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ImNoHeroImNoHero Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star

Twice today and 3 times yesterday I have been writing in the chat and the game has just put me all in without me actually clicking anything. One time was pretty expensive. Pretty crappy when you have a **** hand you were ignoring so you could chat and then BAM - you're all in.......
I am on PC if that matters.

I have a question - I understand variance and how things can "appear" but I am unconvinced that a player can continually, for multiple hands, connect with the board and what's more, at showdown, have the winning hand every time.
8 times out of 10 I do not connect with the board AT ALL and one of the times I do it will be bottom pair. I REALLY am suspicious that your game is not "balanced" shall we say...

Also what is up with a 15% rake?? That is ATROCIOUS!!! FIFTEEN PERCENT!! Totally unnecessary given your chip packages are cheap and many many many buy them. I know you want us ALL to buy them but why trick us with bots (i am pretty sure they are bots - I'd bet my next chip package on it) and "unbalanced" play and exorbitant rakes??

As with most games I am sure this board is roundly ignored, as is every other board I have commented on, since so few players bother to come and voice their concerns.

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