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chips gift

ademadem Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

I have a question for zunga. You used to be able to give poker buddies chips, which is not there today. we often have buddies who have little chips, and we want to help them, but it's prohibited by the book. The question is, can an old option be introduced where chips were sent to comrades. e.g. I send someone else 5b chips, and zynga takes her tax as it does. this would avoid the appearance of us players transferring chips to our friends, and the game would be better because this transfer would no longer be done. Otherwise, when I see a transfer, I usually get up and change a table. I'm sure this would give everyone a win, us as players, the game would be cleaner, zynga as the owner, less would have appeals to the players. and it would be a lot more fair game. thanks for the opportunity for the topic

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