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ZYNGA POKER, All in bets while in chat

CaspurCaspur Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 9 Loose Cannon
edited February 25 in Bugs & Issues

This is not a bug! An all in issue has been detected while in the chat box. It appears that while in the chat feature when hitting enter to post the chat that players also place an all in bet. Upon investigating this I find that this is not a bug. It's too specific not to be a part of the programing. I've experimented with this specific issue. My findings are that hitting the enter button during game play while in the chat feature does nothing as far as betting goes. Unless the player has a loosing hand, specifically. Then the enter button for posting a chat suddenly invokes a bet where at no other time will it do so. Again, this is not a bug it's programmed into the game and has to be on purpose.

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