usually be happy to accept new neighbors since active players as friends help you progress faster in the game. So if you don't know anyone playing farmville yet, the easiest way to find new neighbors is heading over to the farmville game forum by clicking on “forums” under your game which will take you straight to the farmville forum. There is a whole section there with people who would like you to add them as your friends and be your farmville neighbors. You can either post your own neighbor request into the thread or just choose people to send a friend request to. You can add a message to your request if you like.
    Another way to find neighbors and one I recommend is using the game fan forum gamers unite. I will mention gamers unite again when I talk about collecting from the feed and I would ask you to keep an open mind about them if you have heard some unbelievable stories. They are a fan group with more than 200000 very active players and most of my most considerate neighbors are gamers. So I can really recommend getting people from this fan group as your neighbors.
    They have an “add me” section on their forum too.
    After some of your new friends have accepted your friend request, you can go to the neighbors tab and invite them to play with you. Once you have a few neighbors, you can try to branch out your neighborhood along those people. The best way of finding active players is by checking the facebook profile pages of your friends for messages about neighbors who have found fuel when they were fertilizing a friend's farm or have left your friend a gift while they were visiting. You can then click on the name of the neighbor who posted the fuel or gift and ask this person to become your friend and neighbor too. This is a much more reliable way to find active neighbors than just believing what they write on a forum.
    Once you have a few neighbors, you can start finding out more about their farm and visiting to fertilize and feed their chickens is something that will not only help them in the game, but it will also help you get ahead a lot faster. The fastest way to visit several neighbors in a row is by using the neighbors bar in your game window. You can do 5 tasks for your neighbors when you visit their farm. This will get you 5 times 10 coins and 1 XP if you fertilize, plow or unwither plots or up to 50 coins if you collect from animals or harvest trees. Particularly at the start this may be tempting, but you won't get any XP or collectibles if you harvest trees or collect from animals and your neighbors will want you to rather unwither or fertilize, so it's not worth alienating your neighbors just for a few coins more. The only exception to this rule are the farms of breeders, that you will recognize by several horses and sometimes cattle outside buildings that are only filled with a few animals. On their profile you might find several posted rare foals a day. They will usually be grateful if you collect from animals other than horses, cows or bulls, since they can't use farmhands if they want to breed every day. But do leave their horses and cattle alone, otherwise you might lose them as neighbors really fast! You can also leave your neighbors pig slop, gifts and animal feed while you visit. Clicking on the feed trough either gives you 100 coins or 2 scoops of animal feed that you can also share with friends by posting it. Another thing you can do at a neighbor's farm that will give you another 100 coins and 10 more XP is feeding chickens. For this you click on the chicken feed bag or on the coop. Sometimes you will find mystery eggs because the chickens are happy about you feeding them. Mystery eggs can get you up to 500 XP when you open them and the rarest ones will give you buildings and decorations worth up to 5000 coins if you want to sell the content. Since rare eggs are worth most XP and coins, getting those is a high priority task if you want to progress fast in the game. If you can't visit all your neighbors every day, I recommend you start at the top of your neighbor list, since players in high levels will usually own the best chickens, giving you the chance to find better mystery eggs. If you visit 50 neighbors, fertilize their crops and feed their chickens, this will get you 750 XP and 7,500 coins a day. In addition to that you will usually receive one “fertilize all” as a reward for visiting your neighbors and find about 3 mystery eggs, that might get you another 500 XP or 5,000 coins each! So visiting your neighbors certainly pays off and lets you progress faster in the game. I recommend you do it, whenever you can, every day. In addition to the coins, XP and eggs you receive for visiting there are also two achievements that are connected to visiting your neighbors. The “Good Samaritan” ribbons gives you 425 XP and 18,500 coins for helping 2,500 neighbors, the “Crop Whisperer” achievement is worth another 425 XP and 7,500 coins for the first 2,500 crops you fertilize and will only take a fifth as long to achieve since you can theoretically fertilize 5 crops on every farm a day but it only counts as helping each neighbor once a day. It will count only if you can perform all the 5 actions you can, so if you can't do one of those, because all the fields are fertilized and there are only 4 ripe trees you can harvest and no ready animals, the visit doesn't count for the “Good Samaritan” ribbon. Feeding chickens is in your own best interest but it doesn't count for the “Good Samaritan”, neither does leaving fuel, pig slop or other gifts, but your neighbors might like these and it's a good way to let them know you stopped by.
    Another way to help your neighbors and get help from them is by sending free gifts. You can go to the free gifts tab of the game, choose which gifts you want to send and then choose which neighbors you want to send them to. The gifts that make most sense in my opinion are the watering can, a consumable that can be used to grow up special trees from orchard seedlings and the special delivery box, which can contain building materials, bees, the giftable collectibles, vehicle parts, shovels, watering cans, fuel, arborists, farmhands and farmcash on rare occasions. If you use it while you don't construct buildings or grow up trees, it acts just like the mystery gift and gives you decorations, animals, trees, fuel, coins and even farmcash on very rare occasions. In addition to that it is never clear what you really got until you have opened the mystery gift, thus making it the gift with the most suspense. Also the contents of the mystery gift are changing, so even if you think you already have or know everything you might get, there is still the element of chance and surprise in it. You might find that this makes the game more fun for you.
    It is polite to gift to every friend once a day, but the total number of gifts you can send is restricted by facebook. To prevent spam you can only send up to 20 requests of any kind on one application a day, so if you want to add lots of new neighbors at the start you might just choose the same gift for up to 50 people, which will only count as one of your requests. You can add a message to the gift and request things you can't send yourself in return. Some players also use the chat function of facebook to request gifts from other players online. You have to use your own instincts here. Requesting a gift from one of your best real-life friends should be alright, badgering strangers who just agreed to become your neighbors with lots of requests for gifts is considered impolite by most people and might lose you friends instead of get you gifts.
    There are two basic ways to give and return gifts. The first one is the one I just described, choose something you would like and send it out to as many people as possible in the hope of getting a gift in return. The other method is returning the gifts your neighbors send you. This will usually get you more things you don't want or need yourself, so I prefer the first method. The best way is to combine those 2 methods, trying to return some gifts and sending around what you like, too.
    Later on in the game if you construct buildings you can also request additional gifts from friends to complete them or upgrade your vehicles.
    One last word about neighbors for now: at the start of the game you should try to get at least 50 neighbors as fast as possible because the “Local Celebrity” ribbons will get you 180 XP and 18,500 coins in total.4b5ec88738d741258abf47d7d04d5034
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    Now let's see how your strawberries are doing. You might already wonder what to plant next. What makes most sense always depends upon what time you can check back to farmville and harvest the crops. Remember, don't let your crops wither. Your crops will ripen for the time the market tells you they take, then they will stay ready to harvest for the same time period. After that they will start withering and gradually become brown and useless over half the growth time period. Since withered crops can't be sold but can only be removed, you will lose money instead of making any so think about when you can return to tend your crops next before you plant. If a few crops wither, you can hope for neighbors to come by and unwither them for you, or ask them over on the feed, but every neighbor can only unwither 5 plots. If your whole field is withered, there are very expensive farmcash unwithers in the market or you could try to get a care package, that has a free unwither inside. You can find the links to the care package on fan pages like gamers unite or farmville fanatic, for example. To avoid withering it is a good idea to grow identical crops on all your plots, so you don't get confused about when they are ready. But there is one exception to this rule at the start. I recommend you try to plant every new crop up to level 15 at least once (and I mean on one plot only for the less profitable kinds) as soon as you can and know you can come back in time for harvest. The reason for this is that you can get the “Green Thumb” ribbons that way that will give you 180 extra XP and 18,500 coins in addition to the money you earn from the crops. To get all of them you need to plant 17 different crops in total. But remember: it is enough to grow one plot of the less profitable kinds each. Some crops are already planted when you start the game.
    In the market the seeds page opens first if you click on a plowed plot. At first you see all the seeds (seeds highlighted), but you can also click on trees, fruits, vegetables, grains, flowers or other to choose these type of crops and hide the other ones. You can also sort the seeds in different ways, I will go through them on the default setting, focusing on the seeds from the first 30 levels. Trees will be covered in the section on mastery.
    The individual seeds each have an entry that tells you their name, shows you a picture of the plant and tells you for how much you can sell the ripe crop, how long it takes to become ready to harvest, how many XP you gain when you plant it and how much it costs to plant next to the coin sign. If you can already plant the crop, you will see a green “buy sign” next to that, or it will tell you in gray that it is locked. Hovering your mouse over the locked sign will tell you what you need to unlock this crop. When you click on “buy” you can plant the selected seed on your plowed plots.
    One more thing to help you plan what to plant next: The farmville day is shorter than a normal day for some reason, so crops that would take 24 or more hours are actually ready 1 hour per day earlier than you plant them. The same goes for animals and trees. If you adopt an animal and place it on your farm, it will be ready to harvest after 23, 46, 69 or 92 hours. This will usually help you to be more flexible when to come back to the game.
    Before I get into any details about which crops make the most sense to plant at which level, one more word of advice: there are players who enjoy finding out about the crops gradually, since they derive some enjoyment of the game from making their own tables and maybe even excel sheets, calculating what is most profitable to plant. I am going to tell you about the crops from the first 30 levels in the next part. You can either make your own calculations before you watch that or just skip it altogether if you have worked out what is best to plant all by yourself. If you want to make your own calculations you will probably have already worked out that you should count plowing into your equation to really find out which crops will give you the largest profit and the most XP. In theory you could also wait for neighbors to come and plow your plots after you've harvested but you can make a lot more money and XP by doing it yourself, so just put it into the equation and grow crops all the time. If you don't want to calculate the profit yourself but still prefer tables to find out the best crops by yourself to me telling you, I can really recommend a table by an active player at . This is the best up-to-date table I know but you might find more if you go looking on the forum or search the internet.8472353bbb8445218d7e419b9aa50aeb
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    You may already have noticed when your new farmville neighbors became your friends that they can publish things they find on their farm for you to collect and the other way round. It is always a good idea to keep your neighbors happy by at least trying to publish everything you find, such as mystery eggs, collectibles, lost animals and ribbon and mastery notifications. Your neighbors will be able to collect bonuses from that, just as you can collect from them. At the start of my farmville career, I went round to every neighbor's profile several times a day to try to collect bonuses. This will also show you a bit more about your new friends, so if you like this method of collecting bonuses just do it like that. It isn't very practical though and as soon as you have your 50 or more neighbors it will probably take you a long time collecting bonuses that way. A much easier way is going to your facebook home page and switching the messages by friends to “most recent”. This will show you everything your friends have published on their profiles chronologically and you can go back to the point when you went offline the last time and try to take the things you like.
    This is still going to take some time, but it is a lot faster than visiting every profile individually. If you can't see any farmville posts now, there is probably a bug at work that facebook has created two months ago and you can get around it by going to your game feed, where the game requests are. Just click on game requests and scroll down. You will see everything your neighbors published in your games and you can choose particular games to filter it. There is one more method to collect from the feed, and this is the way I use and that I can only recommend. You can install a so-called snag-bar on your firefox or internet explorer. Some of you might be shocked now, because they might have heard rumors that this is a cheat. Relax, it isn't. It's just a much more comfortable way to collect bonuses off the feed without having to stare at it all day. You can install the snag bar if you have 5 or more friends who like gamers unite. If you followed my advice on how to find neighbors and went to their forum to find friends, you already have. All you have to do now to get the snag bar is go to gamers unite and choose to install the snag bar. It is neither a cheat nor a spy tool, I have used it for 7 months now and cannot report any problems with it. If you have heard rumors that this is a cheat and will get you banned, by farmville or by facebook, this is just malicious rumor. Neither Zynga nor facebook have announced that they are going to do anything about snagbar users. The rumors are spread by a small but very vocal minority who by and large rely on spreading rumors to start a witchhunt on snagbar users. If you are in a neighborhood already where rumors like this are spread, I can only recommend you use your own judgment. All the snagbar does is take things off the feed once a minute. This is more than 20 times slower than a user might be by hand! You can try to reload the home page of facebook as often as you can to look for new posts and count the times you can do it in a minute. This was actually one reason why I didn't get the snagbar earlier. It is a lot slower than a player reloading the feed manually. That means that you won't be able to get absolutely everything your neighbors publish. But it will allow you to do other things that are a lot more fun like visiting farms and helping your neighbors while the snagbar mechanically collects every new item off the feed once a minute, if it is still there. You can still be a considerate neighbor and friend and thank people properly for special calves and foals by posting your comments.
    The only valid reason not to use the snag bar, in my opinion, is if you consider hunting the feed the most fun thing about farmville. If it gives you a rush to stare at the screen and reload the home page time and again for a new post and you feel elated at getting a foal, mystery egg or calf that way, then do it like this. All I ask is that you don't judge others for the way they prefer to play the game or at least let them go in a friendly manner. A former neighbor who unfriended me just because I had become a member of gamers unite, not because I was using the snagbar, which at first I wasn't, still sent me mystery gifts for months.
    Back to what you should collect: At the start of the game, almost everything will make sense to collect. The wandering stallion and pig slop don't make sense until you have buildings to keep them in. You can't use all the other items right away, but since your gift-box has a limit of 500 it is still worth collecting things for later. Free money is always great, especially at the start when you're still trying to make ends meet to fill your farm with plots. And adopting animals is one achievement that will give you extra XP and coins in addition to some nice animals on your farm. Placing perfect bunches of flowers is one achievement too, so this is why I haven't told you to leave those on the feed. You will get 425 XP in total for placing 50 perfect bunches of flowers on your farm. You can place them along the edge and around your farmer to trap it. But even if you had to place them instead of 4 plots, you would probably still get more experience from the achievement than from growing crops alone for the 14 days it takes until they wilt. Then you can remove them by choosing “delete” when you click on them. Before, while they are still nice, you don't get the delete option but you can still delete them by using the recycle tool. Just go with what you prefer here. Having the super-productive farm isn't always the way that is most enjoyable for everyone. I recommend to treat yourself to a few things that you like, even if they don't make economic sense. Otherwise you might discover at level 30 that your sleek, very efficient farm is too much work and not enough fun and leave farmville behind like a lot of people do. If you should be considering that, I recommend to change your farm so you like it better, I've had friends who removed all their plots and just placed decorations, buildings, animals and trees for some time.
    You might wonder what animals you should keep and which ones you should rather sell. The next section of the guide is going to deal with that.
    If you have collected the 10 collectibles that you can put into each collection, you can stop taking those off the feed and give other people a chance, too. You can store things in your gift-box, but it isn't nice to take rare collectibles off the feed and sell them for 5 coins. If you find decorations or buildings in mystery eggs you can either display them on your farm, save them for later in your gift-box or sell them right away. Putting many buildings and decorations on your farm will limit the space for your plots, so it is better to wait a little until the farm has expanded to a mighty plantation to use some of the larger decorations and buildings. I am going to talk about that again in the parts about buildings and decorations.
    One last word on what to avoid on the feed: you might see all sorts of posts by neighbors that sound like they are too good to be true, like getting puppies that cost 65 farmcash for free or a free money tree that you can harvest for 100,000 coins. The rule here is: if it sounds too good to be true, it's usually fake. There are quite a number of sites on facebook that are trying to make money off unsuspecting players by selling their profile information and spaming them with adds. If a site tells you that you must like it and tell all your friends about it to get a goodie for free it is fake and should be reported to facebook as spam or worse, depending on the content. If you click on something by mistake, always try to remove it as soon as possible because there might even be trojan horses and other spyware connected to it that infect your computer and if you like sites such as the “free black stallion” you might not be accepted as a neighbor by people because they think your account is spreading spam.6bc82fe8d56b42669ab86e5c5b145acf
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    Don't head over to the market just yet, there aren't many animals in farmville that are actually worth spending coins on and at the start you won't be able to buy those anyway. The first animal that makes any sense buying is the saddleback pig at level 35. The arapawa goat that you can buy at level 55 is not as good, it will cost you 200,000 coins more than the pig and harvests for only 200 coins more. Unlike the pig, it can't be put into a building. But it makes even more sense to buy the largest expansion of your farm and crafting building before you start spending coins on animals if you are looking for fast progress, so they will probably both stay at the market. The ultimate sensible animal you can buy at the market is the belted cow that costs 1 million coins. You can collect 3000 coins from it every day and it can be put into the dairy barn. All the other animals that you can buy for coins are more or less like decorations, they aren't really worth the money you pay for them or the space you put them on. The only exception to this are the golden chicken, Cornish chicken, Scots grey chicken, Rhode Island red chicken and rainbow chicken, but you can't buy those for coins and buying them for farmcash isn't worth it since you can get them for free from mystery eggs from your neighbors. I have never bought a chicken myself but have a super chicken coop full of Rhode Island red and rainbow chickens and lots of scots grey, cornish and golden free range chickens on my farm.
    The pets are basically just expensive decorations too, you will probably never want to use the tricks they can learn to help you on the farm since collecting from animals is a lot easier with farmhands that you find in mystery eggs and on the feed from horse stables all the time. But if you love dogs and really want a pet, just go ahead and enjoy. You should treat yourself to a few things that don't make economic sense now and then if the game becomes more fun for you that way.
    At the start of the game it makes sense to collect at least one of every kind of animal off the feed put it on your farm to collect from it once because in addition to the “animal shelter” ribbons that give you 425 XP and 18,500 coins you can get the “Noah's ark” ribbons that get you another 180 XP and 18,500 coins for collecting from 8 unique animals. This means that they have to be different kinds of animals, they don't have to be very special in any other way (a regular calf and a brown calf will count as two kinds, for example). The “zoologist” ribbons will get you another 425 XP and 18,500 coins, but to get them all you will have to collect from 5000 animals, so before you get to it you might weed out the less productive ones. Animals that make most sense to keep except for the ones that I already mentioned so far are calves, piglets and mini foals. They only take the space of 1/16th of a plot and give you 80 coins a day. If you compare that to the money you can make growing crops on the same plot, you'll find that calves, piglets and mini foals give you an astonishing 53,3 coins per plot per hour, 6 times as much as the most profitable regular crop in the game, forget-me-nots that you unlock at level 90.
    That doesn't mean that you should give up growing crops altogether, though. It wouldn't be possible to fill your whole farm with small animals anyway, since there is a limit of 4000 items that can be placed on any farm, regardless the size. And if you only place small animals on your farm, you'll exceed this limit quite fast if you have the largest expansion. It just means that you should try to collect and keep every calf that your neighbors find on their farm until you get close to the limit. Remember, animals won't give you XP directly. But they will give them to you indirectly. If you spend the money you make from them on expansions that will get you more land to put plots on you will still gain XP faster by keeping profitable animals. And I'm not telling you to sell all the less profitable ones right away either. A lot of animals have additional buildings you can put them into. So don't sell regular foals and horses, cows or chickens right away, because as soon as you put them into the appropriate buildings, they will become more profitable and let you progress faster in the game, too. The same goes for all the animals that can produce collectibles such as chickens and cows, but also sheep, turkeys, swans, ducks and geese. You should always keep enough ducks and geese to produce a few dapple plumes and banded quills for your feather collection. Cats are necessary to get the “cat lady” ribbons and the more you can adopt and find in mystery gifts, the faster you get another 1,400 XP and 18,500 coins for collecting from cats 250 times.
    The animal that sells best at the moment is the strawberry pig that will get you an astonishing 15,000 coins. In order to get one you need a friend to share a black or brown truffle with you or you need to be the first to click on a post from a friend who just got a strawberry pig from the truffle market. Other animals that “sell well” are the white-tailed buck and the black pony, although you should only start selling ponies after you have a fully expanded horse stable full of them. Boer goats, lamas, mouflon sheep and turtles get you 95 coins if you sell them straight away. Foals are even better at 120, but you should not collect rare foals only to sell them. Neighbors who breed haflinger, alien or clydesdale foals have paid lots of farmcash for the horses, probably financed with real money, and expect you to treat their rare foals with care and deserve thanks if you manage to get one. They don't make too much economic sense to keep on your farm since regular foals will take a space of a quarter of a plot, which leaves the turnout at 13,3 coins per plot. This is still 1 and a half times what you get from planting the plot, but then you would get XP, so the normal foals don't break even if you are looking for very fast progress.
    But you might think about keeping rare foals or a few of the other animals just because you like them. Remember, not everything has to be completely efficient until you no longer like it. Maybe a few chinchillas or squirrels are cute?bc6217a0b9d34d2282e902795d2a1b9c
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    Collections and collectibles used to be a very important part of playing farmville since the rewards for the regular collections were so good. All seems to have changed since May 6th 2011. Now collections are only a way to get a few extra XP (50 for level 1, 100 for level 2 and 150 for a level 3 collection) and a way to achieve the “cunning collector” ribbon. Completing 100 collections will get you 1400 additional XP and another 18,500 coins. In addition to the XP you get small coin rewards that go up as you progress in the levels (500 for level 1, 1.000 for level 2 and 1.500 for level 3). There are also small additional rewards that differ from one collection to the next and change as you progress in level. The first additional reward is a consumable like fuel, fertilizer, arborists or additional coins. Further additional rewards are decorations, animals or buildings. I will walk you through all the collections and tell you which collectibles are in them, how to get them and which objects you can get as additional rewards for them. Since the collections are likely to change again, as was hinted when they were released, I will update this as soon as the collections change again.
    From level 10 onwards you may already have noticed that sometimes when you work on your farm in farmville you get a quick message that pops up over your neighbors bar and tells you that you found a fruit bar or another object while harvesting berries for example. If the collectible is uncommon or rare, you will get the chance to share it with your neighbors at once by posting it. You should always do that, since that way maybe they can complete one of their collections, which will give you in turn the chance to pick up one of their collectibles from the feed when they turn it in and share it. You can do that too, as soon as you have a collection completed (it will give you the option to click on the green “turn in” sign or you can get to the collections screen if you click on the collection icon in your menu for achievements, collections and masteries in the middle, at the bottom left-hand corner of your control panel). I know there are some neighborhoods that form in-clubs to share their collections (which can go from alerting friends on chat that you will share a collection up to publishing the collection only to yourself and then copying and sending around the collection link only to a few “best friends”). I can't recommend that. It's unfair to other players and doesn't really make much sense. Imagine everyone did that. No collectibles would be published anymore for all to see. The same goes basically for all the other goodies too. That would effectively mean that you become useless as a neighbor. In a social game it doesn't make much sense to be only social with 5 or 10 friends. Those will soon be the only friends you have in the game.
    It is also friendly to thank people when you get uncommon or rare collectibles from them or the last collectible to finish your collection. You can either thank them in their post or you can add a comment to your collection when you publish it. If you have finished several collections it is also polite to number them so feed hunters will know what to expect (1/3, 2/3, 3/3 for example).
    One general observation on the collections and how to get them first off: You can find any collectible from a collection when your friends share it. It is rumored that you get the rare collectibles if you are the first person to click on it, then the uncommon ones and last the common ones. I can neither confirm nor deny these speculations, but on the whole I think it is chance which collectible you get when you click on a collection, as long as there are any left.
    Uncommon and rare collectibles can be published in addition to collections. You used to be able to find rare collectibles in golden, Cornish, Scots grey, Rhode Island red or rainbow mystery eggs. Uncommon collectibles could be found in the aforementioned eggs and in black mystery eggs and brown and white mystery eggs used to contain common collectibles that can't be gifted. On the day the collections were changed, eggs still gave you the old collectibles and since then the function was discontinued, so you don't get any collectibles from eggs or special deliveries any more.
    According to the official farmville blog, new collectibles can only be received through the feed, or from harvesting actions on the types of animals, crops or trees specified in the collection title, regardless whether these are inside buildings or harvested using consumables such as arborists or farmhands. Greenhouse crops and English countryside crops will also yield appropriate collectibles, as do limited edition crops such as the pink carnations. There is another way to get common collectibles, by asking your friends. You can send out help requests for all the collectibles that you weren't able to find harvesting. There is a preselected group of friends available in the tab if you choose to ask for collectibles. At first the function homed in on non-players, like the pregnant pigs and the snowman. This time you don't have to post on your friends' walls at least, but only send them a request. It is doubtful whether they'll send you things if they have stopped playing though. So now the function seems to have been revised and just selects a large group of random neighbors who you can ask for collectibles.
    I will now go through the new collections one by one and tell you how to get them.
    The first collection is the berries collection and collectibles for it can be found harvesting berries. You don't have to look for them, they just appear in your collection inventory and you get a message over the neighbor's bar if you find one. You need 3 each of the common collectibles, fruit bar, sorbet and preserves, two each of the uncommon collectible dried berries and one rare berry basket to complete the collection and be able to turn it in for a reward. So there is another extra motivation for planting straspberries now. In addition to the new regular aforementioned XP and coin rewards you get a fertilize all for completing the first berries collection, a berry crate for the second one and another decoration, a white cherry blossom tree for level 3.
    The collectibles for the citrus collection can be gathered when you harvest from citrus trees. So it is always a good idea to keep some trees on your farm, not only because they look nice, but also because they yield collectibles. It makes sense to choose profitable trees and put them into orchards. You might find other guides that tell you that you have to harvest your trees by hand without arborists to find collectibles or that you should harvest at least 200 trees at once with arborists while also harvesting one by hand to get the most collectibles. Zynga have put an end to all the rumors now, stating that regardless of the use of buildings or consumables, your chances of finding collectibles will be the same for all the harvesting actions. Citrus trees are not the most profitable trees though. But if you want to master trees, it may make some sense to get a few appropriate trees from the market, for example when you do the tree quest for the English countryside anyway, and put them all into an orchard that you harvest separately once you have the number of trees that you want. I always delete mystery seedlings from that orchard and don't grow them up, since that would be a waste of watering cans to me. The citrus collection needs 3 each of the common bubble gum, juicer and sherbet, two uncommon fruit wedges and one rare citrus peel to complete. Level 1 gives you arborists, level 2 the citrus arch and level 3 the zesty pony that can have zesty foals if there is a stallion in your stable.
    The third collection is the cows collection, so it makes sense to keep 5 fully expanded dairy barns full of cows on each or your farms to get the collectibles. You need 3 each of the common cowbells, milking buckets and milking stools, 2 uncommon milk bottles and one rare “more cowbells”. For turning in a level one collection you get additional fuel, level 2 gives you a flower cow topiary and in level 3 you get the rainbow cow that may have rainbow calves once you put her into a dairy barn with a bull and harvest that.
    You gather collectibles for the flowers collection when you harvest any flower crop. To complete it you need 3 each of the common corsage, hummingbird and dried petals, 2 uncommon butterflies and one rare pollen. For level 1 you get additional coins, level 2 gives you a flower basket and level 3 brings you a flowery cow that is also breedable in your dairy barn.
    The grains collection can be gathered from harvesting grain crops and you need 3 each of the common grindstone, scythe and bran, 2 uncommon chaff and one rare flour to complete it. In level one you get additional coins, level 2 gives you the wheat scarecrow and level 3 a building, the spring water mill.
    The last collection is the squash collection that can be gathered from harvesting any squash crops. It consists of 3 each of the common pumpkin seeds, stuffed pasta and decorative gourds, 2 uncommon yerba mate and one rare sitar. Arborists are your additional reward for completing a level 1 collection, level 2 gets you a gourd gnome and level 3 will give you a pig pumpkin.
    To sum up, the new collections have continued the trend seen in the former limited collections. They are buyable with farmcash, give you mainly decorations instead of fuel, coins and XP and they will stay for a limited time only and then change, putting players under pressure to farm a lot or spend farmcash if they want to complete all the levels in time. At first they look like a much worse deal than permanent collections before. This is especially disappointing when you consider that it is possible to buy the collectibles using Farmcash. If you buy any collection instead of finding the collectibles each of the level 1 collections costs you 16 farmcash (1 farmcash for each common collectible, 2 for the uncommon ones and 3 for a rare one). If you want the achievement you may rather want to plant fitting crops while they last and get the appropriate animals and trees.
    There is one positive side to the new collections, however: if you manage to get collections again and again beyond level 3 they will loop, continuing to yield more coins and XP for the higher levels. You will need more and more collectibles to complete them though. But it is still possible to receive a lot of additional XP and coins from collections and if you put a lot of time and effort into it you can even get them up beyond the point that used to be the regular reward for collections.1e578452b6f44256b225f557138605dd
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    The achievements in farmville are a very important part of the game if you want to progress fast and one that many players overlook. In the parts on neighbors, crops, animals and collections I have already mentioned some of the ribbons you can collect in the game and how much XP and coins you can get for completing the achievement. There are always four ribbons that are part of each of the achievements, yellow, white, red and blue. The demands for the ribbons rise as you progress, so the blue ribbon is the hardest to achieve. The rewards vary for each of the ribbons, from merely 425 XP and no coins for the pretty garden, to 1,850 XP and 18,000 coins for the architect ribbons. Sometimes you will get additional animals, trees, decorations and bunches of flowers, too.
    There are some achievements that you will complete without doing anything but your daily tasks at your farm. These are the “high roller”, the “pretty penny” and the “cream of the crop” achievements, for example. You will always try to make the best profit on your farm so the “high roller” ribbons are inevitable as you make money by harvesting ripe crops, animals and trees. The “pretty penny” is the achievement for spending the coins again but since all the things you can buy for money are at the market there is nothing really special about that either. Just don't fritter too much money away on unproductive things at the start since buying the expansions that will make your farm a lot more productive already costs a lot more than the money you need to spend to get this achievement. “Cream of the crop” is also straightforward, you get it for harvesting the first 25,000 plants.
    The “Knock on wood” and the “Zoologist” ribbon on the next page are connected to harvesting 5,000 trees and animals. Since those will take some time, you should choose mostly more profitable kinds that harvest quite often to achieve those fast. The “architect” achievement to own 30 buildings and place them on your farm will be covered in more detail when I discuss buildings, you might be able to achieve it with a few functional and otherwise with free buildings you find in mystery eggs. You should not attempt the main part of it before level 16, when you can build the storage cellar that will let you store some of the buildings you might like to keep for later. There is no need to buy buildings just for this achievement. The “pack rat” achievement under it is also best left until you have some room in your storage cellar if you can keep the decorations you get from mystery eggs and mystery gifts in your gift-box long enough.
    The next achievement I haven't mentioned in any of the other parts yet is the “tree hugger” achievement. You get a total of 180 XP and 18,000 coins and 4 trees for harvesting 15 different kinds of trees. So it makes sense to try to collect different trees right from the start, even if they aren't very profitable by themselves. As soon as you have harvested the less profitable kinds once or, if you don't want to have to keep a list what you already had, keep one each of the trees until you have your blue ribbon, it shouldn't take very long and remember not to buy unprofitable trees just for this. With the many different kinds of trees you can gift and find in mystery gifts and on the feed you should be able to get this without having to buy trees at all.
    The “not spoilt, gifted” achievement is relatively easy to get by keeping gifts you receive in your gift-box at first. You need 21 different gifts in your gift-box at the same time for the blue ribbon. With 50 or more neighbors it is possible to get this one on your first or second day in the game, just accept all the gifts you get and leave them in your box until you have 21 different ones. You will get another 18,000 coins and 180 XP for this and 4 decorations, one for each ribbon you get.
    Flower power, vegetable virtuoso and foremost fruit farmer are awarded for harvesting your first 10,000 flowers, vegetables and fruits. You will probably get the fruit farmer achievement first if you concentrate on growing lots of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries whenever you have the time. For flowers and vegetables it is also worth looking at crops for special events that don't take long to grow and might also give you more coins and/or XP than the regular ones. You receive another 18,500 Coins and 1,400 XP for each of these achievements, it is not worth it to grow unprofitable crops just to get these achievements faster, though. You will eventually get them anyway and with the co-ops later there are many opportunities to grow more vegetables and flowers and get additional rewards. All the ribbons from here onwards get you the same reward if I don't mention anything else.
    King of Compost is an achievement for harvesting 600 fertilized crops. You can't influence it directly because you can't make your neighbors come and fertilize but if you have chosen 50 active neighbors they should come round to your farm now and then to fertilize. In addition to that you can get a “fertilize all” as a reward for visiting neighbors or pick one up on the feed when someone is sharing. As soon as you have a beehive complete with 200 bees you will also get a free “fertilize all” about every three days from that so you can fertilize your crops yourself when they are ready to harvest and haven't been fertilized much. You get 1,175 XP and the usual 18,500 coins for this achievement.
    They of mystery is connected to buying 30 mystery boxes at the market, so it might be the one achievement that you don't get at all if you don't want to spend real money on playing farmville. I got mine from the harvest surprise gifts that were part of the thanksgiving event. You can look out for events that give you boxed presents, maybe they will count for this as well. What I did do before that was buy 2 mystery crates when a white stallion was in them. I got mine in the second crate and it counted for the first ribbon. You may also consider buying a few mystery boxes when they give you an animal or object that you really want if you have enough free farmcash from leveling up.
    The “Fenced in” and “Baled out” ribbons are awarded for placing 250 fences and haybales on your farm. It is worth doing as soon as you can spare the money after having expanded your farm and crafting building to the biggest size possible. There are screencasts that will tell you to place lots of haybales on your farm and sell them again to level fast, which is not efficient any longer since you can spend your money on large expansions and useful animals such as the saddleback pigs and the belted cows now. Nevertheless the additional reward for the first 250 haybales makes placing them once a good idea. It's up to you whether you want to just get it over with and place 250 regular haybales only for the achievement and sell them right after you got it or whether you use colored haybales to design a flag, cartoon character or landscape on your farm. There are lots of great ideas in the landscaping section of the official forum and also groups on facebook dedicated to this, so you might want to look around before you decide what to do. Placing the fences isn't really worth it if you buy them just for the ribbon, but you may get together with a few neighbors who also need the ribbon and exchange fences as gifts in order to get enough. You can either use the storage cellar to keep them until you need them or leave them on the request page for up to two weeks before you accept them if you don't want them to clutter up your gift box. At the moment the best free fence to get the ribbon is the black iron fence since it will sell for 30 coins afterwards. Whitewash and picket fence only get you 15 coins each.
    The “Lord of the plow” and “Need for seed” ribbons are connected to using vehicles to plow and seed 10,000 plots. Thus the tractor and seeder are probably the first vehicles you want to get for your farm. I'm going to get back to this in the section on buildings, vehicles and Co-op farming.
    The “Cracked” achievement is for opening 150 mystery eggs so you should get it quite fast if you feed your neighbors' chickens every day. The “cat lady” ribbon was already mentioned in the animal section, you get it for brushing 250 cats so at the start try to adopt every kitty and keep the ones you find in mystery gifts until you have completed this achievement.
    “Egg-cellent discovery”, “Horse power”, “Gearhead” and “Bountiful Beekeeper” are only achievable with your own chicken coop, horse stable, garage and beehive and will be discussed in more detail in the buildings section. You need to find 100 eggs or items to get them or upgrade vehicles 30 times. The “Bountiful Beekeeper” and Gearhead achievement are different from the other two in that you get only 425 XP.
    The cunning collector achievement is for completing 100 collections. You will find more on this in the section on collections.
    There are 3 achievements each connected to co-op farming and to crafting. They will also be explained in the sections on these topics.
    The third to last achievement is one that you don't need to get in a hurry, the “Style maven” ribbons are awarded for buying 40 clothing items. Since that many will cost you farmcash as well as large amounts of coins, this is one ribbon to approach with care. Buying clothes you like for your character and wearing them is one thing, it makes sense if it makes the game more enjoyable for you. But spending huge amounts of money on clothes only to get this achievement completed doesn't make much sense, if you buy other useful items you'll get XP and money faster. The last achievement makes a lot more sense to get fast, since you won't have to spend any money to get it. “Looking Fresh” is awarded for changing your avatar's clothes once a day twenty times (not necessarily in a row). I started changing shoes first but since they are less visible it's harder to keep track so I switched to changing shirts, which will probably remind you of changing it if you choose a color you usually wouldn't like while you're away.
    I hope you have found some ideas on what to do to get the achievements you still need here.5d2ba33aac82493484dbc2056eb1cf60
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    Expansions are your ticket to success in farmville at first. When you start playing the game, the space on your farm will hold up to 12*12 plots. You should try to upgrade your farm as soon as you have enough spare coins. For only 10,000 you can get the homestead that can take up to 14*14 plots. You have to get the upgrades in order. You can't jump ahead to an even larger upgrade, you have to buy the next size first. The neighbor requirements shouldn't be a problem since you already have enough neighbors for up to 28*28 plots if you got the 50 I recommended right at the start. You can also pay for upgrades with farmcash if you want to spend real money on the game or have enough from leveling up and using promotions. The cheapest largest expansion you can buy with farmcash is the Plantation that will give you 20*20 plots but still only costs 20 farmcash like the smaller expansions before, the ones after that cost more farmcash the larger the size.
    You should also keep in mind to keep some money back to pay for the extra plots that have to be plowed and seeded too. Always plow and seed the available plots before you expand, otherwise you might spend the money on an upgrade by mistake and not have enough left to pay for planting (I speak from bad experience ;-) ).
    If you have trapped your farmer in the middle, you will have to change the place where you trap him after you have upgraded because he will move one plot to the front and one to the left every time your farm becomes bigger.
    As your farm grows, you can start thinking about using machines to farm. Older guides might tell you that you should always farm by hand, but they were written when you could only have up to 400 plots. With the latest expansions you can have up to 784 plots, even if you trap your farmer they will take about an hour to work on without vehicles. And I can't imagine that it's fun to click 2352 times to harvest, plow and plant them every time. Check out the part on vehicles if you want to learn more about that.
    You can also afford to lose a few plots to functional buildings as your farm grows. And of course you get more space for some decorations that you want to display as well.

    Since the topic “expansions” didn't take too long, I'd like to give you a quick look at a less fun topic, problems in the game. Pretending farmville is perfect will only work until you try it yourself, there are always errors and it is only natural the the problems occur especially with new releases. So I think it's worth taking a quick look at, I hope to give you some advice that will make playing more enjoyable, if only because you will be prepared for problems and not get too frustrated by them or I can give you a few hints what to do and what to avoid if problems occur.
    One very common error and one that I have to deal with frequently is the “out of sync” error, OOS for short, if you read discussions about it. That means that what you're doing now probably won't be saved but you still have to reload the page and load the game again. It gets frustrating if it happens several times in a row, so here are some hints what you can do to avoid causing them yourself: if you tend to get out of sync errors, turn off the bots while you work on your farm and don't pick up goodies from the feed manually either, because the server will get different information from your open farm than from the newly-collected stuff. Sometimes the out of sync errors happen a lot during planting or harvesting new or limited edition crops, so you can avoid growing those for a day, for example, until the problems get fixed.
    Actually most problems get dealt with by zynga quite fast, but for some of the problems there just isn't an easy solution, so some of them also take some time to fix. If you run into a problem and become annoyed, it is always a good idea to check in the bug section of the forum whether other players experience the same problem, often you can find workarounds there. That means that you can still play but might have to do something differently than you normally would in order to be able to do what you want to do. If your problem can't be found in the bug section, it is always good to look in the user support section, too, because sometimes things you might think are a bug are just different from what you expect. If something goes wrong it is always a good idea to publish your problem and comment in the user support or bug section. Of course you can also ask your neighbors for help on your status or by message or chat. What does not help to fix a problem, though, is venting your anger and frustration on your status, since zynga will never know about it. You might come to think of farmville as one of your favorite games and since you gave the game all sorts of permissions to post to your wall and so on you might think that the makers of farmville can read your status just like your friends can. That is not the case. So it may help you to vent your frustration if you put problems on your status and call for zynga to fix them, but they will never know about it. It's just the same as posting negative comments about new items on fan pages. Many users seem to believe that they will be read by someone in charge of farmville. Don't count on that. If you want something changed, write on the forum, there you can also get feedback from other users who might be able to tell you what they do to deal with the problem. You can also write to farmville's customer support if you have a problem with missing items that only concerns your account.
    Six easy ways to solve problems yourself are changing from facebook to or vice vera, closing and re-opening your browser, shutting down and restarting your computer, changing your web browser, updating your flash player and clearing your browser cache. Sometimes there are problems that only hit facebook or, so changing from one to the other if you have a problem might already fix it. Since some problems may only occur once because something has gone wrong during that browsing session, an easy quick fix is always to close and re-open your browser. If the problem persists, you can also re-start your computer, maybe the computer will also try to make updates at re-start that will fix the problem. Sometimes problems occur because your browser isn't up to date or too new, so switching to a different browser may solve a problem that has arisen after a browser or farmville upgrade. Flash player upgrades sometimes cause problems with farmville but sometimes your flash player is too old for new features to work so getting an upgrade about a week after the release when nothing has gone wrong for other users who use it is a smart move. Sometimes problems are connected to what your browser has downloaded from farmville earlier and new things that have just been introduced, so deleting things your browser has stored helps to solve those problems. You can just go to “clear recent history” in firefox in the tools section and then choose “time range” everything and if you click on details you should uncheck the site preferences, everything else should be cleared by clicking on “clear now”.
    I hope you won't run into too many problems in farmville. If you do, it's always good if you can just wait for a day for things to be fixed if there is a general problem. If that is the case, wither is usually turned off until the problem is fixed.4e09f2f8afed48c6ab18c14e35f01146
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    The greenhouse frame only costs 5 coins, so it is worth getting it as soon as possible in farmville because the completed greenhouse will allow you to mix seeds into hybrid crops that will give you up to 3 times as many coins and twice the XP of regular crops. It will take the space of 35 calves, a little more than 2 plots, but the seeds you can create there are worth the small loss in space. Since the greenhouse is a constructable building, 5 coins only get you the frame. To finish the first version of the greenhouse that allows you the space of one tray to mix 50 seeds you need to put 4 bricks, 4 wooden boards and 4 nails inside. So you might want to collect building materials for it on the feed and also ask your friends for additional materials right from the greenhouse building site. As soon as you have bought the greenhouse frame, you can publish that you are building a greenhouse. The first 10 neighbors to click onto the link can get 100 coins each for sending materials to you. You can drop the building materials from your gift-box onto the building site by clicking “use” on the building material in your gift-box. When you finish one type of building material (you have dropped all 4 on the building site) you get a message that you can share with your friends and publishing this will give the building material you have finished to them. Next you can expand your greenhouse to medium size which costs 15 each of the basic building materials bricks, wooden boards and nails and will give you another 3 trays to mix seeds in. The largest size costs another 20 of each of the building materials and gives you 4 more seed mixing trays, so the maximum number of trays you can have is 8. Once you mix seeds in them, the pop-up will tell you whether they make sense. You only pay for mixtures that will give you a hybrid crop, if you make a mistake such as mixing the wrong plants, the seeds are taken out and you don't have to pay but you can try again with something else. Once a mixture is completed, it takes 3 days for the seeds to mature. You can speed up the process by paying farmcash, which I don't recommend, or by asking friends for help. You can ask more than the three friends you need to speed up the process to instant maturity of the seeds, though. Friends who click on your greenhouse when they visit your farm get 5 random seeds they can publish and allow friends to collect 20 seeds of the kind and they count as neighbors helping to speed up the growth of your seeds as well.
    Which hybrid seeds are best? If you want to get ahead fast, gain lots of XP and make lots of money, straspberry (a hybrid of raspberry and strawberry seeds) and purple tomatoes (mixing blueberries and tomatoes) are the way to go. Straspberries look a shade darker than raspberries, grow on plants that look like strawberry plants and they harvest in 2 hours like raspberries. They give you 2 XP when you plant them and 23 coins per hour if you make the seeds in the greenhouse. If you pick up free seeds from your neighbors on the feed or at their greenhouses when you visit, you even get a profit of 38 coins per hour! Purple tomatoes are even better if you mainly need more money and they grow for 4 hours. You also get 2 XP when you plant them and they hourly profit is 32,25 coins from seeds you payed for and mixed yourself and 64,75 coins per hour from free seeds from friends, the first crop that gives you more profit per hour than calves. But you have to come back every 4 hours and have enough seeds to plant, so on the whole calves are still a little better to make more money in the long run (unless you want to spend lots and lots of real cash).
    But it's definitely worth mixing and growing straspberries and purple tomatoes as often as you can to master them. Once you have mastered them, the seeds will become available in the market and the cost is 10 coins lower than for seeds you mix yourself, so those will become the most important crops to get ahead fast.
    The other hybrid crops are better than the crops they come from, but since they come from crops with low profit to begin with, that doesn't say much. Most of them get you more coins and XP than regular crops that grow for the same period of time though and if you can pick them up for free, they will always give you more profit than ordinary crops.
    By far the best hybrid crop for 12 hours are long onions (a hybrid of onions and leek that looks similar to leek with purple stems), they give you 3 XP when you plant them and the profit is 19,5 coins an hour if you make them yourself or even 40,8 coins if you can get them for free. Fire pepper (a hybrid of peppers and jalapenos) also grows for 12 hours and gives you 3 XP when you plant it, but the profit is only 12,25 when you mix it yourself or 23,9 when you can get the seeds for free. Double grain (a hybrid of wheat and rice) only gives you 2 XP when you plant it and a mere 8,7 coins an hour if you mix it yourself. Free double grain seeds give you 12,7 coins an hour, so collecting them makes sense.
    Red spinach grows for 14 hours like spinach and rhubarb gives it the red color. Mixing it yourself doesn't make much sense, you get 3 XP when you plant it and merely 10,7 coins per hour, so even fire pepper would be more profitable, but if you want to master all the crops and pick up free seeds you make 17,1 coins an hour.
    Squmpkins, a mixture of squash and pumpkins that grow for 16 hours, give you 3 XP when you plant them but only 7,75 coins per hour if you mix them yourself. If you pick them up from neighbors for free you'll get 11,5 coins per hour. Lilac daffy (which consist of lilac and daffodils) that also grows for 16 hours gives you 3 XP as well, if you make the seeds yourself they are worse than squmpkins though and only pay 7,5 coins an hour, less than regular aspargus. But if you get the seeds for free they become better than squmpkins, you can make 12,8 coins per hour planting them.
    Whisky peat is a mixture of rye and corn and grows for a day. You get 3 XP when you plant it and you make 16 coins an hour if it is your own mixture. If you get the seeds for free, whisky peat becomes even better at 27,7 coins per hour. Sun poppies, a hybrid of sunflowers and golden poppies grows for a day and gives you the same XP as whisky peat, but the profit is lower. Mixing them yourself makes no sense, you only earn 11 coins an hour and keep your seed tray busy with a bad alternative, but if you pick them up for free they will at least give you 18,3 coins an hour.
    Once you have mixed or planted the first batch of one kind of hybrid crop, you can also create more of the same by clicking on seed genealogy at the top of the greenhouse. When you click on the hybrid you can see which crops combine to which hybrid crops and how much they cost. You can then make more of the same by clicking on the green bar under the crops.
    On the right there is a new ranking that will show you how many hybrid crops your neighbors and you have harvested already. If you want to get ahead fast, try to get to the top there.
    So is the greenhouse worth building? Definitely if you want to progress fast. Is it worth expanding? Definitely if you want to make the most of your space and use the trays to make seeds that you use regularly. Right now it looks like you can use the seeds after you've mastered the hybrids from the market without having a greenhouse. But indirectly the greenhouse will even then provide you with free additional seeds – the ones your neighbors find at your greenhouse and publish for you to collect. And who knows, maybe there will be even more hybrid seeds in the future? At the moment they are a sweet deal.6a9216ba705242a09c18c27624966d59
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    The next building you will probably want to buy in farmville is the animal trough. It takes the same space as 36 calves, costs only one coin, can be bought at the market from level 1 and has the function to attract wandering animals to your farm so you can adopt them. You have to fill your animal trough with 20 scoops of animal feed to make it ready to attract animals. You can receive feed from your neighbors when they visit, when you fill their troughs visiting them, collect it off the feed or ask for more on the feed. A new animal appears within 24 hours of filling your trough. If you don't come back to your farm in time to collect it, it will leave the trough again. This loses you the chance to adopt it and 2 scoops of feed. Once you have found a wandering animal, the building shows the pink “ready” cone and all the feed is consumed. You can then take the animal out of the trough by clicking on it and publish the event so your neighbors can collect animals, too. To attract another animal you need to re-fill your trough.
    The second functional building in farmville was the chicken coop, allowing you to store 20 of your chickens inside and harvest them with one click. Since the coop takes the same space as 15 chickens, it makes sense to buy one once you have 15 or more chickens and can spare the 5,000 coins it costs. Since you should try to expand your farm at first, you will probably buy the coop and other buildings about after you have expanded your farm to the Plantation with 20x20 plots. After that expanding becomes harder and takes longer because the coins required to expand increase considerably. After you have placed your chickens in the coop you will notice that it has the option to expand the coop inside. You can ask 10 friends to help with this by publishing it and they will receive coins for clicking on the link, helping you expand your coop to the size “big” that holds 40 chickens, and three times more up to the size “super” that holds 100 chickens. Only when you have a full super coop does it make sense to sell chickens you find in eggs. The more chickens there are in your coop, the higher the chance to find mystery eggs inside. So always keep your coop full when you leave your farm. Don't take out chickens with a lower level unless you replace them by chickens of a higher level. Some neighbors of mine have taken out more than half of their chickens, because they think they aren't special enough to get the really good mystery eggs. This is not sensible. If you take out chickens, the chance to find mystery eggs at all decreases for you and your neighbors. It's always better to find a regular white mystery egg that might contain XP or a collectible than no egg at all. For the “Egg-cellent discovery” achievement you have to find 100 eggs in your own chicken coop. This will give you 1,400 XP and 18,500 coins, so using a chicken coop also makes lots of sense if you want to gain XP fast.
    The first functional building in the game was the dairy farm that you can use to store and harvest cows. A regular dairy farm costs 10,000 and can hold up to 20 cows or 19 cows and one bull. Since the bull will give you a lot more coins than the cows at first it makes sense to put it into the dairy farm as soon as you can. The dairy farm takes the same space as 7,5 cows so as soon as you have a bull and 7 cows and can spare the 10,000 coins it costs it makes sense to buy one. You will also notice that the diary farm can be expanded to hold 30 cows when it is “big” and 40 when it is “huge”. The expansion works the same way as expanding your chicken coop. Just publish the message that you need the help of 10 neighbors and the first 10 people to click on it will receive coins for helping with your barn raising. The dairy farm can also be used for breeding calves if a bull is inside.
    Another building for animals that is also constructable is the horse stable. It takes the same space as 15,75 horses or ponies and can also be used for breeding foals if a stallion is in the stable. Since you have to build the stable before your horses can move in, you might want to collect building materials for it beforehand. You need 10 each of nails, bricks, wooden boards, horseshoes and harnesses to finish the basic version. Once your stable is finished your friends can pick up a foal. You can harvest horses in the stable every day instead of every three days when they are outside. It is also possible that you find a foal, XP, arborists or farmhands in the stable when you harvest it and a stallion is inside. There are sometimes stallions in the mystery boxes at the market, but the regular and free way to get a stallion is by picking up a wandering stallion from your neighbors' feed and putting it into your stable for the night. This will also give you an additional 80 coins for harvesting the stallion when you collect from the stable.
    When you have moved your horses into the stable you will see the option to expand the stable. In order to increase the storage by 5 horses you will need 10 of each of the building materials again to expand. There are 4 expansions until the horse stable can hold up to 40 horses. It becomes more likely to find things in your stable as it gets bigger. So expanding your horse stable makes lots of economic sense and increases your chance to find things in your stable, getting you closer to the “Horse power” achievement. For 100 items you find in your horse stable you will get 1,400 XP and 18,500 coins.
    The beehive is also constructable and requires a queen bee before you can put any bees into it. To complete the building you need 5 times 10 each of the building materials, nails, bricks, wooden boards, beeswax and smokers. Since it takes the space of one plot and can be harvested for 600 coins when there are 200 bees inside, the beehive is quite profitable and you can get a free “fertilize all” about once every three days which gets you additional XP for each one of your plots that hasn't been fertilized before. In addition to that bees can pollinate seeds which gets you 100 XP and the seeds are marked as pollinated in the market for 2 days. They are more likely to produce bushels when you harvest them and are more resistant, taking a little bit longer before they wither. The queen bee can take some time to find, but I still recommend you try to get it for free instead of paying farmcash for it. The queen bee will be more likely to be found on your own flowers when you harvest them or in neighbors' flowers when you fertilize them. Sometimes you will also see queen bees on the feed that friends have found and share. Once you have found your queen bee you can share it too, you can even find more than one to help your friends. Some players have reported that their game has slowed down while they still needed their queen bee, because of the extra calculations that the server runs while you harvest and fertilize. This has put some people off beehives altogether. I still think they are worth a little trouble and have been spared big issues because of the beehive myself. I recommend you try it for yourself. There is even an achievement connected to the beehive now, the “bountiful beekeeper”. Finding the first 100 fertilizer bags in your beehive gets you 425 XP and 18,500 coins altogether.d37ab0ba836d48e6bf21135303bf7229
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    There are no achievements connected to the nursery barn, duck pond and pig pen yet, but they make sense to build and use in farmville nevertheless. The nursery barn takes the same space as the horse stable so you might not want to cram it full of calves since they would only take a third of the space to keep normally. But you can use the nursery barn to grow calves and foals into new breeds. All pony foals will grow up into light blue ponies, percheron, clydesdale and cream draft foals will grow into cream draft horses, mini foals will become cream mini horses and all the other foals grow up into black horses that can be harvested for 84 coins. Calves can grow up into Holstein cows or chocolate cows. Most calves grow up into Holstein cows that can be harvested for 12 coins, which isn't a lot when you consider that you can also find brown, longhorn and groovy cows that can be harvested for that or pink cows that give you 18. Fan, kelly green, Neapolitan, Simmental, pink patch, green and pink calves will grow up into chocolate cows though that can be harvested for 80 coins and put in the dairy farm. I always use pink calves to grow up into chocolate cows since they are by far the most common of the rarer calves. The nursery barn needs 10 each of 5 building materials to build, bricks, wooden boards, nails, blankets and bottles. It can be expanded with the same building materials too, you need 10 of each of the materials again for the first and second expansions, which will each give you room for 10 additional baby animals, up to 40 in total.
    The duck pond is constructable as well and can hold 20 ducks or swans, 5 of which are put on display on it, looking like they swim. The pond takes as much space as 36 ducks but it can be harvested every day so it is a good source for collectibles (dapple plume from ducks and banded quill from swans), coins and ducklings. Constructing the duck pond requires 5,000 coins for the building site and 20 watering cans and 20 times 2 shovels. If you fill the pond with 10 swans and 10 ducks for example, you will make 23,1 coins per plot per hour, not counting in the money and XP for completing additional collections.
    The pig pen takes the same space as 42 pigs and it can be expanded twice to hold up to 40 pigs. The pigs can be harvested every day instead of every other day outside the pen as well. Putting piglets into the pen is possible but doesn't make much sense at first glance since they can be harvested every day outside anyway. But since they can find black truffles that are most likely to give you a strawberry pig as a reward that sells for 15,000 coins, I put them into mine. The pigs that really make sense in the pig pen in my opinion are saddleback pigs. As soon as you have saddleback pigs inside, the pig pen gets you twice the profit without spending more money since you can harvest them every day. The truffle hunt function can be used every other day and you need to feed your pigs slop to make them hunt. You can make the slop yourself from bushels at your market stall that you don't need any more. You needn't buy slop at the market for farmcash since you can also pick up bushels from friends to make slop if you don't have any spare bushels yourself. You can also get extra slop from the feed if your friends publish it. To find better truffles than brown ones you need to use farmcash pigs from the market or piglets and saddleback pigs or pig pen reward pigs that are special such as strawberry pigs. White, hot pink and pot belly pigs find white or gold truffles that will get you more coins or fuel, but the most valuable reward, strawberry pigs, only come from brown and black truffles, so you needn't put the pigs that find other truffles into you pig pen. You can only find truffles at your friends' farms and publish the truffles for them on their wall, you can't keep the truffles yourself. But you can pick up pigs as rewards when your friends use the truffles to get them and you can get truffles posted by your friends on your wall. Since you can get those from your neighbors' truffle hunts as well, you don't have to build your own pig pen in a hurry. But if you get one strawberry pig from each truffle hunt from the brown or black truffles your neighbors send back to you, you can sell it and make 119 coins an hour per plot your pig pen covers, just by selling that one pig, that is a rather good deal.
    The storage cellar makes sense as well: It only takes the space of 4 chickens and can be placed along the edge of your farm, or next to your farmer to trap it, not taking away any space to grow crops. You have to be at least level 16 to buy it. It costs only 1 coin and can store up to 500 objects when it is fully expanded. The cellar becomes larger as you add shovels and you can redeem points for goodies. This is one of the ways to get a free tractor. The old tractor you can get from the cellar will plow 4 plots just like a regular tractor that you buy at the market. It won't cost you money unless you buy shovels for farmcash. But that's not necessary. You can ask your friends to send you shovels and they will get good rewards such as 1,000 coins, 20 XP, fuel or a mystery gift. Once you place the storage cellar, it can never be removed from your farm. You can of course move it around, but it is a permanent addition.
    One more building that I will also mention in the next section on vehicles is the garage. It can be built using the regular building materials, bricks, boards and nails and it can hold your vehicles once it is completed. Its main purpose is upgrading your vehicles though, in my opinion. Before garages were introduced the only way to get vehicles to farm more than 4 plots at once was receiving better ones as rewards for co-ops or buying hot rod vehicles at the market for 55 farmcash each. Now you can upgrade all your tractors, seeders and harvesters in the garage to cover up to 16 plots at once. There even is an achievement connected to this. Upgrading vehicles 30 times will get you another 1,400 XP and 18,500 coins. The garage can hold up to 20 vehicles and can be bought at level 22. At level 26 your regular vehicles can be fully upgraded. The combine that lets you harvest, plow and plant with one click is available from level 31 and can be fully upgraded at level 41. You can ask your neighbors to send you vehicle parts for them and collect them on the feed.
    All the other buildings except for the orchards, market stalls and crafting buildings that I will discuss separately are for decorative purposes only, in my opinion. Even the garden shed that comes with 10 perfect bunches of flowers and lets you collect 30 inside before you place them on your farm is not necessary to get the “Pretty Garden” achievement, you can get that easily by collecting bunches off the feed. Before saddleback pigs and belted cows were introduced, buying and selling villas was on of the “secrets” how to progress fast in the game without too much extra work. Now buildings have lost that function since there are much more expensive expansions that will also give you more space for plots and buildings and the pigs and cows will get you additional coins.
    The architect achievement is awarded for placing 30 buildings on your farm and gets you another 1,400 XP and 18,500 coins. After you get the blue ribbon, you are free to remove the ones you don't really need, of course. So it makes sense to wait until you get the storage cellar at level 16 to be able to store the buildings you might want to keep for later. But functional buildings can't be stored, neither can villas, tool sheds or barns. Lots of the farms in my neighborhood have several “useless” buildings, just so they look nice. You should go with what you think is right for you there.bda1e4d363a342b3ad9601b8ed898b3d
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    It makes sense to start farming with vehicles after you have reached about level 16 in farmville and your farm has expanded to the plantation with 20x20 plots. As I have already mentioned in the section on other functional buildings (9.3), you can get a free tractor from your storage cellar so there is no need to rush off to the market to buy one. Since you can also get a free seeder from one of the co-op missions the other vehicle that makes sense and that you have to buy if you can't get it for free is the harvester. I got one from a mystery gift, but I guess the chances of that happening are really slim. There are also achievements connected to using the tractor to plow and the seeder to plant so you might want to start using those when you have them. If you go through the fuel you have too quickly plowing and planting more than 3 times a day, you can check out the fuel section of the guide to see whether you really do everything to get all the free fuel you can. Spending farmcash on fuel is a total waste of money in my opinion.
    When you reach level 22 you can build the garage and upgrade your vehicles. Since you can upgrade all your vehicles, it doesn't make sense to spend farmcash on hot rod vehicles, either. Check the buildings section for more info about this and the gearhead achievement.
    The ultimate farming vehicle is the combine that will harvest, plow and seed the plots you select in one go. It costs a hefty 500,000 coins to buy a frame at the market that you have to put on your farm before you can move it into your garage. You can put 39 vehicle parts onto the frame (the first one of 40 is included) to finish the smallest version of you combine that will only work on 2x2 plots. Using 6, 15, 30 and 45 vehicle parts in addition to that in the garage will upgrade your combine to work on 4x4 plots at a time, speeding up farming considerably and also helping you with co-op jobs that you pre-seeded quite a bit. I recommend you get one after expanding your farm to 24x24 plots, since it costs the same as the mighty plantation expansion. Working with the combine the grand plantation will soon be yours.
    The plane can't be put into the garage, but since you need farmcash to fly it after the first free run, I can't recommend using it. I have managed without it after the first and only flight. If you want to buy experience with real money, this is the way, but be warned, it doesn't come cheap. Instantly growing 784 plots of electric lilies that get you the most experience costs 18 farmcash at the moment. This would get you an additional 3920 XP. The coin way to buy XP is more work and it makes no sense to me, but you could also “buy” XP at the rate of 10 coins per XP if you plant soybeans (which will cost you 15 coins for planting and 15 for plowing) and then delete the plots. I only did that with about 100 plots once when I wanted to re-arrange my farm and had pre-planted soybeans for a co-op that had already finished. So I definitely can't recommend this as a regular way to get XP, but it is widely known as the “soybean delete method” of leveling up fast. I can't imagine it's fun and I'd recommend spending your coins rather on expansions, saddleback pigs or belted cows.
    Decorations are also connected to an achievement. The pack rat ribbons are awarded for placing up to 250 decorations on your farm at the same time. There is no extra money in this but you can get 425 XP and 4 decorations as rewards for the ribbons. It makes sense to wait at least until you have a storage cellar at level 16 before you start cluttering your farm with decorations. Since the fenced in and baled out ribbons already need 250 decorations in the form of haybales and fences there is no reason to buy decorations just to get the pack rat ribbons. Of course you might like some of the decorations because they look nice and want to keep them on your farm. As long as you still have enough room for lots of plots I think that is perfectly fine, since you should like the game the way you play it. It doesn't make much sense to have 784 plots and hate the way the farm looks and think it's too much work to play anymore. This is my final advice at the end of the first part of the guide: if you feel that the game isn't enough fun for you to play, change something about the way you play it. When I had reached level 30 and my farm was expanded to 22x22 plots I realized that farming all those plots by hand certainly wasn't for me. So I turned almost half my farm into an animal and landscape farm with tons of haybales and fences. When I had reached level 40 I completely rearranged my farm again, moving buildings, animals and the haybales around until I had a small farmtown and space for some more plots. After rearranging another way I realized that I really wanted more plots for co-ops and to be able to master crops faster. So I changed it again. There is no reason to stick with the way your farm is laid out if you don't like it. I have seen huge fields of plots abandoned by players who thought that playing was too much work and that they didn't have enough time to play the game anymore. If you don't have as much time, it perfectly ok to plant and harvest only once a day or only every other day and not visit your neighbors if you can't make it. I only told you what you can do to get ahead faster if you have enough time. I hope you have a great time playing farmville, see you again in the second part of the guide!8869530aead84add8d44d4e0c883605a
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    Welcome back to the second part of my guide to farmville. This part is intended to cover level 30 onwards and before we take another look at the new features I'm going to talk about farm layout. I have already mentioned in the first part that it makes sense to trap your farmer and use some functional buildings for animals and keep profitable animals and trees for the collectibles. You should also try to expand your farm to the largest possible size as soon as you can. As soon as you have expanded your farm to the 28x28 version, you might think about rearranging buildings, animals and trees to get the most plots or spreading out animals and getting rid of plots.
    Beauty is very subjective of course, some people think their farm only looks good when they arrange their plots so that it looks like their farm has hills but they can't be worked on with vehicles anymore. One way of making your plots look beautiful is by planting different crops that ideally take the same time to grow in patterns. The drawback is again that as your designs get more intricate they take longer to plant and can't be done with vehicles.
    One of the basic ways to make your farm look better is by placing trees along the right edge and the top since that hides the lines and the writing there. It also makes sense to place buildings next to each other along these edges so they don't cover up animals or plots behind them (unless you want them to). With animals like calves, chickens, foals and sheep you can arrange them in different patterns or just try to mix them so your farm looks more colorful. I like my calves mixed up and close together but a friend of mine told me he thinks it looks way too crowded for him. If you like to give your animals more room, you lose some profit. But you should like your farm the way it is, so don't make too much of this and keep them the way you like it best.
    Another way to make your farm look different that doesn't cost much is by using the different backgrounds you can choose at the market in the farm upgrade section. A snow blanket may be a nice change for the winter or you can just make your farm look like a beach or a desert. Usually players who care enough about the look of their farm to choose a different background will also experiment with theme decorations. You don't necessarily have to spend farmcash and buy everything that gets released for a theme, you can also buy only a few coin buildings and decorations and combine them with other themes or make one corner of your farm into a theme area.
    For practical reasons it is a good idea to keep the work on harvesting, plowing and seeding to a minimum for each turn if you still want to progress fast and plant new crops several times a day. So it is a good idea to put your plots together in one large area instead of having small separate areas to plant. It is also easier and faster to work on them if you place them so you get 4x4 areas for your souped up vehicles to work well on them. I have 27x12 plots at the front of my farm and the plots area extends almost all the way to 28x12 plots on the left. In order to harvest all these 512 plots I only have to click 33 times.
    As long as 2/3 to ¾ of your farm are still covered with plots, you should have a quite productive farm. If you are still prepared to plant and harvest several times a day, you will probably overtake all your neighbors sooner or later.44c6c65415dd4c38bca25f5f948bc6e2
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    After the first two weeks of playing farmville it is a good idea to take a close look at your neighborhood. Of course it feels good to overtake lots of neighbors in the neighbors bar but keeping neighbors who don't play anymore doesn't really make sense. You don't get any more bonuses from them if they don't play and your visits and gifts are not returned. If they are real-life friends who don't want to play anymore but leave their farm open for visits you probably still want to keep them as friends and neighbors. You might not know what your online friends are planning to do, though. So in my opinion it is always good to investigate. Lots of people will write on their profile if they are going on holiday or have exams that prevent them from coming online, so if a farm in your neighborhood looks like it was abandoned you can check back on the profile whether there has been any activity in the past week or if you find clues why your neighbors can't play at the moment. If you don't find what you're looking for it is OK to send them a short message, asking whether they have stopped playing. Most people will answer you. If you don't hear back from them for another week, you may consider to remove them as neighbors and/or friends. You can send them another message to tell them about your intentions. If they still want to play the game they will probably respond. I used to do this kind of spring cleaning on my neighbors' list every other week for the first half year of playing farmville since gifts are strictly limited. Other than non-players that didn't respond I haven't removed inactive players from friends myself for some time now, since the neighbors who responded quickly became more than just another online acquaintance. The drawback of this is that inactive players will still come up for truffle or other events in farmville and they might not send them back. But I'm willing to take that chance now since I'm not too dependent on my neighbors any more (at level 120).
    Another reason to get rid of neighbors is if they annoy you. There are some players who will seldom farm and return gifts but will click and spread all sorts of scams on the feed. Some of these accounts might even belong to people who just spread spam and make money off stealing their friends' profile information and selling it. If you notice that people who want to become your friends have pages on their “other interests” section that are fake like “the free FV money tree” you might want to ignore their friend request. When neighbors click on things like that by mistake on the feed it is always good to comment on their post and tell them to remove it and maybe report the page. Some of the fake pages look a lot like regular farmville posts, so if a neighbor makes a mistake once or twice, just tell them and there is no need to remove them. People who spread several fake pages a day are the ones I'm warning you about.
    As soon as you can do co-op farming there will also be neighbors who remove you from friends if you join their co-op and don't contribute. I don't recommend that you do that since there might be all sorts of reasons for neighbors not to be able to harvest in time for gold or even other people joining late with pre-seeded crops who harvest before them. But you still might lose some stubborn neighbors that way.
    In any case you should try to find some more new neighbors to make up for the inactive and lost ones. You can just use the same technique that I have already explained in the first part of the guide in the section on neighbors, look at your neighbors' profiles, find posts by visitors to their farm and send them a friend request mentioning that you are an active farmville player looking for more neighbors. You can also post on the farmville forum or on the gamers unite forum in the “add me” section in the hope of finding lots of new players who need more neighbors.
    Another good technique to find active farmville neighbors that may even have more in common with you, such as a fairly well-decorated farm, rare foal and/or calf breeders, the same crafting building, being reliable visitors and shoppers, or having few active neighbors, is by asking friends to recommend a few of their farmville friends who have the characteristics you are looking for (offering to do the same for them if they like). Not only is it easy and enjoyable for you to enlarge your neighborhood where you see similarities, it may also be enjoyable for your friends to do the recommendations if they have enough time and energy for it. I used to suggest new neighbors to all my friends with less than 50 neighbors for the local celebrity ribbon regularly, which gave me a growing neighborhood with active neighbors and friends who were also each other's neighbors. That can help with the success of co-op missions as well.
    One last thing I need to mention here because it's a recent development is the new limit on feed collecting. It was introduced suspiciously close to the release of a constructable event building that required more than 150 building materials in total to finish the most advanced version, while releasing the same purchasable in the market for 150 FC. Since the limit was first set below the mark at 125 items a day, it is doubtful whether the intention behind it was deterring cheaters, as zynga claimed, but it rather it rather felt like making people who just can't wait another day to finish a new building spend farmcash, most probably bought with real money. Since the outcry against this could not be overlooked (there are more than 450 pages in the feedback thread on the official forum and I have first-hand experience at how fast any critical comment gets deleted there with paltry excuses, yet I still have to find a response that claims the new limit is ok or even good), the limit was raised to 200 items a day after some time. 200 items isn't all that bad as a limit unless you want to keep your snag bar running 24/7 and have it grab absolutely everything your neighbors publish. I have stopped collecting event rewards such as gold, spring flowers and so on from the feed for a long time now. You can easily make the limit last all day if you focus on what you REALLY want and need or just collect things from the feed once a day anyway. Your chances of being able to take rare eggs, foals and calves later in the day may decrease by the limit but maybe you can make up for that by setting your limit on regular collecting to 195 and then only collect the very rare stuff later, or grab 5 things you still need badly before you go off-line for the day. Most players seem to doubt the effectiveness of the limit, which begs the question why it was introduced. I hope in the future means of collecting from the feed like the snag bar will be recognized as simple tools, making the game more enjoyable, rather than being treated like a cheat.ca91675f33d142c18f99a599de59f233
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    In the sections on crops and seeds in the first part of this guide to farmville I have covered all the crops available then up to level 30 and how you calculate whether a crop is profitable. You can also find a link to one of the lists of crops, trees and when they are ready to harvest in my blog. Special hybrid seeds are covered in the section on the greenhouse in the first part as well. Here I want to discuss new regular crops and crops after level 30, focusing on the most profitable ones and on the ones that give you the most XP.
    With the introduction of the English countryside, the properties of cotton have been changed, it is now ready to harvest in only 12 hours. This has made it the most profitable regular crop in the game, at 9,8 coins per hour.
    Along with the greenhouse, 3 new regular crops were introduced,golden poppies, jalapenos and leeks. Golden poppies can be planted from level 6 onwards, but they give you little XP since they grow for a day and they only get you 2,7 coins an hour, which is less than peppermint. But they are more profitable than soybeans at least while they give you the same XP. Jalapenos is an 8 hour crop that only gives you 4,4 coins per hour, but since you aren't spoilt for choice in level 16, when you can first plant it, it is better than pumpkins as an 8-hour crop until tomatoes come along at level 20. Leeks can be planted at level 19 and is a 16 hour crop that will give you more XP than rhubarb, coffee and pattypan squash and more money than those and zucchinis, 6.9 coins per hour. So planting leeks makes sense if you need a 16 hour crop until you reach level 37 that will give you the even better asparagus.
    At level 31 you get sugar cane that is more profitable than tomatoes and your new 8 hour crop. The peas that you get at level 32 used to be the ultimate crop for those who can check their farm only once a day. It grows for a day, gets you 3 XP when you plant it and it is more profitable than grapes. Level 33 brings yellow melons that are worth more than watermelons when you can't check your farm for 4 days. The onions at level 34 are less profitable than cotton and get you only one XP in 12 hours. At level 35 you can grow lilies that look beautiful but they give you less XP and money than peas that also grow for a day. The other new crop is broccoli that is more profitable than cabbage and also grows for two days. Level 36 gives you acorn squash that makes less money than the green tea that you already have which also grows for 10 hours. Asparagus at level 37 is more profitable than leeks and also grows for 16 hours. Purple poppies are a new flower that grows for 8 hours at level 38. It gets you only 2,9 coins per hour like pumpkins so it's only worth planting in a spa co-op. Growing sugar cane makes a lot more sense. At level 39 you get elderberries that will also give you 2 XP in 12 hours like cotton but they only give you 5 coins an hour, so cotton is still a lot better. Purple pod peas also make little sense. They grow for the same 24 hours as the peas that you need to master to be able to plant them but they are less than half as profitable at 3,1 coins per hour. Level 41 is the first level that doesn't give you a new crop but as more and more permanent crops are introduced this may change, so keep your eyes open. At level 42 you have ginger as a new crop. It is the first crop to take 18 hours to grow. At 7,5 coins per hour it is quite profitable, too. The cucumbers at level 43 make little sense to grow, they take a day but get you less XP and considerably less money than peas. At level 44 you get the first flowers that grow for only 4 hours, columbine, but they are less profit than blueberries. Iris at level 45 are even worse, another 1-day-crop but with even less profit than cucumber. The purple asparagus that you can grow at level 47 if you have mastered asparagus is at 8,1 coins per hour the most profitable regular 16-hour crop in the game so far. At level 48 you get another one of the best regular crops in the game. Basil grows for 10 hours and has an average profit of 8,5 coins an hour. Lemon balm at level 50 is a 6 hour crop that earns you more money than ghost chili. The square melon at level 52 requires the mastery of both watermelon and yellow melon to unlock and it only gives you 6,9 coins an hour and 2 XP growing for a day, so peas are still better. Oats at level 53 are even more profitable than basil, 8,8 per hour over 8 hours. Posole corn at level 54 may look cool but it is only as profitable as carrots that grow for the same time and you have to master corn before you can grow any. Heirloom carrots that you can grow from level 57 onwards if you have mastered carrots are slightly more profitable than those but still make 2,7 coins less an hour than cotton and give you only one XP. At level 59 you get orange daisies if you have already mastered gladiolus, they give you the same profit as sunflowers but can't be used for crafting. Bamboo at level 60 makes little sense to grow, it is less profitable than purple asparagus as a 16-hour-crop. At level 63 you get carnival squash as a new 8 hour crop if you have mastered pattypan squash but it is less profitable than oats. At level 64 you get a new flower that grows for 10 hours, saffron. At 7 coins per hour it is one of the most profitable flowers, but it is still a lot less profitable than basil. Clover at level 70 makes much more sense to grow although the profit is the same, 7 coins per hour. But since it only grows for 4 hours you can get more than twice as many XP in the same time with clover. Amaranth at level 76 is a 16-hour-crop that is as profitable as bamboo, but less profitable than purple asparagus that still makes more sense to grow. At level 80 you get white roses if you have mastered pink roses before but they are a typical flower in that they are less profitable even than cucumbers that also grow for a day. Forget-me-nots at level 90 grow for 18 hours like ginger and are the second most profitable regular crop in the game at the moment at 8,9 coins per hour. At level 98 you get the last regular crop in the game at the moment, electric lilies. They give you an unprecedented 4 XP when you plant them, but you only get 6,1 coins an hour, less than planting lilies. You need to have mastered orange daisies, sunflowers, white roses and lilies to unlock them, which makes them the first crop that needs 7 other masteries to unlock, since orange daisies require gladiolus that need daffodil and white roses need pink roses. The other way to unlock any of the regular crops would be by using a bushel from the farmer's market while you plant. I'll explain that in more detail in the second section on the farmer's market.
    If you have followed my guide for some time now and think that it has helped you in the game, I would like to ask for a small donation if you can afford it. Maybe some of my hints have already saved you from spending more real money on the game. I'd like to ask only for a small sum if you think that my guide is good and you can make a contribution to it. Just visit my blog at wordpress or follow the links there from youtube. The donation button is at the bottom of my page. Thank you for your support, I really appreciate it. :)b13be33db34e4cc1968cc5123da4491d
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    The farmer's market in farmville is sometimes criticized by players because they experience lags in the game or out of sync messages when they harvest and they think that harvesting also takes longer when a farmer's market is on the farm, since the plants are always checked whether they yield bushels, taking additional time and producing more pop-ups.
    Although I have made the farmer's market look pretty bad now, I recommend you use 5 stalls on your farm as soon as you can easily afford them and have harvested enough different crops to open them all. The reason for this is that the farmer's market has four important functions for you.
    The first one is that you can use bushels of harvested crops or get bushels from your neighbors to receive one more mastery point for every plot you harvest or one additional XP for every plot for mastered crops. The farmer's market makes crop mastery twice as fast and gives you one more way to receive additional XP.
    The second function of the farmer's market is selling bushels of crops that you harvest to friends. Just as you can pick up 3 bushels a day for free from each of your friends, they can get bushels from you, too. However neither you nor your friends will lose bushels if someone takes them, you basically exchange copies of bushels. This is important for their masteries and crafting. You get an arrow over your market stalls when a friend has picked up a bushel and if you click on the stall you are automatically redirected to the bonus collection page. It lets you choose the reward you would like for the claimed bushels. You have the choice between fuel for 15 plots, 400 coins or 10 XP in return for each bushel. I recommend taking the XP if you want to progress fast.
    The third way you can use the farmer's market is to access crops that are normally locked for you. This used to be most important if you wanted to make as much money as possible in the game trying to grow the most valuable crops, before the greenhouse was introduced. Now the greenhouse gives you access to the more valuable seeds and to most of the seeds that give you the most XP as well. Greenhouse crops can only be unlocked in the market by growing enough mixed or collected seeds to master them first. Using a bushel of an unmastered greenhouse crop won't unlock it in the market, but you will get the mastery bonus for harvesting unmastered greenhouse crops. But you might still want to unlock some crops that you couldn't grow normally. You can use bushels from your friends, either from their stalls or the ones they share on the feed, to unlock regular crops that you can't grow due to level or mastery restrictions. Using one bushel of the locked crop lets you plant the crop for the next 2 hours even if you normally can't. This may be good for co-ops, too. I'm going to come back to that in the next part since you can take a new look at crops from the perspective of no level or mastery restrictions, provided your neighbors can supply you with the bushels you need. The only drawback is that you can't get additional mastery points for unlocked crops, using more bushels will only unlock the crop again and again instead of giving you a harvesting bonus.
    The fourth function of the farmer's market is as a storage facility for bushels you harvest. This becomes more important when you start crafting since recipes for goods may require up to five bushels of the same crop for one good and you may be unable to pick up enough bushels from your friends if you have a fully expanded crafting building and craft several times a day. However it may still be a good idea to clean out you market stall once in a while and share bushels that you don't need any more with your friends, especially if you don't craft. You can only keep up to 100 bushels inside and if you pick up bushels from friends and your own crops the stall will fill up pretty fast. Quite recently the storage capacity of the farmer's market stalls has been expanded. Now you get an additional storage space of 25 bushels for each additional stall up to the limit of 200 with the maximum five stalls. Since there are ways to increase the bushel yield of crops such as crop mastery, using a bag of fertilizer, pollinated seeds and the lush soil from the English countryside, expanding your storage space by buying more stalls when you craft is a good idea.
    Basically the farmer's market is a good way to get additional XP and it will probably be worth it to have 5 stalls open all the time so friends can pick up what they need from you. I make about 200 XP a day on five stalls, much more than I would get if I plant on the space the market stalls take. I hope you can make yours even more productive. The rewards only accumulate up to 120 XP while you are away, though. So in order to make lots of XP with your farmer's market you need to come back to collect the bonus several times a day.
    Since I'll come back to crop mastery in section 7 I just want to give you a quick hint here: mastering crops will increase the time your market stalls keep selling the same types of bushels after you've harvested them. Unmastered crops will be sold for 24 hours and each mastery star keeps the stalls open for another 8 hours up to the maximum of 48 hours if you have already mastered all three stars and received your mastery sign. If all your five stalls are open and you harvest a new type of crop, you will get a pop-up asking whether you want to close the stall that will remain open for the shortest period of time. If you deny that, the new crop won't be offered. You can also manually close one of the stalls prior to harvesting to get this to open with the new crop, for example a stall holding a greenhouse crop bushel that isn't much in demand.
    One way to always keep all the stalls stocked is by growing different kinds of crops at the same time. Normally I wouldn't recommend it but it might make sense if you have to stay away from the game for a weekend to at least grow 4 or 5 different kinds of 2 or 3 day crops to make up for losing XP by not playing in the mean time. On the other hand not all the crops are really sought-after, especially the longer growing crops aren't used much in crafting. The best crops to stock your market stalls with are the crops that are necessary for regular co-ops and, a lot more important than these, the ones that are used for crafting. You can check your crafting building and the farmville wiki which types of bushels are needed for goods. Usually the ones for the first recipes are more in demand since not all neighbors have fully expanded crafting buildings. So growing rice, wheat and white grapes at the same time to fill your stalls with popular crafting materials makes sense for example, since they all take the same time to grow.20c092fb8bc04cb1bf6b4e877cd8820e
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    If you have all the bushels in farmville in the farmer's market at your disposal, you can take another look at regular crops from a different angle, since bushels can unlock previously locked regular crops. But which ones are the crops that make most sense, then?
    Raspberries are the regular crop that gets you most XP fast once you have mastered them, since then you will get additional XP for premium crops and can get more additional XP for the harvest by using a bushel. In addition to that they are required for winery and bakery recipes, which should get you quite some additional XP from your market stalls. The drawback is of course having to plant, harvest and plow again after two hours to make the most of this, so other crops still make lots of sense, too.
    Blackberries and clover each take 4 hours to ripen and make good money at 6,8 coins an hour for blackberries and 7 coins an hour for clover. Blackberries will probably get you lots of additional XP from the bushels offered in the market stall to your neighbors since they are required for a lot of crafting recipes. The clover as a flower will help you get the “Flower power” achievement quickly if you don't have it yet. At 6,5 coins an hour blueberries are also still quite profitable and they are required for lots of crafting recipes, too. Strawberries are also needed for crafting, but at 2,5 coins an hour their profit is really low. So they only make sense when you plant them for a co-op or if you need bushels for crafting badly but can't get them from your neighbors or as a small section of the field, just to get your market stall stocked and maybe collect a few bushels for a couple of recipes for yourself. Usually an area of 32 plots is enough to open your market stall and collect a few bushels, it's little loss of profit and only 2 clicks with the combine.
    Profitable 6 hour crops are lemon balm and gladiolus, which will both get you 7,5 coins per hour and lemon balm is required for spa recipes while gladiolus are another flower that will get you the “flower power” achievement relatively fast. Ghost chili are still quite profitable at 6,8 coins an hour and they can be used in co-op farming and in the bakery. Aloe vera is required for some spa and craftshop recipes, but at 3,3 coins an hour it only makes sense to plant just enough to find a bushel to open your market stall.
    For a period of 8 hours oats beats all the other crops in profit hands-down with 8,8 coins an hour and it is also required for bakery recipes. Carnival squash is also quite profitable at 8,1 coins an hour but it can't be used for crafting. Sugar cane and tomatoes aren't as profitable at 7,4 and 7,3 coins an hour but both are required for several bakery and winery recipes and tomatoes are also needed in the craftshop, so they sometimes make sense to plant to stock your market stalls with new bushels for your neighbors and maybe for yourself too. Jalapenos are required for some craftshop recipes, but at 4,4 coins an hour the profit you make with them is low, so I only plant them in small areas to get some bushels for the market to open. Pumpkins and purple poppies are alike to strawberries in profit, at 2,9 coins an hour not worth planting for the money, so only plant them for co-ops or if you need bushels for crafting badly, otherwise only a small area to stock your market stall.
    Basil is the best 10-hour crop at 8,5 coins an hour and bushels can be used for crafting in all the crafting cottages on your home farm. Green tea makes most sense to plant for co-ops, it is still quite profitable at 7,1 coins an hour and it can be used for winery and spa recipes. Acorn squash is all right at 6,8 coins an hour if you need the bushels for the winery or want to stock your market stalls. Cranberries make almost no sense outside the co-op unless you really need the bushels for crafting since they will only get you 2,8 coins an hour. Lilac is even worse at 2,5 coins an hour but also used for the craftshop, spa and the winery so sometimes planting a small area makes sense to get your market stalls stocked.
    Cotton is the best crop for 12 hours with 2 XP for planting and 9,8 coins per hour and it can be used for some craftshop recipes. Double grain is the only greenhouse crop that can be used for crafting so far, it is required for several craftshop recipes. At 2 XP and 8,7 coins an hour it is still quite profitable compared with regular crops but loses in comparison with other greenhouse crops that grow for the same time. The only way to make it more profitable is by collecting free seeds. Then it will give you a relatively good profit at 12,7 coins an hour. It is still less good than other free greenhouse seeds, however, and it can only be unlocked in the market after you have mastered it. White grapes also make lots of sense, they also give you 2 XP, are quite profitable at 8,3 coins per hour and they can be used in the winery. The only other 12-hour crop that gives you the same amount of XP is elderberries, but at only 5 coins an hour and no crafting use it is not as good. The heirloom carrot gives you 7,1 coins an hour but it only plants for 1 XP and can't be used for crafting. Rice, wheat, morning glories, carrots and onions can be used for crafting but since they also only give you 1 XP and less money than white grapes they make most sense to plant in small areas or in co-ops that will give you additional coins, XP and ribbons if they finish in time for gold. Posole corn can be used for one bakery recipe but it only gets you 6,3 coins and 1 XP so it really only makes sense to plant a few to stock your market stall or for a bushel co-op.
    Since spinach is the only regular 14-hour crop it will still sometimes make sense to plant if you are away from your farm for that period of time and need it for a craftshop recipe or want to master it, otherwise cotton will get you more than twice the coins in a shorter time.
    Purple asparagus is the most profitable 16-hour crop at 8,1 coins per hour, but it can't be used for any recipes. Asparagus earns you 7,6 coins an hour and it can be used in the bakery. Leeks and coffee are still ok at 6,9 and 6,8 coins an hour and they are an ingredient for recipes, leeks in the craftshop, coffee in the spa and bakery. Unfortunately coffee only gives you 1 XP when you plant it, unlike the asparagus corps that give you 2. Rhubarb can also be used in the craftshop, but at 4,4 coins and only one XP you should try to pick it up from neighbors or only plant small areas. Pattypan squash and peanuts have the same drawback and also give you little money at 5,0 and 2,7 coins but they may make sense when you plant them in a co-op and they can be used in the craftshop and the bakery. All the other regular 16-hour crops are only interesting if you want to master all the crops, they give you less profit than purple asparagus and can't be used in crafting or co-ops.
    There are only 2 18-hour crops in the game right now. Forget-me-not is the second most profitable crop in the game at 8,9 coins an hour while ginger can be used in crafting and still gives you a decent profit of 7,5 coins an hour.
    Rye is a more profitable 20-hour crop than chickpea but the latter can be used in the craftshop, so planting chickpeas may make sense in a small area. Otherwise they are both less total profit than forget-me-not that is ready to harvest 2 hours earlier.
    Among the day-crops are the only regular crops in the game that get you 3XP when you plant them, peas, white roses and purple pod peas. Peas is the most profitable there at 7,3 coins an hour and they can be used in the bakery while the while roses only give you 6,0 and purple pod peas only 3,1 coins an hour and can't be used in crafting. Electric lilies give you 4 XP but they are less profitable than the aforementioned peas at 6,1 coins per hour and without crafting use. Grapes that only get you 2 XP are still good profit at 7,1 coins an hour and are used in the craftshop, the winery and in co-ops. Sunflowers, lilies, cucumber and iris are less profit but they are used for some crafting recipes. Red tulips, peppers, golden poppies and soybeans are even less profitable but they are used in crafting and regular co-ops so they may make sense to plant if you want the co-op reward or master them anyway. Pink asters are the only English countryside crop used in the craftshop so far. Since they are little profit at 2,8 coins an hour I recommend either picking them up from neighbors, planting them in small areas or in the quest-co-op.
    Broccoli is the most profitable 2-day crop at 5,4 coins and it can be used in the bakery. Other 2-day-crops that can be used for crafting are lavender, pink roses, squash and daffodils. They are a lot less profitable than broccoli, though.
    Among the 3-day crops there are only two crops that can be used for crafting. Red wheat is the most profitable one at 3,5 and potatoes at 2,7 coins per hour can both be used in the bakery.
    Of the 4-day crops yellow melon is the most profitable at 3,2 coins an hour and it can be used in the winery, like watermelon, that gives you only 2,1 coins an hour. Artichokes are the second least profitable crop in the game, they give you only 1,2 coins an hour. Nevertheless, since they have a high profit per click at 119 coins some players who don't have the time to check their accounts during the week will plant them in the lower levels. But as soon as other long-term crops become available through the farmer's market at level 15 they don't even make sense for those any more.012cc18d036342d1968583655ac03d48
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    There is no known limit in farmville to the fuel that you can put into your tank at the same time. I have more than 13,000 tanks of fuel at my main account and more than 6,000 tanks here at the guide account at the moment, you should be able to fit in a lot before you run into the problem that you can't put in any more. You can see how many plots you can still use your fuel on, when you mouse over the fuel bar. A vehicle will use one unit of fuel per plot you work on, the combine that harvests, plows and plants in one click needs 3 units for each plot, so it isn't more economic regarding fuel consumption than other vehicles but it doesn't use more than them either and you will only have to click once instead of 3 times, so I usually use the combine. Fuel regenerates over time, I haven't observed any difference in regeneration between half-full and full fuel tanks. The amount you can get through that depends on how many plots you have, but you can only get up to one tank of fuel, 150 units, in 24 hours. That won't be enough to re-plant all your plots every day, let alone several times a day. So here are the ways to get as much fuel as possible for free:
    You have probably already noticed that mystery eggs sometimes contain fuel, 1/5 of a tank in white ones, 1 large can in brown eggs, 10 refills in black eggs and 20 in gold, Cornish, Scots grey, Rhode Island red, Rainbow, Candy-cane and English eggs. You can collect mystery eggs off the feed or find them yourself on neighbors' farms when you feed chickens. Since that will also give you 10 XP and 100 coins I recommend to do that every day if you can.
    There are also free fuel rewards on the feed that you can collect. Every time you plow you find fuel to share. If your neighbors publish that you can collect small or large cans of fuel that will be added to your tank directly. Collecting those makes sense if you are short on fuel, but if you have collected your daily allowance of 5 you can only get 100 coins for each of the fuel rewards instead. You can also pick up free samples of goods from your friends who craft goods when they post that their crafting building is bigger now, when they post a new batch of goods that they have finished and, these are the ones that may be really worth it, when they have reached a new level on one of their goods and publish it. These will be collected in your market stall or crafting building and you can access them by opening the farmer's market on your farm and choosing “use: trade goods for fuel”. The better the goods, the more fuel you will get in exchange for them. Once you can start crafting at level 25, you can make your own goods and trade them in for fuel, too. Since I'm going to talk about crafting in another section of the guide, let me just say that it is definitely worth the time and effort in my opinion, so I recommend you do it. The new craftshop lets you make cans of fuel, too.
    Another way to get free fuel is by fertilizing your neighbors' farms. When you fertilize you will find fuel on some of the farms you visit and it is always nice to leave a post on your neighbors' wall that they can collect when you do. In order to be able to collect fuel that your neighbors find on your farm, you have to allow them to publish on your wall. If you have inadvertently turned off the option, go to account: privacy settings and choose customize settings. In “things others share” you have to tick the box “enable” next to “Friends can post on my wall”. Neighbors can also post special deliveries to your wall that contain fuel if you don't need building materials or bees and are low on fuel. You can also get fuel from truffles that neighbors can post on your wall. When you trade them in the reward can be coins, building materials, fuel or a pig. If you have a pigpen yourself and post truffles that your pigs find to a neighbor's wall, they can give you truffle in return by posting on your wall, that you can trade in as well.
    Mystery gifts also contain fuel sometimes. So if you are short on fuel, you might try sending round mystery gifts. When your friends return them you will probably find some fuel in some of them. Another way to get fuel from gifts is the special delivery. If you aren't building anything and don't need any bees, the deliveries might contain fuel. Your neighbors can send you special deliveries as gifts and you might also find special deliveries posted on your wall if neighbors have visited your farm if friends can post on your wall and you aren't building or raising anything at the moment.
    Before the recent change you got 5 tanks of fuel for every regular collection you turned in, in addition to XP and coins. Now only the first level of the cows collection gives you fuel.
    If you install the farmville game bar on your browser and activate it, you can pick up a large can of fuel a day if you click on “bonus”.
    Sometimes there is also a free fuel week. During this week you can send small cans of fuel to friends as gifts and receive one more tank of fuel for every day you come back into your account, which will give you up to 28 free tanks of fuel if you return to your farm every day.
    You can also choose fuel as a reward when friends shop at your market stall and collect bushels at your farmer's market. Since you can also receive 10 XP instead of 15 units of fuel this is an option to get fuel that I don't recommend.
    There are two more ways to get fuel but neither of them is free. You might consider the first if you craft and want to sell your own crafted goods to your friends, since they will probably expect you to come and shop in return. So you can get fuel by buying your friends' crafted goods and exchange them for fuel just like the free samples. You will have to spend coins on the goods but if your friends buy goods from you in return you will earn coins too, so the fuel you get this way might still be at no extra cost to you. If you want to make sure you don't spend more than you make, buy cheaper goods from your neighbors, not the first ones you see when you open their market. Those will give you less fuel than the goods at the higher levels though. The best level of goods to trade for fuel is 20-22, before and after that you will pay more coins for each unit of fuel you get. Within the zone, a unit of fuel costs about 25 coins. You can also try to look for bargains when going through the goods your neighbors offer. The price for higher level goods only go up when the neighbors have actually produced new goods of the higher level. Before that the price of higher level goods still stays the same. This is something you can exploit by buying cheap high level limited goods for example, like old harvest candles, harvest casserole or pumpkin cider. Some of my neighbors and I still offer level 38 goods there at the price of level 18 goods, just because we made too many last year.
    The last way to get fuel that is not free and that I don't recommend at all is by spending farmcash at the market to buy it. If you try all the other ways to get fuel, you should never have to resort to this way at all.eb913b2c34e941f4925181968029a7b9
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    As soon as you reach level 20 in farmville, co-op farming will become available to you and you can use the new co-op button over your gift-box to take a look at the co-ops running in your neighborhood at the moment and all the available co-ops that you can start. In order to get a special object as a reward in addition to the XP and coins you can see when you look at the basic co-ops, the team needs to finish harvesting all the crops required in time for gold. If the co-op runs out of time for gold, more time can be bought with farmcash but this is a waste of money, in my opinion. You can always do the co-op again and with some planning ahead you should be able to do it in time for gold. There are overviews of co-op rewards when you check your farmville planner or you can use the farmville wiki. The first co-ops that you probably want to join to get the gold rewards are the “bakery delivery” that will get you a truck seeder that seeds 3*3 plots and the “Very berry field trip” which will get you a school bus plow that plows 3*3 plots and both can be upgraded in the garage. The “Peanut butter and jelly” co-op will give you the plane that lets you instant-grow your crops. You can use that for free once so it is definitely worth getting and using on less profitable 4-day-crops that you just planted on the largest possible field if you want all the masteries or on the most profitable crops or the ones that get you most XP, whisky peat or electric lilies for example.
    You can approach co-ops by working your way up:
    Step 1. help your friends: at first it is probably a good idea not to start your own co-op right away but join one that a friend has started. You can already see how much still needs to be seeded when you join, although you can't see what exactly you still need to plant if the co-op needs different kinds of crops. If you join one that you can't do, the polite thing to do is leave it, since friends usually don't like people to stay in the co-op if they can't contribute. Some will even delete you as friend and neighbor if you do, so don't join co-ops if you can't help. If things go wrong, people might blame you since a co-op can only take up to 10 people. Don't take away the space of someone who can help on the job. If you have found a co-op that you can help and if the timing suits you, you can let the starter know what you can plant once you join. It is important that you try to help the co-op get gold for it to count as one of the gold jobs that you helped on for the “Employee of the month” achievement. To get all the ribbons and 425 XP and 18,500 coins you have to help on 100 co-ops that finish with gold.
    Step 2. Plan ahead: it is possible to have crops count for a co-op if you harvest them while the co-op is running and if you have planted the same amount of crops while you were on the co-op. This makes it possible to plant crops ahead of time, getting you much better chances to finish harvesting the crops for the co-op in time for gold. For this option it is important to know how much was planted ahead for the starter, since the crops in the co-op window will look like less was planted than there actually is. One example: You join a “town greening” co-op and you have a field of 460 morning glories ready to harvest. Once you have joined, you harvest 96 plots (6*16) of morning glories that won't count for the co-op. Now you plow and plant 96 plots of morning glories. These will count as seeded in the co-op window. Now you can harvest another 96 plots of morning glories, these will count as harvested for the co-op. If you continue with this, you have 364 plots harvested and 460 plots seeded when you're done. 12 hours later you can harvest the next 96 plots that already count for the co-op and after that plow and seed them again for your other plots to count in too. That way you can grow 824 morning glories for the co-op in a little over 12 hours, which will usually let the co-op finish in time for gold and with you as MVP (if the other members don't make any big mistakes). Receiving MVP on 40 co-ops will get you the “best of the rest” achievement that will give you another 425 XP and 18,500 coins altogether. If you have your combine already, planting ahead for co-ops becomes even easier. Since it harvests, plows and plants in one go, all you have to do is find a co-op that needs the crops you have, grapes for example, and start harvesting grapes while planting new ones. Every plot of grapes you harvest after the first batch will count for the co-op without switching between vehicles and keeping count how many plots you just planted, harvested or seeded.
    Step 3. Ask your friends in advance: if you want to start your first own co-op it might be a good idea to ask 2 or 3 friends who you've already helped on their co-ops whether they can join you for this or that co-op tomorrow or post on your profile that you would like to start that co-op and ask who could join you when. This will help you find people who are able and willing to join your co-op and co-ordinate things in advance. Success is almost guaranteed that way. And it is much better to ask friends and maybe join another one of their co-ops before you start your own than be frustrated once you have started the co-op and nobody joins you because the timing isn't right for others.
    It is also worth thinking about which co-ops offer the best rewards and which ones are the easiest to do in order to be successful at co-ops. If you want to plant ahead, co-ops that ask for only one type of crop are best, such as Bakery delivery, Rice paper, Town greening, Tossing tomatoes, Pumpkin-pie O'plenty, Frantic for flowers, Fashion bug, and A pack of pickled pattypan.
    1-Day crops are usually easier to plant for people who work during the day, so you might find more neighbors willing to help on the Fashion bug job than on Town greening. The coin and XP rewards for the Fashion bug job are also more tempting, so you can probably motivate more neighbors for it for that reason, too. The jobs with even better bonuses make you grow less profitable crops.
    If you manage to complete 20 of your own co-ops in time for gold you get the “Fabulous foreman” achievement that gives you 425 XP and 18,500 coins once again.
    Co-op farming will give you additional rewards for growing certain crops and you can also get three achievements by doing co-ops. So it is definitely worth trying. If you have been frustrated by co-ops before because you didn't find enough people to help you, you can try the three steps again, hopefully you'll find more helpers that way.
    There are also crafting co-ops for recipes, which ones you can start will depend on the kind and level of your crafting building. The starter of these always gets the recipe ingredients as an automatic reward, whereas contributors may decide which recipe they want. If the co-op finishes in time for gold, there are 3 recipes to choose from, 2 for silver and one for bronze. You can also choose the same recipe every time and will get bushels accordingly if you click on the recipe. Don't forget to choose your reward, otherwise you will just end up with the same ingredients as the starter that you might not be able to use if you have joined the co-op for a different craft than your own or for a higher level recipe that you can't make in your building yet. This means that you can also join spa co-ops for example and contribute to them, even if you have a bakery or winery yourself. This allows you to master crops that you don't need for your own crafting while earning bushels, XP and coin rewards that you can use at the same time.
    There are also a few basic co-ops on the English countryside, 2 of them have to be done in order to complete a quest and it seems likely that the same is true for the other co-op, once the appropriate quest has been released. Since the flowers that you need to grow for the compulsory co-ops aren't really worth planting because their profit is below 3 coins per hour I recommend you plan ahead especially for these and try to get friends to help you since doing the co-op over means losing even more profit. But it is enough to finish the jobs at all. The gold rewards are not spectacular, so it's not necessary to repeat the co-ops once you have mastered the flowers and passed the quest in my opinion.8a9250d943c84c81a6164dfbeb571f57
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    After level 10 in farmville you can master crops. The number of crops you have to harvest to achieve the stars varies, but you can get 3 stars for every regular crop at the market and sometimes special event crops can be mastered too. The first star gives you 500 coins and 25 XP, the second 1,500 coins and 75 XP and the third star is worth 5,000 coins and 250 XP. You also receive a mastery sign that you can put on your farm to show that you have mastered a crop. After you have mastered the crop, each plot of the crop you grow has a different chance between 5% and 40% to be a premium crop. A premium crop looks bigger and better than the regular crops (like the fertilized crops, but without the stars) and it harvests for additional XP, how many you get depends on the crop. In addition to that you can use the farmer's market to master crops faster and to get more additional XP when you harvest mastered crops. You can check the farmer's market section of this guide for more info on this.
    Mastering crops that don't get you many XP or coins doesn't really make economic sense but some players see it as their long-term goal in the game to master all the crops. If you enjoy growing different kinds of crops like I do this may be fun for you, too.
    I suggest you try to master profitable crops that you want to grow a lot first and you can help on co-ops that need less profitable ones as a way to get more co-op achievements and in order to get extra XP and coins for growing less profitable crops.
    Crafting recipes can be mastered as well. While the level of the goods needed to achieve the first and second mastery star varies for the recipes you get at the different levels of your crafting building, there are fixed levels to achieve 3 to 5 star mastery of regular goods. Limited goods such as the carnation vinegar will get you the sign for 5-star mastery as soon as your goods reach level 20 or 25. Before that there are no mastery stars for the limited goods. All the regular recipes will give you 3-star mastery at level 50 of the good, 4-star mastery at level 75 and when your good reaches level 100 you get the 5-star mastery sign for it. The first star for your goods in your crafting building always comes at 20 levels above the one you started out with, the second one 10 after that. So goods that can be produced in the most basic, level 1, crafting building, your first 3 recipes, reach their first star at level 20, the second one at level 30. All the later recipes that you got after upgrading your crafting building start out at higher levels, 3 each for each of the levels of the crafting building. So a recipe from a level 2 building will get you the first star at level 23 and the second one at level 33, and so on (to look up which levels of which regular goods give you mastery stars, there is a good guide on crafting buildings and masteries on the official forum: The first mastery star on any recipe earns you 500 XP, 1000 coins and a mastery sign of the product with one star at the bottom. As you level up your recipes, the signs keep changing to display 2, 3, 4 and finally 5 stars. Your rewards increase with the stars you receive, you gain 1000 XP and 2500 coins for 2 stars or 5 stars on a limited recipe, 1,500 XP and 5,000 coins for 3 stars, 3,000 XP and 10,000 coins for 4 stars and 4,500 XP and 25,000 coins for 5 stars. After that you can still increase the level of your goods by making more and selling them but neither the fuel you get nor the price of the good will go up after level 100. There are no additional stars after 5 star mastery either. For a description of masteries for craftshop recipes, please refer to the next part of this guide on crafting.
    Tree mastery can take long if you only keep one tree each of the less valuable trees and just like crop mastery of less profitable crops, it is more of an end unto itself for the less profitable trees. Let me explain: Assuming you can get your hands on one of them, you may want to master yellow maple tree. The total harvests required to do so are 678 (for the required number of harvesting actions per tree I've referred to this good guide on the official forum: Even with the tree ripe every other day, it will take you more than three and a half years to finish. During that time, the money you make from the tree will be hardly more than 10% of what you could make if you put a relatively profitable tree such as a Singapore jackfruit into an orchard and harvest it every other day. Getting the mastery sign and the stars will give you additional coins and XP, but the rewards are tiny compared to the kind of money you can make by regularly harvesting profitable trees. Nevertheless, a lot of farmers try mastering trees and one of the ways to lose little profit doing so is by using only one tree each of the less profitable kinds. If you aren't in a hurry to get the masteries finished extremely fast, you can just keep one each of the less profitable types of trees and wait. Some people who don't want to wait that long try to take shortcuts mastering trees. They place several orchards with only one tree inside them on their farm and move all the trees they are planning to master around from on to the other when they become ready to harvest, harvesting each orchard with all the freshly moved trees inside. Since this is time-consuming and not enjoyable in my opinion I haven't done that, but this way you can receive the tree masteries extremely fast and save cash on the other shortcut, applying instant grow for farmcash.
    You can store up to 20 trees in an orchard to get more coins if the interval between harvests is longer than 48 hours outside an orchard. In addition to that the orchard will either produce 2 watering cans or one mystery seedling that can be grown up into a new kind of tree when you plant it and water it with 8 watering cans. You can have as many orchards as you like, but only one can be built at the same time. An orchard requires 10 each of the common building materials nails, boards and bricks and the first brick is included when you purchase the frame. It takes up exactly the same space as the trees you put in. As you add trees to the orchard, they will get arranged from right to left, back to front. So if you want your orchard to look a certain way, it makes sense to try to put the trees into the order you want them to be inside and move them in one by one.
    Until you can get level 2 seedlings from the orchard, the most profitable free trees are the arjuna and the jackfruit tree. Those will also give you level 2 tree seedlings that get you a profit of 420 (Indian laurel and Singapore jackfruit) when you've grown them up. If your neighbors have Asian pear trees, these can produce level 2 Shinko pear trees that also harvest for 420. If those are unavailable to you, the ginko and mango tree also produce quite profitable level 2 seedlings (autumn ginko and Manila mango) that will harvest for 390 each when fully grown. Since getting those is a high priority if you want your orchards to be profitable, it is really worth it to fill your orchards with these types of trees. The most profitable tree at the moment is the Peach palm, a level 2 tree that originally comes from the acai tree, the most expensive level 1 tree ever at 27 FC. The quirk with orchards is that you will get the fitting level 2 seedling from your orchard (for example autumn ginko from an orchard filled with ginko trees), but your neighbors, who pick up the same seedling, really will get a mystery seedling that can turn into any kind of mystery tree. So a seedling you pick up from the feed can turn into anything and may give you just another granny smith apple tree (which I all delete right after publishing, since they are one of the worst trees in the game) or it could turn into a Peach palm. At the start when you still need all kinds of level 2 trees getting all kinds of seedlings from the feed still makes sense if you want to master all the trees. But when you have most of the good trees, you can expect good profit from your trees and only grow up your own seedlings. I have 2 mixed orchards with less valuable trees and all my other orchards are stocked with trees that will give me either profitable tree seedlings or some very rare ones like the Chinese lantern tree or the disco ball tree.
    Since you need 8 watering cans each to grow up tree seedlings, those will probably continue to be a popular gift. I recommend you always publish the watering cans from your half-way-grown seedlings, since those will also give your neighbors a chance to pick up some more cans for their seedlings, and what goes around will probably also get back to you again. ;) If your seedling turns into a profitable tree, all your trouble with it was worth it: An orchard filled with Singapore jackfruit trees will give you 140 coins an hour per covered plot and a Singapore jackfruit seedling or 2 watering cans every two days. This makes good trees even more important than calves to progress fast by turning your coins into XP again by buying belted cows. They are also a lot more profitable than the best kinds of hybrid crops, even if you pick up the seed for free.
    One last word about growing up trees: yes, I know, it's a lot of work and some people will just delete their seedlings and re-gift their watering cans. But if you want to get lots of good trees, you really should grow them up yourself. Who else is gonna do it for you? Some guides say that picking up good trees like the Peach palm trees is great, but growing seedlings yourself isn't worth it. That makes little sense to me, since nobody will be able to pick up any good trees if everyone stopped growing up seedlings. Rather try to adjust the amount of seedlings you grow up to how much time you have: if you play farmville for two hours a day, every day, you may as well grow up 10 seedlings a day if you can manage to find enough watering cans to do so. If you only have half an hour a day or even less to play farmville, maybe you just want to grow up one seedling a day or 10 a week. It's entirely up to you, of course. But collecting hundreds of good trees without ever growing up your own seedlings just isn't fair to your fellow players. I see growing up good trees as a way to give something special to my farmville friends without spending real money on the game, as some of them do to buy rare horses and cows for breeding, for example.bfa2732f94fe4a898ab91260c7119755
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    At level 15 you can build the craftshop in farmville. This gives you the opportunity to produce consumables such as bricks, boards, nails, bottles, fuel, lucky pennies and love potions and decorations like the pine fence or the modern table. Every recipe takes a day to finish, but the demand in bushels varies. Mastering these recipes is alike to crop or tree mastery, you can get up to 3 stars for the goods. You don't produce goods that are sold to neighbors here, but you can receive an additional item yourself by adding neighbors as helpers for the recipe. Adding 4 neighbors gets you an additional good. Helpers receive a random bushel which unfortunately makes helping unattractive compared to collecting other rewards. But this may change since the craftshop is still under construction and can't be used fully yet. You can build another craftshop on your English countryside farm, but it will only give you access to the same crafting area as the original craftshop and you won't be able to produce more goods but you will be told that a recipe is in progress if you have started one on the other farm.
    At level 25 you can choose another crafting building for your home farm. You can have a winery, a bakery or a spa. Check out the options and decide on the building that suits you best since you will be stuck with it once you have chosen your profession and the only way to get one of the other crafting cottages is by paying 80 Farmcash for an additional craft or deleting your building and all the goods you've produced in it and choose another one for 100.000 coins.
    The building that makes most sense to me is the winery since it will use the most commonly grown regular crops to craft goods. The white grapes are quite good to get XP and coins over night and you can also use some of the other more profitable crops here. If you mean to grow the bushels you need for crafting yourself, the bakery and spa are not as good since the crops they need are less profitable on the whole. On the other hand if you and several neighbors follow the hints I gave you in the part on the farmers' market, you can try and make sure there are always enough popular crafting materials for everyone to pick up while using the main part of your farm to grow the greenhouse crops that will give you most XP and coins.
    After you have chosen your profession, you can click on the crafting building to start making your first goods. There is a supply of bushels for your first recipe included in the building when you place it. All recipes take 6 hours to finish. Leveling up the recipes will allow you to upgrade your building for coins, unlocking more workstations every time and usually also new recipes.
    You also receive XP for crafting goods. There is an option to finish the goods instantly by paying farmcash but that doesn't make sense since you get a lot more XP if you use the biplane to instantly grow crops (if you deem XP something you want to buy with cash at all). Buying bushels with farmcash also makes little sense since you can get bushels from your neighbors and even ask them to send you bushels that aren't available at the moment as gifts. The other option is to start a crafting co-op that will get you the bushels for the recipe if you finish successfully.
    There are three achievements connected to crafting, each gets you an additional 425 XP and 18,500 coins. “Crafty” is for crafting 250 goods, “Best buyer” is for buying 250 goods from friends and “Super salesman” is for selling 250 of your goods to friends.
    To get your neighbors to come shop at your market, you can either start shopping at their markets or wait for them to buy goods from you. For me this is one of the trickier parts of crafting, I keep a list who has bought goods from me and try to return the favor whenever it is possible. It's hard to be fair to everyone if you don't want to write down what people paid for your goods. But I have devised a system that works quite well for me and my neighbors: I have divided the maximum price for goods, 10.900 coins or 8.720 coins earnings, by 4 and applied it to the levels of goods. This gives me 4 levels of shopping instead of 100: 1-18 is 1, 19-45 equals 2, 46-72 is 3 and above 73 equals 4. So in my system people who buy level 96 goods from me get 4 points next to their name. I can either return that by buying a good of level 73 or above, 2 goods from level 19-45 or 4 goods from level 1-18 for example.
    Waiting for others to buy things from you first it may take a little longer until your goods start selling well but you don't run the risk of spending more on shopping than you earn with your goods.
    As you start out most players will be glad if you buy anything from them so it might be worth looking at the low-level goods or at limited goods such as the harvest candles further back since they are usually cheaper.
    Your crafting buildings and market stalls can hold up to 200 goods before they are full. The storage area for goods you sell isn't limited and they don't count for the limit of 200. You can turn your stored goods into fuel by clicking on use: trade goods for fuel and you can see how much fuel you get from the good by hovering the cursor over the “use” button. Level 1 goods give you fuel for 30 plots and each additional level up to 20 gives you fuel for another 5 plots. From level 20 to 40 every level gives you 4 more units, from 40 to 60 3 more, from 60 to 80 2 more and from 80 to 100 1 more unit. After level 100 you can still increase the level of your product but the fuel it gives stays the same, 325 units. Since the price stays constant as well, you can still help neighbors level up their products further by buying them, but they won't be able to get more than the 5 mastery stars at level 100.
    As your crafting building grows, you can make more goods at the same time and use more advanced recipes. You can level up each good to level 100 to receive 5 mastery stars and for some players this is their long-term goal in the game.
    Crafting and buying goods takes some extra time since you will be going back and forth between your own crafting building and your neighbors' markets to pick up bushels and goods quite a bit but the XP rewards are worth it. Crafting on 6 work stations in a fully expanded crafting building gives you 300 XP for one session since making one recipe is worth 50 XP! I enjoy crafting now that I'm used to it and able to plan ahead better, by taking bushels for recipes for the next day in advance if possible.
    Recently the function of goods to give you additional bonuses has finally been implemented. When you trade event goods such as the green rose water in for fuel, you receive bonus gold as well. But the fuel you receive from goods that give items is 20% less than that of normal goods of the same level.a83f5df1fb6543e78aaad3cce46ebd4e
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    The English countryside in farmville that you can start farming in at level 20 is zynga's reaction to the continuing trend of players creating additional accounts under different names to start the game over again and recapture the thrill of starting out at the game while using their experience of the game to create farms the way they know works well. In addition to that, even before frontierville was released in 2010, there have been calls by players for quests and more “action” in farmville. While other players want to continue playing farmville the way they are used to, this is actually the way to cater for both audiences (if they indeed are that different). The English countryside offers the chance to begin a new farm while keeping your old farm on the same account and people who aren't interested in the quests can continue playing their accounts the way they feel is best without being continuously harassed to do new tasks. On the other hand you get good rewards for doing the quests, sometimes you can receive unique items or free farmcash that way and some of the quests will give you farm buildings to help you develop your English farm faster. And if you want to get ahead fast, the English countryside can put you on the fast track there as well since you can keep running both your farms at the same time to make twice as much money and XP at the same time.
    Since there are only few crops on the new farm yet and you can theoretically grow a lot you can grow there also on your main farm (by unlocking the visible crops at the market on your home farm with bushels), I have started building more and more orchards on the English farm, since the profitable trees are better than growing crops to earn money anyway and I also use the English countryside to master limited crops while I do regular masteries at the home farm.
    Since you get a lot of the buildings at the English countryside farm from quests, such as the garage, a chicken coop, your crafting building the pub and a dairy farm, all you need to buy there are some additional dairies and the sheep pen when the quests require you to do so. Constructing buildings before the quests give them to you for free like the chicken coop will not give you an additional building when you finish the quest, so don't cheat yourself out of the quest rewards by building things that aren't asked for. Since there are already a lot of guides on the quests I'll just say that it's no problem if you don't read those, they aren't exceptionally difficult to achieve and few of the things they require can be done in advance, so my approach to them has been to wait for the quests and not take the fun out of them by reading ahead. If you want to read about the tasks, there is a good visual guide on the official forum and on most of the fan pages that I know. At the moment I still enjoy the slightly different look of the English countryside farm and wait for new quests to be opened. You don't need to rush through the quests unless that's what you like, just do them when the timing suits you.
    For some of the quests expansions are required but so far there aren't any that ask for the FC-only 26x26 English Expanse and 28x28 English Domain expansions. When they do I suppose those will already be available for coins, so I haven't bought them with Farmcash. In order to expand your farm in the English countryside, you need help by friends to survey the land. There aren't any neighbor requirements though. You need 2 surveyors for the English Homestead (14x14), 6 for the English Family Farm (16x16), 9 for the Freehold (18x18), 12 for the English Plantation (20x20), 15 for the English Holding (22x22) and 20 for the English Estate (24x24). If you pay Farmcash for the expansions you don't need your friends as surveyors, so there are no requirements for the largest FC-only expansions yet, except that you pay 100 or 140 Farmcash. You will also notice that the coin and cash prices for expansions in the English countryside is slightly higher than at your home farm so it makes sense to get the expansions for your home farm before you buy the same size at more cost in the English countryside. The 20x20 expansion makes this most striking: at your home farm you need 16 neighbors for that but only 75,000 coins or 20 Farmcash. In the English countryside you need 15 surveyors and 200,000 coins or 50 Farmcash.
    Since there are also new crops for the English countryside and mastering them doesn't really take long, you may be wondering which ones are the most profitable. At the moment they aren't included in the farmville planner that I use, but you can find information on them on the farmville wikis.
    The most profitable crops in the English countryside are King Edward potatoes, which comes as a bit of a surprise, since they are also the crops that take the longest time to grow, 2 days. They will get you 7,6 coins per hour but not too many XP. Next up is royal hops at 7,5 coins per hour and it only grows for 10 hours. Field beans and turnips that both take 16 hours to become ripe give you 7,2 coins per hour. Foxglove, a 12-hour flower, is also 7,2 coins an hour. Radishes take 18 hours to grow and you earn 6,9 coins an hour. Barley, bluebells and English peas take 12 hours to grow and give you 6,3 coins per hour. Black tea only gets you 5,6 coins an hour but since you need it for some of the pub recipes and it is the only crop for 8 hours at the moment, it makes sense to plant sometimes. Hops give you only 5,5 coins, so I usually plant them together with royal hops that takes the same 10 hours and gives me better profit. I only make sure to plant just enough to give me regular hops bushels to open my market stall, 32 plots are usually enough (and only 2 clicks with the combine). Spring squill give you less money and XP than the other 12 hour crops, so they only make sense to plant in a small area as well to open the market stall and get a few bushels for your flower scones recipe. Red currant and English roses aren't that profitable at 5 and 4,2 coins an hour. But since they are also the only short-term crops for 4 and 6 hours they will make sense to plant for that period of time when you can't plant longer-growing crops while you wait for a neighbor to start a co-op or before you plant some 16 or 18 hour crops for the night. Pink asters and cornflowers are the least profitable crops in the English countryside at 2,8 and 2,2 coins an hour. Pink asters are required for several recipes and one co-op that you need to participate in to pass a quest. The same is true for the cornflowers but they are only in one of the pub recipes right now. I've only planted them to master them and get collectibles for the flower collection at the same time.f9f72fbac2014ddca6d2789fabe7acce
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    I am not a real breeder in farmville. I own a few rare cows and a white and a snow stallion, but I don't try to breed foals and calves in my stable and dairy barns several times a day like some players. Actually breeding foals and calves more than once a day can only be done if you keep lots of animals outside the dairy barn or horse stable and I think they are just not profitable enough if you do that. But breeding is not so much about making the most coins but creating your own rare animals to give away or trade. I also have a few rare pigs and sheep and sometimes breed them using love potions but I don't spend any farmcash on potions or animals. There are several trading sites on facebook that let you connect with other breeders and exchange the links from your own rare foals and calves for those from others. In order to be able to trade links that actually work you usually have to be friends before the exchange of links, so many breeders have large neighborhoods with lots of other breeders in them. If you want more information on trading links, I can recommend an explanation on GU (I can't include the link here but you can find it on my blog).
    Breeding foals and calves once a day is also possible if you keep your animals inside the stable and dairy barn. All you need to breed are male and female animals present, then the chance of finding a foal or calf when you collect from the building is there. To breed with cows you can put a bull into the dairy farm and if you want foals you need a stallion in your stable. Wandering stallions are free and can be collected off the feed but they will only stay for a night, one breeding, and then disappear again. If you want to breed horses several times a day, buying a stallion with farmcash is the way to go. I got my white stallion from a mystery crate. If you are looking for a stallion, keep your eyes out for the latest mystery game contents on farmville fan pages such as farmfanatic or the farmville wiki. Rare horses to breed rare foals also usually cost farmcash but they can normally be bought on the market without running the risk of spending your money on other animals that you might not want. Sometimes rare animals are also given away in the zynga lotto or you can buy them with coins or get them as rewards during some events.
    As you add more animals to your stable or barn, the chances of successful breeding increase, but if you add large amounts of regular animals, chances are you will get regular foals or calves. So some breeders try to breed repeatedly with only the few animals that they really want calves or foals from. In order to be able to breed more than once a day you have to keep animals outside the building to become ready. After you have collected from the building for the first time, you have to take out all the animals that you don't want to breed with and then add one of the ready animals from outside first, using the move tool cursor. Once the animal is in the building, it will be ready to collect from again. Now you can remove the “seeder” animal if you don't want to breed it and then collect again. This can be repeated as many times as you have ready animals outside to add to the building when it's empty. Breeding horses that way usually will get you the horse power achievement quite fast since you will also find XP, farmhands and arborists instead of foals. For the horse stable, horses outside that are at least 33% ready will make the horse stable ready to harvest. So you don't need to wait for 3 days until you can breed again, but you will need to keep several horses outside the stable to be able to collect from it more than once a day.
    Using this method you also make some additional coins, but the real breeders who enjoy this part of the game most usually don't do this for the money but for the rare foals and calves they can give away or trade. They might even spend a lot of real money on buying rare animals to breed with, so if you manage to get a rare foal or calf on the feed, always thank the breeder.
    To increase the chance of breeding calves and foals successfully, expand your buildings to the largest possible size and fill them with animals. Even if you don't want to spend real money on the game and only want to breed without using farmcash you can get some animals that are more uncommon by growing up foals and calves in your nursery barn. Regular brown and gray horses will produce brown and grey foals. If you raise them in the nursery you will get black horses that produce black foals. There are also some free ponies around. Adoptable black ponies can be put into the stable and you get black pony foals. If you pick up a black pony foal and raise it in your nursery, it will grow into a light blue pony, just like all the other ponies in the nursery, and that will get you blue pony foals if you put it in your stable. Clydesdale, percheron and cream draft foals will grow up into cream draft horses if you put them in the nursery. Those will get you new cream draft foals if you put them into your stable. You can also grow up mini foals in the nursery to get new mini cream horses that will in turn breed mini cream foals. Sometimes there are rare cows and horses as rewards in events such as the holiday cow as a gift to players at Christmas 2010 or the green patch cow for the spring countdown. There were also pink patch and yellow patch cows as rewards for your valentines and spring flowers and the gagaville event let you send purple valentine cows as gifts and gave you a pink ponytail horse and a chrome cow as quest rewards. Zynga lotto was giving away red horses and cows some time ago. There is also a zesty pony as a reward for turning in the third citrus collection and two special cows for two other level 3 collections, the cows collection gets you a rainbow cow and the flowers collection will give you a flowery cow. The last way to get a rare horse for breeding without spending farmcash is by buying a silver pony for 5000 coins if you have access to an I-phone.
    Rarer cows that you can get for free are the adoptable groovy cow, strawberry cow, longhorn cow and brown cow that you also find in mystery gifts sometimes. Those will produce groovy, pink, longhorn and brown calves. Pink calves can be raised in the nursery barn and turn into chocolate cows that give you 80 coins and produce chocolate calves. Other calves that turn into chocolate cows are kelly green, pink patch, simmental, tuscan and fan, but they are really all too rare to just grow up. You should keep them on your farm and display them rather than put them into the nursery. Regular, brown, groovy, Holstein, green, longhorn, Neapolitan, belted and red calves will grow into Holstein cows that give you only 12 coins. So I rather keep them on the farm as well since they are much more profit that way. Belted cows can be bought at the market for 1 million coins after reaching level 75 and I really recommend to spend your spare coins on those whenever you can since they will also give you 3000 coins a day and produce belted calves.
    You can only breed one calf a day on a farm. So if you want to increase the chance of particular cows giving you calves, harvest the dairy barn you put them in first. I put all my rarer cows, fan, tuscan, groovy, holiday and some belted ones in the dairy barn that I harvest first.
    You can theoretically use the breeding method that I just described above also for harvesting your nursery barn, pig pen or chicken coop several times a day. For the nursery barn this may make sense if you want to grow up a lot of baby animals. Since you don't produce any baby animals in the chicken coop and pig pen, this is usually only done there to get extra coins but isn't worth the effort in my opinion. But some people use the method on the dairy barn full of belted cows and become farmville billionaires that way.
    When the English countryside was introduced in March 2011 sheep breeding came with it and it works a little differently from the cows and horses. You also need male and female sheep (rams and ewes) to produce offspring but they don't turn up in the sheep pen by pure chance when harvesting any more, but you can put them into breeding suits and add love potions to increase the chance of breeding successfully. I usually use 5 love potions to make sure I get what I want instantly, since 4 only give you a 80% chance and that means one time out of 5 no offspring while you still use almost as many potions. The baby lambs will look like a mixture of their parents and to get an idea what they may be like you can watch the thought bubble when you pair the parents off for breeding. Patterns are usually determined by the ram while the ewe passes on it's color, but mixtures of ram color and ewe pattern occur as well, so a lot of the breeding is down to luck. You will have a higher chance to produce lambs that grow into ewes, but once you get 3 ewe lambs in a row the next one is guaranteed to be a ram and vice versa. When you take the lamb out of the breeding suit, you can name it and decide whether you want to keep it and grow it up yourself or if you want to offer it to your neighbors for adoption. Pig breeding works the same way, only with sows and boars. Just as you can adopt one lamb and one piglet a day, so can your neighbors. Exchanging lambs and piglets gives you new patterns and colors without the need to spend farmcash, so I recommend you do that. I always try to offer several unusual piglets for adoption every day, since I got all my special pigs through adoption as well and want to return the favor and pay it forward. Recently levels of pig breeding have been introduced and you can earn bottles, love potions and boars with new patterns that way. This has made pig breeding my favorite, because it's possible to make quite extraordinary pigs without spending cash.6e6c239d556c4131815b802c5e88858b
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    Free farmcash is rare in farmville. But there are a few free ways to get it. The first one is the one most players notice first. For every level up to 100 that you gain you get 1 free farmcash. It is added to your balance directly.
    Another way to get free farmcash is by opening lots of mystery gifts or golden, Cornish, Scots grey or Rhode Island red mystery eggs. Sometimes they will contain 1 farmcash. You can find the bill in your gift-box and you can click on “use” to add it to your balance.
    In the spring of 2010 two care packages were sent out to players who hadn't checked their account for more than a week. These contained 3 free farmcash each and you can try to get them if you haven't accepted them on your account so far. You can find the links to the care package on fan pages like gamers unite or farmville fanatic, for example (links are not permitted here but you can find the links on my blog).
    When farmville started promoting it's own game bar they gave you 25 farmcash if you installed it. Now the reward has been reduced to 10 farmcash. To install the gamebar and get your reward, just click on farmville gamebar under your farmville game window and follow the instructions. Even if you have installed the gamebar already without receiving a reward, reinstalling it while you are in your farmville account should get you the reward.
    You can also keep watching the announcements under your game window, sometimes you will get offers of free farmcash for watching movie trailers or adds.
    There are also some promotions that give you farmcash, although it is usually connected to purchasing something else, so you have to spend real money to get it. If you wanted to buy the product anyway, it might be a nice way to get extra farmcash, though. The 7-Eleven promotion in the summer of 2010 for example gave you different decorations for codes from different products. If you bought 9 different ones, entered the codes and mastered level 3 of goji berries, this unlocked an Über gift of 200 farmcash.
    You can also check “Add coins and cash”, some users have been able to get 4 farmcash for facebook credits, some even several times. If you have facebook credits and don't need them for anything else, this is another a way to get more farmcash. You can also check the section under the payment window for more offers. Most of the time these offers will give you farmcash if you spend money on something else. This makes only sense if you wanted to get the product or service anyway.
    Sometimes there are competitions by Zynga that offer farmcash prizes. So it's worth watching the official farmville fan page on facebook.
    Now that you have your farmcash, you can decide what to spend it on. I have already explained in the sections on vehicles and fuel that you should not have to spend farmcash on those. Theoretically you could use farmcash to finish buildings or expansions, but since you can also get the building materials for free from your neighbors there isn't much sense in that, either. That leaves expansions, animals and decorations.
    The cheapest largest expansion you can buy with farmcash is the Plantation that will give you 20*20 plots but still only costs 20 farmcash like the smaller expansions before, the ones after that cost more farmcash the larger the size.
    Rare animals usually cost farmcash. They might not make economic sense, but sometimes it can be fun to treat yourself to something. I have bought the white stallion from a mystery crate. It makes sense to get a stallion to be able to produce XP, farmhands, arborists and foals for the horse power achievement for example. Of course you can always try to get a wandering stallion from your neighbors on the feed, but I don't like hunting the feed too much and the stallion has helped me to stop worrying about finding one.
    Just check the market to see what you might like.
    There are also decorations for farmcash and the themes change all the time. I got a sari clothesline from the Far East Event, for example. It only cost 1 farmcash and looks bright and colourful.
    The last thing you can spend your farmcash on and the one that makes most sense in my opinion are the events that let you donate your farmcash for a good cause. There have been several events in the past when you were able to purchase a permit to plant sweet seeds, the last one was sweet beets, and up to 100% of the dollar value of your farmcash went straight to a project for people in Haiti. I also took part in the event that let you donate 25 or more farmcash to the charity save the children to help people in Japan. The sweet seeds and the daikon gave you great XP and coins too, so it was win-win.43c178781efd4e2db3e9cb035ddc01a2
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    At level 1 in farmville you have the choice between strawberries, if you are willing and able to come back in another four hours, or wheat or peanuts if you stay away for 12 or 16 hours. Theoretically there are also soybeans and eggplant, but those take a day or even 2 days to become ripe and are the least profitable crops you can plant at this point. The hourly profit of strawberries, wheat and peanuts is better and about 2,5 coins per plot, but strawberries are best for fast leveling up at the start because you gain 2 XP in 4 hours per plot, which is hard to beat.
    At level 4 you get 2 new crops, lilac and squash. Squash is slightly better than eggplant for an absence of 2 days, lilac is a crop if you stay away for exactly 10 hours, otherwise wheat and peanuts are still better to make more money while you are away. At level 5 pumpkins are a new crop to plant while you're away for 8 hours, but if you stay away longer, lilac, wheat and peanuts are still better and strawberries are still the best crop whenever you can check back 4 hours later. By the way, I don't recommend growing strawberries all the time, some people might even get up at night to harvest their berries, but I'm not one of them. I think in order to progress faster than most of your neighbors you don't have to do that either, unless you have a very strange neighborhood indeed.
    The other new crop at level 5 is peppermint, a crop for one day away if you want to make more coins than you would with soybeans, but it will get you less XP so it will slow down your progress.
    At level 6 one of the new crops you get is artichokes, but I can't recommend planting them. They take 4 days to grow and you can make at least twice the money and XP by growing other crops. They might be a crop you can plant if you can't check your farm for a week though. But then we are no longer talking about fast leveling. Spinach, the other new crop at level 6, makes a lot more sense to plant though, since it is the first crop you can grow that will give you more than 3,2 coins profit per hour and you get 2 XP for planting it so it's really worth planting during the night. The rice you get at level 7 is a good substitute for wheat when you can't come back to your farm for 12 hours and will get you 3 coins per hour. An even more profitable crop comes at level 8, now you can plant raspberries whenever you have time to check back to your farm after 2 hours. On the whole they will get you the same amount of XP as strawberries in the same time at first but they get you more than twice the profit of strawberries. The loss if you let raspberries wither is also higher than if the same thing happens to strawberries, so plan ahead if you can really harvest in time. I'm telling you this since raspberries are the only crop that ever withered on my farm because I didn't check back in time, and two hours are not that long. The other new crop at level 8 is daffodils, less profitable than squash, in my opinion it's only good for planting one plant once for the green thumb ribbon.
    At level 9 you get cotton, the first crop that takes longer than 24 hours and is more profitable than squash, so if you stay away for a weekend you might calculate which of them makes more sense to plant.
    At level 10 you can grow cranberries, better for an absence of 10 hours than lilac, and chickpeas that have a high hourly profit and grow for 20 hours, but to be able to plant them you need to have mastered soybeans, which won't let you progress fast. So on the whole I recommend to wait a bit longer for more profitable crops and concentrate on gaining more XP by planting more often. At level 11 you get rhubarb as a new crop for 16 hours away and it is a lot more profitable than the peanuts. The second new crop at level 11 is bell peppers, those are almost as much profit as the cotton that takes one more day to ripen and they are better than squash for a weekend away. Peppers are a new crop at level 12, they are better than soybeans for 23 hours away from the game.
    Morning glories that you get at level 13 are the first flowers that let you make a decent profit, you get 4 coins per hour over 12 hours, making them better than rice and spinach to make money.
    Aloe vera at level 14 is not as profitable, just 3,3 coins per hour, but it is the first crop to grow for 6 hours, so you might use it sometimes when you can't check back to your farm for this period of time. Now you might also be able to get the blue “green thumb” ribbon, if you have planted one of each of the less valuable crops.
    At level 15 you receive two more new crops, tulips and pineapples, that aren't very interesting at this point. Tulips grow for a day, but give you less profit than peppers. Pineapples are better than bell peppers if you stay away for two days.
    The new pattypan squash at level 16 is better, it gives you 5 coins per hour over a period of 16 hours, a lot better than rhubarb. At level 17 you have finally reached a better substitute for strawberries and planting raspberries twice. The new blueberries will grow for 4 hours and and give you an unprecedented 6,5 coins per hour.
    The new crop at level 18 is a lot less interesting, watermelons will grow for 4 days, thus they are not a crop that will get you ahead fast, but at least they are better than artichokes, so if you have to stay away for a week you might choose these instead.
    At level 19 you receive another good crop, grapes. They will grow for a whole day, thus not giving you many XP, but they are the first crop to give you more than 7 coins per hour. The tomatoes you get at level 20 are even better than that. You can harvest them every 8 hours and they give you 7,25 coins per hour. Pink roses might look nice but they aren't as profitable as pineapples, so those are still your best bet if you stay away for 2 days.
    Potatoes at level 21 are more profitable than cotton for a period of three days, but since you want to plant at least once a day if you want to get ahead, this is only interesting for while you can't come back to your farm for a weekend. Rye is more profitable than chickpeas and grows for the same 20 hours. Carrots at level 22 are more profitable than morning glories for a 12 hour crop. At level 23 you get coffee that is more profitable than the pattypan squash for 16 hours. Level 24 brings you another crop that grows for three days, corn, that is more profitable than potatoes. The new sunflowers at level 25 are slightly less profitable than the grapes that you can already grow in one day. Ghost chili at level 26 is a lot more profitable than aloe vera for a period of 6 hours and it gets you even more coins than growing blueberries does. At level 27 there are 2 new crops, zucchini that grow for 16 hours and cabbage as a 2-day-crop. While cabbage is more profitable than the pineapples that you already have, zucchinis get you less money than coffee and you have to have mastered pattypan squash to unlock them. Green tea is a new crop for 10 hours at level 28 and it gets you more than twice the hourly profit of cranberries. There is also gladiolus, a new flower for 6 hours that gets you 7,5 coins an hour, but it requires daffodil mastery to plant. So, like the chickpea, it is a profitable crop but the crop you need to master to get it is not worth growing. At level 29 you can finally grow white grapes that are the most profitable crop until then and give you 2 XP when you plant them, more than any other 12 hour crop before. You also get black berries that are more profitable than blueberries. When you reach level 30 you receive lavender, another flower, and red wheat. Lavender grows for 48 hours and is worth less than cabbage. The red wheat is more profitable than corn but another three day crop.

    In case you were wondering why I left out a few crops that you can grow, sometimes new crops are added, so it's worth calculating whether growing them makes sense for you. There are also limited events that have special crops that are only available for some time, so it is almost impossible to stay completely up-to-date there. The tables and wikis on the internet will probably give you the latest info on events and changes.
    If you think I forgot to mentions crop mastery and that it will also get you extra experience and coins, I'd like to direct your attention to the section on crop mastery in the second part of the guide. Before you reach level 15, when you can also use the farmer's market that will also be covered in the second part of this guide, you probably won't achieve the mastery of too many crops if you have followed my guidelines. That is not so bad, though. The rewards for crop mastery are considerably lower than what you can get by trying to progress fast or achieving ribbons. I'm not saying you should avoid to master crops early, you might do so automatically as you try to grow what makes most sense. Since you are still starting out, every level will get you closer to more profitable crops, so you should focus on the XP and on avoiding withered crops first.

    EDIT: With the introduction of the English countryside, the properties of cotton have been changed, it is now ready to harvest in only 12 hours. This has made it the most profitable regular crop in the game, at 9,75 coins per hour. Cotton, leeks and jalapenos that have been introduced as new permanent crops when the greenhouse was published will be discussed in section 3 crops revisited in the second part of the guide.f38cec24eca442b6903e74d9e3ebb7eb
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    What happens when you have all the ribions collected and thier are no more to go after. I am close to achiving this and I have not been able to fine the answear from anyone on what happens when you reached this achivdement.
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    I suppose they will continue to introduce more ribbons, like they have before. But getting all the achievements isn't an achievement in it's own right, except your neighbors can see how many achievements you have and envy you. ;) But having all the achievements finished will just look the same to them as having all the achievements started, because they will see the highest number of achievements already as soon as you have at least one ribbon each. :)
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