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Zynga poker championship is a joke..

Shaggy1369Shaggy1369 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 6 Loose Cannon

I have better stats than all the top players..only difference is I wasn't was given a head start in rankings..or I refuse to play greed or buy trillions in chips..or I don't cheat with a bot..this is why I hate zynga..and also they take so much from winnings now it not even winning way will I play trillions dollar table and let zynga take almost half from every winning hand now..
Like I said the screenshots prove the new championship is bs and zynga only after rewarding bots or their biggest chip middle guys struggle to keep up with those zynga bots rewards coming down our tables and go all in every hand because they have nothing to lose because zynga rewards them with trillions of free chips in all these bs stats says best in the world is bs and only a trap to make us little guys lose chips so we force to buy chips for never getting anything from except zynga employees and other bots gets all the rewards..again total bs


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