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Typing message in response section is putting me all in when I haven't made any bet

YarymanYaryman Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 New to the Forums

Was playing on a 100/200 million table with about 10 billion in chips. There was a large bet I wasn't going to call, so I typed in "nope" in the response section. I was suddenly put all in, and lost all 10 billion.
I thought maybe I had somehow hit the all "in button". Turns out I hadn't touched any of the bet buttons. ( it takes two clicks to go all in )

Then on Sunday with about 3.8 billion on the table, I once again typed a message and was put all in. Once again I lost. This time I realized there is a bug. I have been able to duplicate this bug many times.

First, the raise can't be preflop.
Second, the person to my right must call the raise.
I've typed "test" or "nope" and been able to have the system put me all in.

I would be nice if Zynga would refund me the money I lost due to their bug.

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