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Luis33Luis33 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star
Why is there no Texas Hold em Forum?
And what happened to the sit n go Tournaments?
Please bring them back because i play pnly tournaments.
Please zynga


  • WilliamBParksWilliamBParks Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 5 Loose Cannon

    I fully agree! They have also raised the minimum buy-in on all tables. Hate the changes!

  • vadamarievadamarie Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

    I totally agree! I really enjoy the sit-n-go tournaments also. Much more than the spin-n-win. **Please Zynga, bring them back at all the lower buy-in limits! **Thank you! :D

    Hi! I play Zynga Texas Hold 'Em. I love playing poker with friends.

    I'm from Tennessee, USA (But don't hold it against me. My official address is Blackhole of the Universe, Tenne-figgin-see.... Pretty sure the post office delivers here with that address. Except it's tied to a brick & lands through whichever window we have replaced.) 😁 Have a great day!

  • mark069mark069 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star
    edited May 21

    Not sure why Zynga is risking losing ALL of their poker players to other sites like Pokerstars, Pokerist, etc. with these unpopular changes. Maybe they are shutting down poker because they feel they cannot compete with the other sites? With spin and win they are turning an acceptable poker platform into a joke which is only attractive to bingo players.

    I had heard at one point that Zynga was hoping to monetize the site and have a real money poker site but these recent actions will destroy any credibility the site has gained over the past few years as a real poker site and not just a game.

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