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Zynga chip sale

hcaz2420hcaz2420 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

So, the the regular store sells 600M chips and 500VIP points for 5 bucks, and 2B chips 1k VIP points and 1 hexagon point.
The sale sells 662.5M for 5 and 2.25B for 10. I'm wondering if these "sales" comes with the VIP points and hexagon point for the 10$ one, as they are not specified. And if they don't, is it worth it to get the extra chips or is it more worth it to get the VIP points? I would message Zynga directly but I can't exactly figure out how. If someone either knows the answer to my question or knows how to contact Zynga directly it'd be much appreciated.
Thanks! <3

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