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Why can't we re-up our chips?

CircuitsCircuits Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 New to the Forums

Why is it that you have to go from 100% of your stack to zero before you can re-up on a table? If I can sit at a table with 100k and I play that down to 50k then I should be able to re-up back to 100k without leaving the table at any time during my session at that table. The only reason you wouldn't let people do that with real money is if the seat has some kind of value but this isn't real money and these seats have no value. Also, in real life, I could always pay someone to go down to the cashier and bring me back x amount of chips without ever leaving the table...

So in real life, the rule is there s/t people don't leave seats empty but here the rule is there for no good reason because as I said before the seat has no value and it's fake money.

Let's say for instance some knucklehead jumps into a table and essentially starts giving money away with poor play but I have been at that table for 20 minuets and my stack is low. Now, I have no equity and no ability to capitalize on this knucklehead because for some reason I am not allowed to re-up....


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