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Same bug as yesterday

OrangeAppleOrangeApple Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star


I can't access to Zynga Poker lobby today again. I just get this screen again telling me mistakenly it's my first connection, with nothing happening when I click on "Connexion via Facebook".

This is the third time I get this problem. Yesterday it got solved almost at once, and I thank you for that, but now things go wrong again and I wonder if it shouldn't be considered as an "unsolved bug" and get more attention from Zynga so that the issue stops coming up so frequently.

I also wonder (in case I get this bug again) whether I should rather report it as a comment under this post instead of starting a new discussion as I wouldn't want to flood the boards in case I'm the only one being annoyed by this specific problem (I couldn't find anything about it in the "solved issues" section, which I found weird). Am I ? An answer would be appreciated.

Sorry for the trouble anyway, I just enjoy playing Zynga Poker and I just would like to be able to connect normally.

My Facebook ID is OrangeApple Nofacenonamenonumber.

Thank you for the help in anticipation.

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