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Any possibility to play Zynga Poker otherwise ?

OrangeAppleOrangeApple Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star


I couldn't access to Zynga Poker today. I think my account may have been suspended because I haven't played for several days which may be something that goes against the rules. Fact is I just get a screen telling me it's my first connection, and as it isn't, it doesn't work.

I stopped playing because now I realise that the bets and the challenges seem to progress exponentially as the player succeeds to fulfil a challenge and goes up in the leagues, and it kind of scares me.

I must say that I'm going through a nervous breakdown at the moment, and only games help me a little in struggling against an overwhelming feeling of emptiness and anxiety. But the "always more, always further" outlook makes me anxious and has me paralysed, even though I know it's not about real money. I'd like a safer outlook where I could place little bets without endangering my stack. Then I could pass the time pleasantly while being sure I won't remain "penniless" even if I commit big mistakes.

As this little pleasure seems to be forbidden now, I wonder if this "quiet" use I'd like to make of poker is compatible at all with the spirit and the functioning of Zynga. But if it should be the case, could you please end up the suspension of my account and allow me to play simply with low bets, without any notion of challenges or progression in leagues and all this kind of things ? I would be ever so grateful.

Thanks in anticipation for whatever you can do for me within the possibilities of your formula.


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